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Police in Chennai Arrest MSc Graduate Student Dark Web Dealer

The local police in Chennai raided the residence of a young man engaged in selling ecstasy and LSD. The 32-year-old graduate student from Uttar Pradesh was a popular drug dealer in the region. Nikhil Tiwari sourced all drugs from darknet marketplaces, paying only in bitcoin for all packages delivered.

Furthermore, charges of conspiracy will be set forth, as Nikhil Tiwari was arrested under the suspicion of being a part of a larger drug smuggling group controlling aspects of the postal service in India. During the arrest, the following drugs were seized: 62 Ecstasy tablets, 5 sheets of LSD stamps, 20 grams of MDMA.

While being questioned, the suspect admitted that he was indeed selling drugs within the area. He said his clients were young IT professionals, high school and college students.

The police officers said that Tiwari mainly targeted younger people from families of wealth. Investigators are trying to identify other members within his ring.

The police involved were undercover, pretending to be customers making a quick purchase. After confirming a sale, they made their move.

“We raided the suspect’s house following a tip from members of the public. Most of the drugs that we found inside the house of the suspect were concealed in books and clothing,” according to one officer.

According to the report, all investigations are ongoing. Many more suspects exist, including accomplices. Now information is being gathered before any more arrests can be made. All that was confirmed was that the drugs were being purchased and sold with cryptocurrency and BTC. These drugs were being sold locally at very low prices to maintain a strong youthful interest from the city.

The local police inspector further said that they have sent the drugs for testing to labs. Initial estimates put the value of the drugs at about $10,000.

Following the seizure and arrest, the young man was quickly arraigned. He is still being held without bail. At the time of the arrest, this graduate was working as an IT professional in one of the local businesses. According to his employer, he had just recently quit without reason.

India’s problem with drugs seem to be getting worse and into mainstream commerce. Indiamart, is one of the largest e-commerce platforms, and it has fallen victim to drug dealers as it is frequently used as a platform for reselling drugs purchased from the dark web. While there is a policy in place that clearly prohibits the sale of drugs, scammers and drug dealers ignore this and even claim they do not have any trouble from the company concerning this. One of the reasons why the company has trouble controlling the sale of illegal drugs within its site is because the drug dealers use slang in their communication.

India is currently the largest user of the darknet in the entire continent of Asia. This is part of the reason why there is such a booming drug industry in India. Reports indicate that there are close to a million dark web marketplace users from India. In some towns in India, authorities have reported over 100% increase in drug trafficking. The Indian post has often been accused as a conduit through which drug dealers smuggle drugs in the country.

One official is reported to have said

“India has become the drug trafficking center for other countries in Asia. The darknet has largely facilitate this. We are seeing drug trafficking cases rising year after year.”

He further added:

“Lack of scanners at the local posts makes it hard to regulate the shipment arriving in the country. There is also a high dependence on random checking. Penalties for those found is also not high and this doesn’t act as a deterrent for those who may want to engage in drug smuggling.”

School-going children have fallen victim to this. Recently, four teenagers were arrested by authorities for ordering LSD from dark web markets. Authorities learned about them while they were pursuing leads on another suspect.

In another incident, police arrested three men from Hyderabad who purchased LSD and MDMA from the dark web and sold them within their city. The source of these drugs was Chicago and the men later sold them to college students and professionals within the film industry in the city.


  1. %10,000 for 62 Ecstasy tablets, 5 sheets of LSD stamps, 20 grams of MDMA.

    What a load of rubbish that is…

    5g mdma = $50
    62 e tablets = %350 max.
    5 lsd blotters = No point in a % sum.

  2. ORACLE, its 5 SHEETS of LSD…500x not 5x, and also 20g M, not 5g. And of course the prices will be higher in India, its much more rare compared to the rest of the world.

    500x L in india is likely $4000 – $5000, so you’re way off with your totals.

    • If ur from india, PLz tell me where can i get drugs…any online sites for Indian ppl..reply me ASAP…If u know any vendor its Great….

  3. Those Cops in images are not even a Tamilnadu Cops…LOL…I know most of the member in Chennai..ive never heared of this guy,….

  4. Are they all who uncover the police so stupid they are doing basic school mistakes? They can not be so stupid … How then can police reveal a vendor when using a tor, anonymous proxy, etc.? Does this whole concept of anonymity have such fatal weaknesses? I have been following the development of this whole system from the very beginning. I marveled over the genius, all who have achieved such a genius articulation and the interconnection of two technologies to allow us to create a place with absolute freedom. I say that society can only continue developing under the assumption of absolute liberty. Someone would say anarchy, a proof of old foolish thinking. In a society with absolute freedom, we would really understand people how to live on this planet. Thanks to all the rules we naively created here, we are today, ahead of the abyss. But stopping 7.6 billion people … is not possible … so I do not think of a scenario in which a massive mass of people will not die in the early days .. Whether because of extreme environmental influences … or war or any other cause. But the worst thing about it is that they knew from the beginning about narrow groups of society. They keep us in slavery today, and little in the world knows about it. On the contrary, most people are sad when they can not become slaves. I do not want to haunt anyone. I will not break my veins if you do not believe it. Anyway, I regret every parent who had a child and had no idea what future he was expecting. Destroyed live. the environment, acidic dead oceans, the threat of war everywhere present, people cool rough, greedy, nearly certain chronic disease, and premature deaths of great suffering. Dear, I do not have a baby, but I suffer for you … Understand that it is written because of something to terrify or hurt you, I just can not afford to keep it right for myself .. When it is obviously not possible to read it elsewhere. You’re just reading it, the truth is cruel. But directly proportional, the degree of stupidity of recklessness, etc. of our behavior. I do not mean your … I mean OUR …*I apologize for the errors in the translation.

    • Hello Reality,

      what you just said is so true and still nobody cares. Being under tor is a game changer but for who? this revolution was supposed to help the slaves and yet smart slaves are ripping out poor slaves. Haven’t we learned for the mistake off the 1%?

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