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PGP Tutorial For Windows (Kleopatra – Gpg4Win)

Full credit goes to MLP_is_my_OPSEC for writing this tutorial – Thanks for publishing and giving your permission to repost!
Tutorial for
Gpg4Win using GPA can be found here.

Part 0 – Introduction

Here’s the final guide in my PGP basics series, this time focusing on Windows. The OS in question will be Windows 7, but it should work for Win8 and Win8.1 as well. Obviously it’s not recommended to be using Windows to access the DNM, but I wont go into the reasons here. The tool we’ll be using is GPG4Win.

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Part 1 – Installing the software

Just like I said above, we’ll be using GPG4Win. If you’re curious, you can view the source code for it here.

  1. Head on over to https://gpg4win.org/download.html. We want the full version, so click ‘Gpg4win 2.2.3’ iXqHJld[1]
  2. Save it, open it when it’s done downloading. If you have UAC enabled, click ‘Yes’ on the window that appears NFVNUCS[1]
  3. Choose your language, click ‘Ok’ SUJ3aT2[1]
  4. Click ‘Next’, then ‘Next’ again. You’ll now be at a screen asking what components you want to install. We’ll be selecting ‘Kleopatra’, ‘GpgEX’, and ‘Gpg4win Compendium’. Then click ‘Next’ oNLB4Kk[1]
  5. It will ask where to install, just keep the default and click ‘Next’
  6. Now it’ll ask where you want to install shortcuts. Select whichever you want, click ‘Next’
  7. You can choose which Start Menu folder you want it installed in, just click ‘Next’
  8. It will now install, when done you should see this. Click ‘Next’, then ‘Finish’ RYUfaj4[1]

Now you have the tools you need to get started with PGP

Part 2 – Generating your keypair

The next step is to generate your keypair so you can encrypt/decrypt messages. Like always, we’ll be going with 4096 bit RSA.

  1. Open up Kleopatra, you should be greeted with this beautiful screen 5i6tnlr[1]
  2. Go to ‘File’, then ‘New Certificate…’ u069Ntb[1]
  3. The Certificate Creation Wizard should pop up, click on ‘Create a personal OpenPGP key pair’ oVaws0J[1]
  4. Now you’ll enter your details. Use your marketplace username as ‘Name’, and fill out the rest with whatever you want. You don’t need to use a real email. Check the picture for an example on how it should look xJFjFGx[1]
  5. Do not click ‘Next’ yet, we need to fill out some more details. Click ‘Advanced Settings…’, and another window should appear. Under ‘Key Material’, make sure ‘RSA’ is checked. In the drop down menu beside it, and select ‘4,096 bits’. Check the picture to confirm you have everything set correctly, then click ‘Ok’ dcOihQG[1]
  6. Confirm you filled out all of your info correctly, then click ‘Create Key’ hUIQgMb[1]
  7. Another window will pop up asking to enter a passphrase. Do so, then click ‘Ok’ kIPFAQF[1]
  8. It will now generate your key. It will need you to do random things to create entropy. Mash keys, wiggle the mouse, watch porn, download torrents, whatever p8vJdbN[1]
  9. Your key is now created. Go ahead and click ‘Finish’ 1SRNdt6[1]

Part 3 – Obtaining your public key

Now we need to get your public key, without it vendors wont be able to send you secure messages.

  1. Right click on your key, then click ‘Export Certificates…’ h86y7Le[1]
  2. Browse where you want to save, give it a name, then click ‘Save’
  3. Open your favourite text editor, browse to where the file is saved. You may have to select ‘All files’ from the dropdown menu. Click the file you saved, then open XIFqJy8[1]
  4. There’s your public key gJK0c9S[1]

Remember to add your public key to your market profile so people can message you easier!

Part 4 – Obtaining your private key

Just as easy as obtaining your public key

  1. Right click on your key, select ‘Export Secret Keys…’ KBWbUBC[1]
  2. Select where you want it saved, give it a name, check ‘ASCII armor’, and click ‘Ok’ d4MPQKB[1]
  3. You now have your private key M4osyVS[1]

Remember to keep this in a safe place, and never share it!

Part 5 – Importing a public key

It’s impossible to send a vendor an encrypted message without their public key.

  1. Find a public key you want to import
  2. Copy everything from ‘—–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—–‘ to ‘—–END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—‘, see the picture for an example 69UnFPR[1]
  3. In your task bar, right click on the Kleopatra icon, go to ‘Clipboard’, then click ‘Certificate Import’ UG15ss6[1]
  4. If it worked, you should see a window pop up, click ‘Ok’ J9kQIQB[1]
  5. You should now see the imported key in Kleopatra under the ‘Other Certificates’ tab 2G438Pi[1]

Thanks again Alan!

Part 6 – Importing your private key

Simple stuff.

  1. Go to ‘File’, then click ‘Import Certificates…’ hHDqxpO[1]
  2. Browse to where your private key is, select it, then click ‘Open’ Qq8OmEn[1]
  3. It will import your private key, and pop up a window to confirm. Click ‘Ok’ m6YsDUv[1]
  4. You should now see your key information under the ‘My Certificates’ tab SyPzPmp[1]

Part 7 – Encrypting a message

Now that we’re ready to go, lets go ahead and send a message.

  1. Open up your text editor of choice
  2. Type out your message, select it all, and copy it fpsVEX2[1]
  3. In your task bar, right click on the Kleopatra icon, go to ‘Clipboard’, then click ‘Encrypt…’ jSeuc6p[1]
  4. This gorgeous window will open. Click ‘Add Recipient…’ xmzkSvm[1]
  5. Another window will appear. Click the ‘Other Certificates’ tab, then select who you want to send your message to, then click ‘Ok’. 88SqUA2[1]
  6. You should be back at the previous window with the recipient listed. Click ‘Next’ g4qk0H6[1]
  7. If all went well, you should see this window. Click ‘Ok’ jnIS7Wo[1]
  8. Your encrypted message will be in your clipboard, all you need to do is paste it into the message box and send hrQ9tb0[1]

Part 8 – Decrypting a message

This is just as easy as encrypting.

  1. Copy everything that was sent aj50dmL[1]
  2. In your task bar, right click on the Kleopatra icon, go to ‘Clipboard’, then click ‘Decrypt/Verify…’ T8lqyCo[1]
  3. A window will pop up asking for your passphrase, enter that then click ‘Ok’ yj6ciCG[1]
  4. A window should pop up verifying it was decrypted, and copied to your clipboard. Click ‘Finish’
  5. Open your text editor of choice, and paste your message ENJY7tp[1]

Part 9 – Conclusion

I’m hoping this was in depth enough for you Windows users out there. PGP can seem complicated at first, but with an hour or two of your time you can see it’s actually pretty simple. There’s obviously more behind it, and different tools that can be used, but we might save that for another time. Stay safe everyone! Encrypt all messages!


  1. With all due respect, you are doing your readers a disservice by recommending the use of broken PGP front-ends like Kleopatra and GPA, at least for generating PGP keys.

    Some eight years ago (in 2007) it was discovered that, under certain circumstances, PGP keys used for both signing and encryption could leak some of the private key bits, making these keys easier to break. As a result, in the Fall of 2009, the PGP and GPG developers decided on a dual-RSA key format, where one key was used exclusively for encryption, and the other exclusively for authentication.

    Kleopatra still generates PGP key without an encryption sub-key; GPA will only generate keys of up to 3072-bits. If people want to use these PGP front-ends, they would be well advised to generate their keys from the command-line or use another software package like GPG4USB.

    • MLP_is_my_OPSEC

      There’s a reason that this is a basic guide. The GNU/Linux tutorial I wrote covers creating a key from the command line, and honestly nobody should be using Windows or OS X for browsing the DNM (like stated in each guide introduction). People have the freedom to do as they choose, and some choose to use Windows/OS X out of laziness. Do I agree? No. But they have that right, and they choose to take that risk.

      • You are encouraging people to use this even if you say its crap, as you can see from other comments they are using this and probably think they are safe with it but me and you both know this will only work for keeping a 10 year from reading your messages.

    • NodsToNightcrawler

      Nightcrawler’s back from the mists of time…. Don’t forget that Pgp4win is just a pain in the neck to use, as well.

    • Will GPG read a PGPdisk?? I have two VERY important disks, and I will go through this procedure but right not my concern is not email privacy, it’s being able to decrypt these disks!

      (One was created when PGPdisks had to be fixed size, i.e. PGP 9??
      and the other allowed expandable disks… version ???)
      At least one and probably of these were before Symantec bought PGP and they tell me to go suck an egg :(

    • Master Azazel

      update: current version supports rsa subkeys.

  2. if you go to that length to keep something private don’t use kleopatra it does not generate a sub key and it useless as a real method of encrypting a message.
    no idea why such bad info is given out.

  3. WinPT or gpg4usb are much better options.

  4. How about
    Thunderbird & enigmail addon? Perhaps the easiest way for day to day encrypted email communications.

    For persons in .onion land, add torbirdy extension.

  5. Or we could also thank him for the time he spent at least. You dont have to do it that way if you could argue about couple other options you shouldnt even be reading this. im sure each of you will publish your own ‘very safe’ way. let us know. i d love to read ’em as well. until then how about some respect? oh god you men-kind and your egos!

    Thanks for the info fella, thank you for the time.

    • Victor

      I agreed. It helped me tons. I got happy when I was able to finally generate my 1st keypair using this program.

    • Vigneshwari

      Really It was helpful for me in going through this.
      Screenshot presentation induced readability. Keep posting such like information and make us learn. Thank you.

  6. I could not find anything that clearly explained how to do this so i defo wanna thank the guy for going out of his way to do this guide and now that i finally know what to do im in a better position to take on board what you guys have said also what about otr is that a better solution for windows os or what do you recomend?

  7. When I right click Kleopatra icon and click clipboard (after copying public key) the Certificate Import is not available?

  8. Bunch of haters..
    Nice tutorial.

    I learned a lot. I use Linux and Windows at work.
    Kleopatra seems to me like a great tool to do the job quickly.

    im not afraid of the 0,00001% of people interested in me or
    my messages.

    good luck with the keys and everything else.

    NICE TUTORIAL MAN. Dont listen to haters. good job

    • Jellybean

      Its not good info if it encourages people to use this broken p.o.s. software, its one thing to use Kleopatra with a good key created with Seahorse or GPG4USB but creating a key with Kleopatra for encryption is useless, it is not safe and won’t keep any messages private.
      The fact its being recommended here is BS.

      • CallingBS

        Really? So if I were to paste in an encrypted PGP message from Kleopatra right now you’re saying you could break it?

        Didn’t think so.

        • BSCALLED

          Whether or not he can is not the point. Read this FAQ about SHA-1 to understand why using even academically broken software is bad.

          Are you keeping up with cryptography news? Didn’t think so.

          So you won’t have a clue when your key generated following this guide can be broken by a pimpled faced teen with no programming skills using an app he downloaded on his phone.


          But yeah, go ahead and act like whether or not JellyBean being able to read your message right now means you’re secure.

          • iRobertOtt

            Uf you’re going to split-hairs, when calling BS – be prepared for being hoisted by your own sel-referentially absurd petard.

            To wit (from the article you cite):

            “The attack is not yet practical, except maybe for extraordinarily large and well–funded groups who don’t mind throwing huge truckloads of money away just to forge a single message.”

            So while–existentially–true, your comment is simply mean spirited. If you want to improve humanity, perhaps you have a more “prime” (pun intended) place to start?

  9. Hello! Thank you for the tutorial, but I am having an issue decrypting my own public key. After I choose a recipient (myself) and sent the text, it doesn’t show in the messages on the clipboard. Or at least when I click on clipboard it presents me with options like certificate import, encrypt, and decrypt and verify, except that “decrypt and verify” are grey and unclickable. Could you please say where I’m going wrong? Or is there a different procedure for decrypting your own public key?

  10. goodnewsludes

    I am having super issues decrypting messages from other uses. I tried multiple ways of tackling the obstacle with nada. i know its stupid, but I copied my private key on that one web site which allows you to decrypt and encrypt and its response was says :”unknown object in stream 21″. My pgp is verified, my auto pgp works. With gnupgp it just says clipboard contains no valid encrypted data. Am i missing something here I triple checked. Whats the deal here com padres.

  11. christopher mcconnell

    Yeah the Kleopatra icon is not in my taskbar. What should i do?

  12. Can I decrypt my own message with gpg4win or not ?
    Because I tried it and it doesn’t work and I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or it’s normal, thank :)

    • Sour

      Was wondering the same thing. Is this really that unsafe or are people overreacting too?

    • Sumit

      You can always decrypt a message using gpg4win if you are the recipient of the message,that is, if message is encrypted for you using your public key. Multiple public keys can be used (simultaneously) to encrypt the message. The trick is to choose one of your public key among these keys and you can decrypt it since you have your private key.

  13. Hello! Thank you for the tutorial, but I am having an issue decrypting my own public key. After I choose a recipient (myself) and sent the text, it doesn’t show in the messages on the clipboard. Or at least when I click on clipboard it presents me with options like certificate import, encrypt, and decrypt and verify, except that “decrypt and verify” are grey and unclickable. Could you please say where I’m going wrong? Or is there a different procedure for decrypting your own public key? it’s been like for me
    help please

  14. Hi there! Could you please help me in my case. I need to create a file with a signature (digital signature). I also have public and secret keys. When i choose to only Sign my file it encryptes it entirely, but i only need to save the initial body and generate the signature which will include the whole body text encrypted. Is it possible to do it in Kleopatra? Many thanks!

  15. I am having a problem importing my public key I click the icon then
    click clipboard and click certificate import and it says total number prossess 1 and then under unchanged it says 1. Could someone please let me know why this is happening

  16. After installing the pgp4win I am having the same problem exporting vendors info… the messages says that their is no valid encrypted data, all my keys and certificates are working because I’ve checked, what am I doing wrong?

  17. my public key is not import because no show the in other cirtificate plz help me if some one know

  18. The current version of Kleopatra supports subkeys up to 4096 bits so the issues raised above are moot.

  19. I have many questions . I am not a tech coder or Cracker , and like things to run smooth with no glitches and hassle free . If I have IP mask and a quad firewall on my router , Plus IP mask on my device with VPN hide IP ( which hides the Masked IP )and all the other security and privacy features , What benefit is this ? . I am not being condescending or sarcastic , I truly want to know . Could someone give some insight why these things need to be so time consuming and tedious . Cant a program be made that you just download and it dose all this stuff for you ?

  20. This was one of the best Tutorials I have found on the Net. It was clear, concise, and very well done. Exypnos is correct, with 4096 Bit available, most concerns are a moot point, although 4K was probably not available at the time of those posts. Why attack someone when they are just trying to help others? Everyone seems to be a self proclaimed expert, when in reality, they have no idea what they are talking about. Good job MLP_is_my_OPSEC and DeepDotWeb, you efforts are very much appreciated!

  21. Lucipher, you missed the point. PGP is about encrypting data transmission, not how tight your computer is locked down. No offense intended but judging by your description I am surprised you can even open a Notepad document and save it, lol

    Sorry, didn’t mean to make fun of you, but you are taking Paranoid to a whole new level!

  22. I can confirm that you are just wasting your time and the time of all friends or relatives you want to exchange encrypted email with if you use these abandonware Windows tools (Kleopatra, Gpg4win, etc.)

  23. I have a cuestion, iam from a country in latin america,seriously i think that my country dont have the technology to find my.

    U think i have to take all the precautions that recomends this web such as use a vpn o more seriusly precautions?

    In the last version of Kleopatra when I select RSA 4096 bits, some new option appear, is +RSA and i can selet several options in this new sub menu (1536 2048 3072 or 4096 bits) Whick i should select?

    Very thanks

    pd: Sorry by my english.

  24. Hi, when I go to decrypt a message, the Kleopatra>Clipboard>Decrpyt bit, Decrypt/verify is greyed out. Why is this?

    I then saved the encrypted message as a text document and tried to decrypt the file, but it gave me a .out document which I can’t open. Help D:

  25. When i be on the 8 step decriptyng my cleopata say Clip board No signatures found ?!?! i dont understand it i have really much time in GPGNU an Now cleopatra investet and the vendor says ( goood ratin escrow ) every time ; No adress pls pls pls pls help me some one the money is bye escrow but how i get that back . i only will that it worket

  26. I’m a little confused about importing the public keys of others.
    If its just a public key that was obtained from a website, how can I make a file that will be accepted by Kleopatra? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  27. i am a very first time user to the dark net and have no idea what a vendors pgp-key even is, ive already made a order(small marijuana order) and did not use any such option to encrypt data, by the way what data is being referred to? name and address?? i know this prob sounds retarded but i would like to know before i do it again if i ever do.

  28. lost my passphrase, how can i retrieve it? is there any file its saved on? (dont know why its not working, typing the same phrase)

  29. what prog are use from android ( no sim,no gps)? And plz step by step how to use all??? Thx!

  30. When you set up a GPG key, specifically with Outlaw, I know that you paste the public key in first, but what do you put in the “decrypted key” spot? no matter what I do it will not work and set up my pgp..

  31. Greate tutorial for me! I am just a beginner trying to familiarize PGP technology. This clearly described non-symmetric encryption principles. As for more bugs mentioned above, it needs time to adapt ourselves on our own. Thx anyway!

  32. respect, thanks for the guide! really gave me a good idea on how to use pgp w/ ubuntu…..thanks man

  33. Andres Puccini

    I got remote assistance with PGP in thefacilitator.rocks

  34. I suddenly cant open mu PMs. the comment says : clipboard no signatures found.

    Is there a quick fix?

  35. Well I have to say thanks for such a detailed guide.
    Whether or not the SW selected here is the best or most convenient I cannot say.
    What I can say is that for 95% of the computer user population this stuff is just too hard, too complex & too long -winded.
    I though encryption & decryption of ordinary email had become genuinely simple if not routine. Apparently not!
    Anytime I find myself scrolling endlessly whilst wondering “how will I ever remember this S..t?” Well I know I am well out of my depth!

    • baldone

      Peter OH >> i realize your post was about 7 months ago & who the hell knows what the chances of you responding … but i read a ton of these replies, many of them ripping the guy for just trying to help – and i’m sure that tutorial took quite some time …… but I am 1,000% on board w/ you when you say 95% of computer user population — this stuff is just tto much, too out there, too complex. I am computer savvy. I run a business that does about 14 million a year — from my computer !! and i could not be more lost w/ this. I use vpn of course & i encrpyt using vendors key, & for my small little personal purchases, I’ve had no problems. Did anyone else resond to what you said here, & can I ask; do you still feel this way, in Jan 2018 ? or has it gotten easier in some way ?? Thanks for any response & have great nite.

  36. sorry this is a dumb question I’m sure, but I’m very new at this. Where do I find “received” messages to decrypt? If you don’t use a real email…Will received encrypted messages show up on Clipboard in Kleopatra, or am I missing the point here?

  37. my import certificate after copying key is unavailable

  38. How do I add a key-pair for another email account I have?

  39. Hi i have to computer and i use kleopatra now i want to use it on both

  40. Lets cease any pretext or subtext…Kleopatra is good; tutorial outstanding; gpg4win very good…but Kleo still is a bit buggy, and, therefore, as disappointing as it is to say,not practical for regular use. What does everybody else who require pgp for their business use? Don’t m tell me iGolder (no disrespect), or code beautify, or text mechanic, or pastebin, etc…I need a solid encrypt/decrypt tool. Kleo was great for generating key pairs but awfully buggy to encode and decode messages. I have nothing but veneration for each and every person who aided in this wonderful tool called PgP

  41. great tutorial finally i can now encrypt and decrypt file and also have private and public key.. woow….

  42. Darknet funktioniert nicht …..

  43. ready-player-one-1980

    Great tutorial but does this even work anymore? Some of these comments are concerning?

  44. i have a question that is if someone is able to hack my email password and create another email certificate, he can sign and send my email for his crooked purpose, can he? please advise. thxs.

  45. I just use gpa,didnt bother with cleopatra, im using windows,whenever i try verify deposit address or url i get bad sig message but my deposits always arrive and i never lost anything to phishers and all official urls also give me bad sig even though they are real urls that i used for years.

  46. I want to fix my chosen key RSA (private and public key). In fact I want create a key RSA without use the generator_key gpg or gnupg. I mean, I choose p,q, and consider e=17 then calculate d,dp,dq,… (I create this parameters without use anything). Then I convert my chosen key in to gpg format and import to gnupg or export anywhere.

    for example:
    I consider
    p=7,q=11,e=17,d=53, dp=5,dq=3,qIn=2.

    I convert these parameters in to gpg_key format and import to gnupg.

    thank you.


    Does this work on windows 10 64bit?

  48. You Need to update the gpg4win guide.It is now on version3

  49. Hi,

    I need to decrypt the message coming in below format:


    Please guide me the process ?

  50. Any chance you could explain how to remove it?
    It’s changed the whole system

  51. This was helpful to me Thank you. I was able to create a vb.net program and encrypt a test file with a keypairID I created in Kleopatra. Now I have a question. I want to set this up to run on a server and not my PC, so it can be scheduled in the batch per a vendors request to use Kleopatra. What elements from the Program Files should I add into the Solution Explorer – I see the download installed two folders a GPG4Win (has the kleopatra.exe) and GPGNu (has the pgp.exe).

  52. could someone please update this, the version now has totally different options, so its confusing. thanks

  53. +1 to see this article updated there is an issue in the latest version on Windows 10 I’ve read others are having where by the clipboard options for Kleopatra are greyed out. So importing a public key is tedious. the only work around I have found is to save the public key in notepad as an ASC file “filename.asc” and import that. Its also not possible to use the Kleopatra (right click task bar icon, select clipboard, all options are greyed out for just plan text in the windows clipboard.

  54. This might be some kind of tricky instruction but this is what I’m looking for. I’ll let my brother know this to be able to fix my Windows.

  55. Great tutorial even if the tech may not be the best.

    Just read this whole thing – am bewildered by the complexity of the PGP process, and the massive difficulties so many users are having with it.

    I feel sorry for them (and scared to try this)as it is unbelievably frustrating when you need to be an IT guru just to talk securely to someone.

    Will try to figure it out and hope I can use it or something

    Thanks all.

  56. now dream market disable my account for no reason and cant be use 2FA login

  57. What i dont understand is why there is no option to loggin to the GUI, as anyone can view your available recipients who manages to log into your WIndows account. ie being forced to log into Windows by LE

  58. Incredibly helpful for a first-time PGP user — worked perfectly on Tor.

  59. when i click decrypt/verify it types “no signatures find” how can i fix it?

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