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Like to Write? Dark Net / Bitcoin Enthusiast? We Want You!

This ad is always relevant. As our site kept growing massively over the past few months, it became pretty hard for our very small and busy team (1 – 3 people – depends when) to keep up with all the work that we WANT to do. So, for the past month we are trying as hard as we can to find more people to work with us as writers to help us keep the content up to date, news flowing  – and expand to new areas we did not touch before. Our goal is to build a team of people that are well familiar with the DNM world and the online world in general and want to help other people stay safer and informed!

The available positions are:

  1. Freelance Writers to write News, mostly about Bitcoin related stuff – Unique and interesting stuff (not rewrites) – insight, tech related info. not noob or general boring info.
  2. General freelance writers about DarkNetmarkets News and info – Articles or insights, experiences, security or anything else that might be interesting and is not noob or general info (You know what kind of stuff we like)
  3. Freelance writers about general Security related stuff.
  4. Freelance technical writers for related news and tutorials.

Payment: Per article upon approval, BTC Only.

How Much: Depends on the article quality, length, the amount of research involved, how popular you can get with out readers. The range is from 5$ to simple news rewrite to 50$+ for exclusive content or high quality tutorials.

Please note: Its up to you to come up with the topics or be able to find thing to write about that we’ll find interesting.

~Writers can remain fully anonymous~

When you contact please state:

  • If you have writing experience
  • Few suggestions for article topics / titles that you could write

If this ad is relevant for you – Contact us Here


  1. Wow, great to see this. This is how the deepweb/cryptocurrency economy grows. I remember my first few hires started out exactly the same way… the panicked OMFG I have too much work, too few hours, I have cash plz trade.

    Keep up the great work guys. The quality of your articles is on par with much more well-established (older, more well-funded) sources.

    • DeepDotWeb

      Thanks you for these kind words!!

      It really motivate us when we get comment like this one, will also check out your service, looks interestin.

  2. How much you guys will by paying ?

  3. Contact me if you need Chinese translator/writer

  4. Greetings, I am yourdad and I am interested in position #2.
    Why should you choose me?

    -I have been buying and selling bitcoin for 2 years now
    -I have been a user for certain sites (cough cough) for 2 years (cough cough actually a little sick)
    – I am an experienced writer
    – I can conduct interviews with a variety of interesting people that I know who are involved in the current events of the internet
    – I scored in the top 11% in the US on my ACT because my essay was excellent, also have a genius IQ although I’m not sure what the actual number is, not trying to brag but I really want this
    – I am caught up always with whats going on
    -Very available, east coast pacific time, you can get to me all day and night

    Writing and reading is what I do, people describe my writing as filling, real, funny and an exciting fun read. I’m honestly funny (no joke), caught up and ready to work for you. I am currently working with a local rapper OR3O on a couple projects and mixtape but I’m looking for independent work. Love the site by the way.

    • GotzGertz


      • haha yeah I can’t read, but I’m a genius and my writing be very good. Must be if you’re working with a rapper lol. ACT score top 11% makes sense, considering the number of grammar mistakes made in your “application”. Or maybe this is just a demonstration of the fact that he is funny! In which case, level up dude!

      • AliceHustle

        My exact thoughts… But still, really enjoyed his style. Most def a fun read would always come out of this guy!

  5. I’m willing to write for free as long as you guys give me content to write.

  6. I recently discovered your site and I’m very impressed! Keep up the great work. I’m interested in writing so I may contact you soon. Again, great work Deepdot.com!

  7. Hello! I am very interested in writing for you. I have a pretty good understanding of the deep web. I am told that I am also an excellent writer, and attended college for foreign languages and linguistics. The main language I studied (and became quite fluent in) was Spanish, so if you need articles translated into Spanish, I am definitely your go-to girl.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me for character references, writing samples, etc. I can’t wait to hear from you!

  8. Hello, I already expressed my desire and sent you my application. I really want to do this and would be willing to do it for almost nothing because it would be my joy and honor to become a part of the DeepDotWeb team.
    Please contact me via email when you can.

  9. Hello there, I am contacting you because I am a darknet/bitcoin enthusiast and I think I am up to the task and can become a great article writer. I am willing to do it almost for free because it is something that I would enjoy doing, and I would do it with passion.
    I can cover whatever topic you guys give me but I can also come up with my own articles. I have already sent you an application (2 actually) and I am aware that I’m not the only one fighting for this position. I sincerely hope that my applications would stand out from the rest and that I would be given this role that I would not take lightly. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Cheers :-)

  10. Alberto Cabanas Junior

    Fucking Agora is always fucking down! Fucking pain in the ass! I want and need my fucking vitamins!!! Viva la revolucion bambinos e bambinas.

  11. Hello,

    I do realize that this wast posted exactly one year ago, (unless someone got the year wrong in their posting) but if you still happen to need someone to write for you regarding the deep web and bitcoins, and all things related – I’m your man.



  12. Regardless of when this was posted, I write to you with sincere intent and determination, as I feel very passionate about both BTC, and the DN. I have several years of experience in many aspects of online currency and darker areas that are not so publicly spoken about. I do carry with me a college degree in computers, and live with a passion for writing. With that being said, I now humbly ask of you the honor of being granted responsibility of writing as many articles as you would kindly allow me to do. Please know that in making your decision, every article will have 100% of my effort and ability. I thank any of you for having taken the time to read this, and will wait eagerly to hear a reply from you.

  13. darknetcrackdown

    $50 is your dog fucking uncles beer money

  14. My idea would be worth a few different write ups, ranging from Dark Net services that aren’t illegal, to Anti pedo vs pedo warns fought on Tor on a daily bases. Nothing dealing with Law Enforcement, but the actual people who use onion social services. There is a whole people are missing out on. When Media gets a hold of a Tor story, all you hear is the negative things. This is making Tor look like the work of the devil, when it reality it truly does give people in every part of the global a voice, be that voice one of oppression to one of depression.

    First title : What is the DeepWeb in 2018

    I am a novice writer, only doing it for learning and expanding skills. I love it.

  15. how do i contact support on dream market, is there a direct link im not seeing

  16. Is this offer still viable? I’d been looking for a platform to write some articles on new altcoins that are worth looking into. Let me know!

  17. I’d be well read by most long time darknet people and I’m willing to use the same name I’ve uses across multiple forums starting with how I got into this when I didn’t like forums to begin with but was talked into it by a very persuasive optimist who when by the name DPR on SR1.
    Is give the latest breaking news that you guys seem to lack like today it’s April 17th 2019- WSM is Exit Scamming as we speak, yet you guys have nothing. Things like this I’ll be the one breaking the story

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