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Tor’s Plan to Secure the Internet of Things

The Tor Project is joining forces with Home Assistant, and The Guardian to create a newer security system to funnel all the data traffic for the device to the end user via Tor, not public internet.  The new system is the Home Assistant platform, only it’s running a special Tor Onion Service Configuration. You only need a device that’s Raspberry-Pi ... Read More »

Blockchain in finance and management fields. Fintech and govtech cases at Blockchain Conference Kiev

What problems can blockchain solve in the finance sphere and total asset management – will be discussed by speakers of the third annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev. On 23 September Kyiv will become a meeting point for financiers, IT specialists and entrepreneurs with successful experience of working with blockchain. A separate themed section has been organized for them. Hall ... Read More »

Russia Seems to have Changed its Mind about Bitcoin

In the past, Russia’s Ministry of finance had banned bitcoin wanted to jail anyone using it. A new report, in Russian is showing us otherwise. The Russian government now wants to label crypto currencies as foreign currency. While the use of bitcoin will still be prohibited, Russian citizens will be able to buy it with online platforms, and spend it ... Read More »

Russian Political Party Moves to Accept BTC Donations

Reports have surfaced telling us that in spite of Russia’s talk of banning Bitcoin altogether, a minor political party is trying to accept Bitcoin donations. They call themselves The Party of Growth. The party was formed in 2009 under a different name, Just Cause. The Party of Growth is now setting its sights on being able to receive Bitcoin in ... Read More »

Hackers Claim To Sell The World-Check Database On Dark Web

According to a report from security researcher Chris Vickery, a copy of the World-Check database was exposed on the internet since a client has misconfigured some security setting on the cloud platform. This means, that if an attacker saw this security flaw, he could easily steal the whole database. Some other reports claim that there are hackers on the dark ... Read More »

US Voter Registration Records For Sale On Dark Net Market

A vendor who goes by the name “DataDirect” is selling the entire US voter registration record on The Real Deal Market (a marketplace on the dark net). The hacker claims he has records for 50 states and he sells them for 0.5 BTC (around $340) per state. The listing’s description goes by: “US voter registration records. Selling the DB on ... Read More »

According To Researchers, There’s A Malware Targeting Energy Grids

Cybersecurity researchers at SentinelOne just found a malware on a dark net hacking forum that can target energy networks. The name of the malicious software is Furtim, which is a “dropper tool,” a platform that infects a computer and then serves as a base to launch further attacks. The malware was designed to target specifically European energy companies using Windows. ... Read More »

DdoS Attacks Causing Panic for IT Pro’s

A new survey has IT pro’s scared to death, if it’s results are correct about the threat of DdoS extortions. IT security professionals are in an uproar over a DdoS-extortion attack sometime in the next year. A new report show that about 80 percent of them fear they’ll be targeted in such attacks within the next 12 months. Corero Network ... Read More »

Pedo with the Biggest CP Collection Ever to be Banned from Working

When Christopher Daldorph was arrested last year, the National Crime Agency said they had uncovered the biggest child porn collection they had ever seen. The last 14 years while he was working as a radiographer, Daldorph spent an estimated 14 years searching the deep web for images and videos depicting sex abuse acts on children. During the search of his ... Read More »

Computing Student At Leeds Met University Jailed For Accessing Child Porn Images

Macan Sahota (24), a student studying computer studies and ethical hacking at the Leeds Met University, was jailed for 16 months for downloading 386 “still and moving” child pornography images from the dark web. The content featured babies being sexually abused and pictures showing children and animals. According to Jonathan Sharp from prosecution, the law enforcement authorities discovered Sahota’s illicit ... Read More »

English Couple Charged for Supplying Diazepam to Northern Ireland Residents

Kelly and Ross Brennan found themselves in Derry Court recently, accused of supplying Diazepam to Northern Ireland residents. The offences were supposed to have been committed between October 2015 and June 2016. They are both being charged with Conspiring to supply the drug, and possession of a Class C drug with intent to supply. Investigating officers told Derry Magistrates Court ... Read More »

TheDarkOverlord Names Hacked Organization from Farmington, Missouri

TheDarkOverlord, decided to name the breached organization behind the DB he’s selling on a listing called: Healthcare Database (48,000 Patients) from Farmington, Missouri, United States: It appears that the clinic is Midwest Orthopedic Clinic, Farmington Missouri, owned by Scott Vanness. The hacker revealed this info over a Pastebin (which we will not link to) where he also included a sample ... Read More »

Russian Law Makers Propose Even Tighter Internet Laws

Russia plans to step up its internet controls with a new anti-terrorism legislation to advance their online surveillance measures. Many think Russia already has a rather strict policy with the implementation of SORM, which allows authorities to monitor any online communications. Russian blogs and online news venues have very strict guidelines they have to follow, as well as a law ... Read More »