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5 People Charged in the UK with Deep Web Crimes

5 More people were charged in the UK for crimes related to Silk road – the first one is the known legal highs and drugs paraphernalia vendor “PlutoPete,”  – 53-year-old Peter Ward, who posted an announcement on his twitter: Finally been charged for my part in Silk Road, 9 charges inc conspiracy and supply class A and B :( — ... Read More »

The FreeMarket – New Features Added

The Free Market admins announced on Reddit (join the discussion there) about new features added to the market: The Free Market has now been online for one month. We are now experiencing more vendor sign ups and expecting to see more listings become available to buyers over the next few weeks. Experienced and reputable vendors can still have the registration ... Read More »

Another BTC Exchanged Hacked: Bter.com – 7170BTC stolen

From the Bter.com exchange homepage announcing the theft of 7170BTC – around 1,743,000$ at this time and a bounty of 720BTC to find the hacker: 7170 BTC got stolen from our cold wallet in this transaction: https://blockchain.info/tx/f5b0363f03e1ed8bb812c135361ea93590c831ce9f13a3750be1b93575baccc6 720 BTC bounty for chasing it back. All wallets have been shut down and withdrawals of the unaffected coins will be arranged later. ... Read More »

Update on Silk Road 2.0 leak

SRDouglas released 35% of vendor names, no passwords or hashes, and 3000 deposit addresses http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=0e60cg8g https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=952177.msg10454640#msg10454640 Thanks @wipeout90  for keeping us informed while we were away! Read More »

The Decrypted SR2 User Table Dump

Can found found here posted by moustache:  https://gist.githubusercontent.com/anonymous/dc947f883348d83f3aee/raw/gistfile1.txt And available for download on EVO forums posed by wipeout90 with download links: http://i25c62nvu4cgeqyz.onion/viewtopic.php?pid=469776 As you may or may not know, SRDouglas posted a topic on Bitcointalk, saying he was the developer behind SR2.0. Whether that’s true or not has yet to be seen, but he mentioned he had usernames, passwords, deposit ... Read More »

SR2 DB Leak Update: 10% of The Data Released

(This is a short news update) Note that we have not verified this – just reporting as a newsflash: Background –  New post: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=952177.msg10447311#msg10447311 Original Post: Block 343278 has appeared. http://btc.blockr.io/block/info/343278 Block hash: 00000000000000000b4996f90ee1f1a7a5eb1bf07c235d31a7fa3d3276e4a36c Here are the secrets for 10 random chunks. Code: [crayon-5cbc7f1e70223218050273/] To unlock use Code: [crayon-5cbc7f1e70232284888322/] I’ll allow some time for everybody (or 10% of you) to ... Read More »

Market Announcement: Kiss

New upcoming marketplace was announced on Reddit calling itself – Kiss Marketplace, Will be offering: Marketplace vendor preregistration is open: –Selected established vendors will be verified and invited to join the market with the vendor bond waived. –Free accounts will not be offered to new vendors. Site features include: -2fa –toggle forced auto message encryption –encrypted account data –multi item ... Read More »