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2016 Global Drug Survey Shows More DMN Customers Than Ever

Despite the FBI’s efforts to seize dark net markets, the number of people sourcing they’re drugs through them is growing according to the Global Drug Survey (GSD) 2016. “Despite all of the disruptions from law enforcement efforts and takedown that have been successful, as well as the exit scams and all of this kind of thing, people are still using ... Read More »

70,000 Government And Corporate Servers For Sale For As Cheap As $6 On Hacker Marketplace

Researchers recently discovered a trading platform for hackers, which is currently booming, the marketplace sells more than 70,000 hacked government and corporate servers, some of them goes by the sum as little as $6. According to a report published by researchers from the antivirus service provider Kaspersky Lab, at the end of last month, the xDedic trading platform listed 70,624 ... Read More »

Two Accused In The J.P. Morgan Case Plead Not Guilty While Third One Waits Extradition

Two Israeli men who were recently extradited to the US, Ziv Orenstein and Gery Shalon, in their first appearances in US court pleaded not guilty to the charges against them regarding the J.P. Morgan hacking case. The two charges included breaking into around a dozen companies’ computer networks, including J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. The third defendant, Josh Aaron, a ... Read More »

The EU Hashes a Plan to Combat Fake Product Reviews

This move is being talked about in order to reduce the risk of fraudulent reviews that could ruin the consumer market and damage legitimate businesses. Online Platforms and the Digital Single Market Opportunities and Challenges fits all platforms and users can post product reviews. The proposal, which is dated may 25th,2016, states that the European Commission is exploring the theoretical ... Read More »

Developers from Europe and the USA will arrive to Kiev to discuss blockchain fintech services

In September, Bitcoin enthusiasts and blockchain service developers will arrive to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev 2016. The annual conference promises to be the most large-scale in CIS countries. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will focus on implementing projects and startups that solve real users’ issues.  Participants will be divided into three groups: experts, developers and those who are less familiar ... Read More »

Newest Version Of Cerber Ransomware Goes Polymorphic, Uses Malware Factory Technique

In the new version of the Cerber ransomware, one of today’s most feared ransomware threat, malware coders used a new feature in their feared software called “malware factory” to create different versions of Cerber every 15 seconds to bypass security programs on the client’s side. The ransomware scene has changed a lot since the appearance of the malware. At the ... Read More »

Russia Arrests 50 People In The Bust Of The Largest Ever Hacking Ring

The Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Ministry of Interior carried out a nationwide raid in Russia where around 50 people had been arrested in part of a hacking ring that allegedly stole $25 million from financial institutions inside the country. The busts resulted not only in the arrest of people, Russian law enforcement authorities seized the computers, other electronic ... Read More »

Australia to Auction Off 24,500 Seized Bitcoins

An Australian firm, Ernst & Young is set to auction off 24,500 BTC equaling around £8M. The sum is set to be auctioned off in blocks of 2,000 as to not effect market value. An Australian newspaper has previously reported that 24,500 bitcoins were taken by police after they busted a man in 2013 for selling drugs online. In 2015 ... Read More »

Tor 6.0 Officially Released and Ready for Download

As regular Tor users are well aware, the browser has been updated to 6.0. The new release is based on Firefox 45 Extended Support Release. Among other features, the new browser has better support for security and privacy. Things like making DUCKDUCKGO its default search engine. Mozilla’s Firefox ESR is a more stable, enterprise ready version, and its features are ... Read More »

Another Judge Rules against Government in a Child Porn Case

Yesterday the US Federal Judge presiding over the FBI child porn case in Washington, threw out all the evidence obtained by the FBI’s NIT deployment on the Tor Network. It seems it’s going to be hard for prosecutors to move forward in the US vs. Michaud case, because of judges continuing to push back on the FBI’s use of hacking ... Read More »

Five US Military Members Arrested for Buying, Making, and Using Stolen Credit Cards

Derrick Shelton, James Stewart and Quentin Stewart, all members of the Army National Guard, have been arrested and charged for ordering stolen credit card numbers and using them on military bases. The Justice Department said the men were using bitcoin to buy the card numbers online, then using card writing tools, they would make their own fakes. “The defendants selected ... Read More »

Mobile Messenger Creator and Millionaire Sentenced to 17 Years

Shaun Collopy established an online drug selling business, which used the untraceable online currency of Bitcoins. Shaun Collopy was sentenced to 17 years for his online drug-dealing operation on Dark Net. Shaun Michael Collopy plead guilty to 30 drug trafficking charges after establishing his online drug venture was shut down in late 2013. Collopy and his partner, Gary Cooley set ... Read More »

Obama Signs into Effect the Transnational Drug Trafficking Act of 2015 to Combat the International Drug Trade

It seems that most of the wold already thinks the American Government over steps its bounds abroad. These new amendments Obama just signed into play will definitely fuel they’re burning fire. This new Act is intended to allow the United States’ reach on the drug war to stretch far and wide; allowing them to prosecute any drug manufacturers who have ... Read More »