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How to Dance Around Scammers And Get the Drugs You Ordered?

It should go without saying but, on the deep web there are scammers. A lot of scammers. As in, have you ever been out partying all night then you get home and realize you have a shit ton of work you haven’t done? Yeah, more than that. No one knows what the global industry worth is for deep web scams. It’s impossible to find out. But it’s safe to say that if you buy or sell for long enough on the deep web, you’re going to get scammed at some point. My job is teaching you how to avoid this as much as possible and at the end of it all, hopefully you can get the drugs you paid for.

Finding a market

You want some weed? Cocaine? Heroin? Whatever gets you off, you need to find a supplier. And suppliers sell on markets. Find a market using the list at DeepDotWeb or reddit. If you use links from other pages, there is a high chance that you have the wrong link. The webpage will look the same, but all your account information will go straight to a scammer. This is very important! Many people get scammed not by the vendor or the market, but because they use the wrong link! Also, it wouldn’t hurt to look at the reviews about each market. It’s popular for many to steal your money when you try to buy something. Both websites I linked to has reviews on each market, just search. Generally the rule is, the bigger the market, the more established they are and the safer you will be from the market stealing your money.

So now I’m assuming you found a market. Search the market for what you want. Should be simple. They all have categories and sub-categories you can search through until you find the substance you desire. Depending on what you want, you could see thousands of listings by hundreds of vendors. Sorting through these can be tough. That’s where the next step comes in.

Finding the right vendor

There are several things to look for when choosing a vendor. Price, age of account, number of reviews, stealth, shipping times, etc. Generally, you want to avoid brand new vendors. Someone has to order from them in order for them to get their start but it’s a lot riskier and I can’t help help you if you decide to go that route. Here’s a short comparison of what you want and don’t want in a vendor:

Things to avoid:

  • New vendors
  • Vendors with too many reviews (5k reviews for a 6 month old vendor? That screams fake reviews)
  • Product pictures from google (Not a deal breaker as uploading photos can be insecure sometimes, but definitely something to be wary about)
  • Vendors with bad reviews (A few bad reviews are ok, it’s unavoidable but you want to read them still)
  • Too large of a presence on Reddit (Yap, that means troubles in many cases)
  • Too cheap of products
  • A large minimum order amount
  • No escrow allowed

Things to look for:

  • Established vendors (Vendors who have been around a year or more)
  • Good prices (But not too low as stated earlier)
  • Good, descriptive reviews
  • Shipping from within the same country (Might not always be possible)
  • Vendors who mention they have good “stealth”. I.e. hide the drugs inside the package well (So even if opened by someone else they might not know you ordered drugs)
  • A vendor with a picture of their name on a piece of paper next to the product they sell
  • Escrow offered

You might not be able to check off every item on this list. Some vendors don’t stay around for a long time so finding an established vendor can be difficult. Many vendors also don’t upload their own pictures and just pull them from google. This can be a sign of a scam listing but if the other categories check out, it can also just mean the vendor doesn’t want to deal with accidental meta data from taking a picture himself.

For example, JoeSchmoe’s been around for 1 month and has 4.5-5 stars from 800 reviews. He sells weed for 50% less than the competition and only sells in bulk without escrow. The picture on the listing does have his name written on a piece of paper though. Do you buy from him? No. He’s new, has too many reviews in a short time, no escrow, and the fact that he has cheap prices and sells in large quantities is an indication that he’s a scammer. He only “sells” in bulk to offset the cheap prices, so you lose more money. 800 reviews in 1 month is over 20 reviews each day. Unheard of for a new vendor. Also he doesn’t allow escrow, which is not always bad by itself, but combined with the other signs point to an obvious scam.

But let’s say RockinRobby’s been around for 2 years. He’s got thousands of reviews averaging 4 stars. He’s got good prices, about 15% cheaper than many of the competition, but he doesn’t allow escrow either. After some searching, you find that the pictures he puts up of his product are just pulled from Google. Even though he doesn’t allow escrow and doesn’t have him name written next to the product, this is still a safe bet. He’s been around for a while and has plenty of good reviews.

Don’t just find one vendor that satisfied your requirements. Find several! Because we’re not done yet. Next step is researching your vendor. Most markets have a forum. Go there and search for your vendors name. You could also search reddit.com/r/darknetmarkets. Many vendors will create accounts to give themselves reviews so be careful!! See if the accounts that post reviews are all pretty much the same or if those accounts are new. You want descriptive, informative reviews from accounts that have other activity on them than just the review. Trim your list of vendors even more by doing this.


Now you should have a list of vendors who should be safe to order from. “Should be” is the key phrase as you can’t ever be 100% certain. Give each of them a risk rating that you feel is appropriate. Compare risk ratings and prices. Now you should have that one vendor you feel is best. Check him out again. Don’t be scared to email asking about shipping times, stealth, anything you feel uncomfortable about, etc. Just remember to always be courteous. Customer service works both ways. And this is a guy you are giving your personal information to as well as telling him you want drugs. Don’t piss him off. This goes for solving disputes too, don’t be a dick. If your drugs don’t show up, you got the wrong drugs/amount, etc, be polite and not accusatory about it. Everyone will end up happier.

Now you can order! Transfer bitcoins from your wallet to the market (NOT from the wallet you bought the bitcoins with). Then encrypt your shipping info (using your real name and address as this gives plausible deniability. Shipping to a fake name is suspicious and has a higher chance of being caught) and send it to the vendor with your order. You did it, you just ordered drugs from the infamous deep web! Now just back and wait. And remember, as soon as you get your order and confirm it’s what you paid for, release the bitcoins in escrow so your vendor actually gets paid! Making him wait until it automatically releases is incredibly douchy. This gives the market more time and incentive to steal the bitcoins.

Parting words of advice

You found a good vendor and got your drugs. But there’s a bit more. Here’s some extra words of wisdom to help you.

  • If you want to keep enjoying your drugs, don’t tell people where you got them. They WILL talk and when they do, that’s when you get a visit from the police.
  • Don’t spend more than you can afford. If you do get scammed, you don’t want to be in a hole you can’t get out of. Because even good vendors can scam.
  • -Some vendors might have their own site and offer discounts if you order from there. That removes the market fee they pay and the risk of the market stealing the money. As long as they sell on the markets and you check them out well, there’s nothing wrong with buying from them directly. Just know that in case of something wrong, there’s no market to help you get your money back and you are at the mercy of the vendor.
  • When researching your vendor, if you find that they post to forums and clearnet sites such as Reddit all the time, it might be riskier to order from them. Police tend to go after higher profile vendors, even if there are other vendors selling larger volumes. Publicity gets police money. And if your vendor is caught, you never know if he has your name and information stored on file for the police to read. History has shown that is a very real possibility.


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