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Utopia Marketplace Seized by Dutch Police – 5 Arrested

Update 2: 5 People Arrested for running utopia and the sale of Drugs, Weapon and ammunition: Police also seized 900 bitcoins, worth about £363,000 or $610,900.  The Dutch authorities said their operation – codenamed Commodore – sent out a message that no-one was “untouchable” on Tor.Two Dutch men, aged 30 and 31, alleged to have run the service had also been involved in, Black Market Reloaded, which had closed towards the end of 2013, said prosecutors. the full public prosecution is here. Translated version here

The other suspects arrested on Friday are:

  • a 29-year-old from Utrecht, who the prosecutors said they believed had been involved in several other unnamed black market marketplaces in addition to Utopia
  • a 46-year-old Dutch national accused of illegal trade over the internet and an attempt to incite murder
  • a 21-year-old German, arrested in Bad Nauheim near Frankfurt, accused of selling hard drugs and weapons

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Update: it was confirmed by the Dutch police that the site is indeed seized, waiting for more information about any arrests if exist. further details on how the site was taken down will be available later this week.

This marketplace who just went live a week ago seems to have been seized by the dutch police, if you try to access the site you will now see this logo and a notice “This hidden service has been seized.by the Dutch National Police”:


The forums are still up at this time but no explanation was provided by the admins:


I’ve talked some hours with cosa and all was working good, now i wake up and see this banner by the politie.
Something doesn’t sound to me, i will be there all the day waiting for cosa, swim or jlaw to see if there’s any news from them.

It is yet unknown if the admins were arrested along with seizing of the site.

This information was later announced by one of the silk road admins (although it doesn’t contain any new info):


SR and Greater darknet community,

It is with great sadness that I announce it would seem that our budding competitor, Utopia Marketplace, has been seized by the Dutch National Police. This is a serious blow to the darkweb marketplace community as honest competition is our lifeblood.

I welcome any and all Utopia members to find refuge in our forums until you can figure out what has happened.

Unfortunately I do not have the capability to create a subforum for you as backopy did for us when our former home was seized by the US version of your national police, but please make yourselves at home here, regroup, and do it again. Show them that you, we, are a hydra – cut off one head and ten more spring up.

Yours in freedom,


If you used Utopia and Silk Road or ANY OTHER marketplace, ensure you change your credentials on the remaining marketplaces immediately if you used the same ones at Utopia.

So far we do not have any more information but we will follow and update when we get new information, we are looking for some official confirmation from the media or authorities – some people are assuming it was a hacker who just defaced the site, but its highly unlikely that a hacker would use a dutch police logo rather than the FBI logo.


  1. Its just a hack not seizure lol… :D
    The idiot DPR did it. hahaha

  2. It could be true.

    I knew a former moderator from the BMR.
    He was dutch and he told me that the origin of the site is also dutch.

    And the website was today for a few hours offline. Maybe they changed the host to a dutch police server, lol.

  3. Thanks for the updates. In the second update it says BMR closed at the end of 2014 which can’t be right. Thought I would point that out.

  4. The marketplace ‘which’ just went live. Man the grammar mistakes across the reports are elementary. ‘Ever go school’ buddy.

    • They did not teach us much English at my school :)
      100% serious.
      Please do correct me.

    • Freedom

      Messiah is the great example of arrogance that, majority of, English native speakers have…not everything and everyone in the world learned English in school!

      There is hundreds of different countries and languages.
      If we speak or write broken English it might mean that we have knowledge of other languages, when is the other way around the laziness and egotistic know English and that’s it.

  5. This is so sad :( has anyone heard from backopy?? On BMR forum?

  6. Anyone else finding it amusing that the defaced site says “This hidden service has been seized” instead of “This site has been seized” or am I the only one who laughs at this?

  7. Sad day.
    At least the cops didn’t wait for two months like de FBI did.

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