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A 44-year-old Italian Man Arrested over Sale of Fentanyl on the Dark Web

A 44-year-old man has been arrested by the anti-narcotics police for procuring illegal narcotic drugs online from dark web markets. The drugs were shipped from Canada through postal services and allegedly paid for using virtual currencies.

The Italian dark web drug trafficker from Cinisello Balsamo (Milan) was arrested by the carabinieri dell’antidroga Milanese (The Milan Anti-narcotic Police) for buying and trafficking fentanyl on the dark web. The suspect had been on a police list of dark web drug dealers since 2014 during the investigation of a group of dark web Italian mafia in Belgium.

His name came up again in a second investigation conducted by the Milan military after a warning was issued by the Canadian Border and Control Police as well as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, also known as the Red Jackets, about some drug parcels that had been intercepted. Two months ago, suspicious packages reportedly containing fentanyl were blocked at Vancouver airport; the packages were destined for Italy and Switzerland.

War on Dark Web Crime

Despite the deliberate goodwill and intensive effort by all law enforcement agencies to fight organized crimes and illegal drug trafficking, especially on the dark web, the war is still far from being won. We cannot disagree that much is being done as we continue to see more dark web arrests every day. However, these arrests do not seem to discourage people from dark web crime. This fact has been attributed to the privacy guaranteed on the anonymous network as well as to payments in cryptocurrencies, both of which still pose a significant challenge to the investigating agencies.

The Killer Powder

The drug packages seized during the investigation contained 1.3 grams of fentanyl, an opioid that is, based on research, 25 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine, and it is used for medical purposes as an analgesia. However, it can kill easy if used incorrectly. Just 25 micrograms sniffed or injected into the body as a single dose would kill an adult.

The carabinieri Milanese arrested him while in his house just after he had received packages delivered to him by mail. They conducted a thorough search and found an illegal drug laboratory in the basement. In the search, they also seized several grams fentanyl packaged into small packets, more than 330 pills made from various opioids, drug handling equipment, digital weighing scales, and a desktop.

According to the investigating officers, the suspect had stopped working at the shop he owned two years ago and started buying and retailing illegal drugs. With at least 1.3 grams of pure fentanyl, he could manage to make more than 2000 doses for sale. The price of each dose is similar to that of heroin but requires unique experience in handling.

The suspect is being held at Monza prison and is expected to appear in court during his pretrial.

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  1. I like the fact that authorities insist on saying: “They are winning the war on DNM’s” with more arrests every day. They obviously aren’t aware of the hundreds of thousands of transactions every day that take place….

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