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Two Men that Manufactured and Sold Counterfeit Xanax Through the Dark Web Sentenced

Two Men that Manufactured and Sold Counterfeit Xanax Through the Dark Web Sentenced


Two men were sentenced in the Hartford Federal Court for their roles in the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit Xanax and anabolic steroids via the dark web. One of the men, believed to be the mastermind of the entire operation, was sentenced to 20 months in prison, while his accomplice was given a 3-year probation sentence. The pair allegedly admitted to having sold thousands of Xanax pills and anabolic asteroids.

Court documents show that 34-year-old William Fusco from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sold the Xanax and anabolic pills through the now-defunct Alphabay marketplace and other undisclosed dark web forums. To effectively handle the drug manufacturing and trafficking operation, Fusco recruited 34-year-old Jason Chen from Norwich, Connecticut, to aid in production and distribution of the drugs. The pair used Chen’s house as the drug manufacturing, storage, and distribution center. After acquiring raw materials for the production of the drugs, Fusco had them delivered to Chen’s home. Fusco would then visit Chen and manufacture the pills using alprazolam and pill presses.

To process orders received through the dark web Fusco would email the details of the orders, including ordered drug, quantity, shipping address, and links to prepaid shipping labels for each order, to Chen. After receiving the instructions, Chen weighed the drugs, packaged them, labelled the drug packages, and then dropped them in postal service collection boxes for mailing. The pair’s operation was a big hit as Chen allegedly managed to mail over 30 packages every week – for every package sent out, Fusco paid Chen an average of $15 in bitcoin.

The pair’s booming drug trafficking operation did not go unnoticed for long, as the increased number of packages caught the attention of postal inspectors. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), and the US Postal Inspection Service joined forces and launched an investigation against Fusco and Chen. The investigations enabled the police to acquire a search warrant against Chen’s residence. The search resulted in the discovery and seizure of 65,122 Xanax tablets, over 12,000 anabolic steroids capsules, over 792 grams of alprazolam powder, two pill presses, an electric powder mixer, a total 321 100ml liquid vials, and 8,900 in cash. After searching Chen’s home, the police detained and questioned him, acquiring information that led to the arrest of Fusco on the 16th of June 2017. The arrest was followed by a search of his residence that led to the seizure of 42,448 in cash, eight firearms, ammunition, weighing scales, pill capsules, dyes, and bottle caps.

On being arrested, Fusco and Chen were charged, and they admitted that they had engaged in the manufacture and distribution of 213,000 Xanax pills and thousands of ‘units’ of anabolic steroids. In December 2017, the pair pleaded guilty each to a count of possession of equipment used in the production of drugs and a count of possession with the intention to distribute and the distribution of drugs. The large number of Xanax pills sold by the pair indicates just how great the demand for Xanax is. Given its ability to give a feeling of relaxation, its use among the youth has grown immensely. Most young people have turned to the drug as a way of handling anxiety caused by their day to day encounters such as examinations.

US District Attorney John H. Durham announced that following the guilty plea on February 26th, the US District Court Judge sentenced Fusco to 20 months in federal prison and three years of supervised release, while Chen was sentenced to a 3-year probation sentence, of which he must spend the first three months in the confinements of his home.


  1. ECB. Most likely Chen is one of the 2 arrested back then in New York shortly after ECB stated doing Reddit DD’s.

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