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Security Tutorials

This page will serve as a compilation of the various security tutorials that can be found on several different forums. It has been hard to find and credit the people who originally created these guides, so let us know if you have written any of them! A good place to start is the Jolly Roger’s Security Guide for Beginners.

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Miscellaneous Tutorials:

  1. Encrypting Your Hard Drive With Truecrypt
  2. How to chain socks with Tor
  3. Securing Firefox
  4. Word of Warning — All versions of PGP are NOT created equally!
  5. Let’s talk about security
  6. Needle in a Haystack ~ Tor Relays
  7. How to use Tor as a Socks5 proxy
  8. Simple Whonix Installation tutorial
  9. Simple TAILS installation
  10. Secure Data Wiping on GNU/Linux
  11. Veracrypt Tutorial: How To Encrypt A USB Drive?
  12. Basic Guide to PGP On Linux
  13. PGP Tutorial for OSX
  14. High Security Virtual Machines
  15. Tutorial: XMPP/Jabber OTR
  16. In-depth Guide to Tails + Persistence
  17. Guide: Anonymity and Privacy for Advanced Linux Users
  18. Tutorial: Installing Tor With Privoxy


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    • Ouch

      Could be blocked, e. g. Noscript. Consider to captcha serveral times. In my case it worked. Captchas as they are configured are time consuming.

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  5. What’s The Best program to use these days?
    It says on the TrueCrypt section that the program might contain security issues. Though we don’t know when that Edit took place and if TrueCrypt is fine to use these days (2018).
    I’ve always thought that TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt were the best to use, but there’s a reason why I’m asking this question Here Today.
    So which Hard Drive Encryption Program is the best to use today in terms of security, so no-one, including LE, can ever penetrate the encryption so to speak?

    • Big Hog

      for all intents and purposes… truecrypt was at one time considered basically unbreakable if properly implemented. then, some weird shit went down, some potential exploits were discovered, and the project was discontinued. the coders basically picked up where truecrypt left off, fixed the problems with truecrypt, and added a number of features and updated cryptographic methods into the program, and is now considered to be essentially unbreakable, and the best one on the open market…

      that being said, if the NSA threw all its resources into breaking veracrypt, in conjunction with access to quantum computers and the like… anything is possible.

      but unless you’re running an international drug cartel, or kiddie porn ring or something like that… there’s likely no more than a handful of people on earth who could hack your shit if you’re using veracrypt – so stick with that, and you’ll be all gravy baby…

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