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A South African platform for combating cyber crime

Throughout the past few years, cyber crime has evolved to become one of the most disrupting and organized areas of crime. The rapid advancement of innovative technologies has presented novel, highly sophisticated cyber crime opportunities. Consequently, individuals, governments, and corporations find themselves having to deal with a myriad of cyber crime threats that can range from theft of personal data ... Read More »

Shanese and Patricia Denied Bail over Alleged Dark Web Drug Crime

Magistrate Gabriel Fleming at the Nowra Local Court on 22 February 2019, denied bail requests from Patricia Koullias, 20, of Quaker Hill and Shanese Koullias, 24, of Callala Bay. The duo was charged by authorities for being involved in a prohibited drugs operation worth $17 million conducted through the dark web. According to a report, the detectives from the State ... Read More »

A novel cybercrime network mining system for online crime investigations

Cybercriminals extensively exploit the tools provided by the digital revolution as well as various social networks in order to communicate and engage in illegal activities including drug trafficking, hacking, online fraudulence, blackmailing, money laundering, cyberbullying, online predation, and others. To counteract the increased number of cybercriminal activities, studying and analyzing the content of various online criminal communities are of paramount ... Read More »

National Crime Agency has warned dark web drug dealers are branding products “vegan” and “ethically friendly” in a “marketing ploy” to appeal to the middle classes

Drug dealers have hatched a new ploy in which they brand their products as vegan or ethically friendly so as to attract customers, especially those of the middle class. Reports from the National Crime Agency (NCA) say that these dealers market their drugs on darknet market sites to people who prefer to use eco-friendly substances. This tactic has developed many ... Read More »

Report Shows Hate Crime Propagated Through the Dark Web on the Rise

There are many hate groups in society currently against cultural diversity in the world. Whether based on racial ethnicity, religious, or even gender, hate groups are working to oppress perceived minorities in society. Apparently, most of these groups have been taking to the internet to spread their ideology of hate amongst the people who are mainly active on social media ... Read More »

Europol report on Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment

For a fifth year now, Europol has developed the IOCTA (Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment). The primary objective of the assessment is the provision of a comprehensive type of overview of the current and anticipated threats in the future, as well as, trends in the crimes being carried out or even conducted online. As the current events demonstrate the ways ... Read More »

Montana Man Charged for Tampering with Drug Crime Evidence

A Montana man was charged with one count of attempted tampering with physical evidence after investigators discovered that the suspect had asked an acquaintance to move cash and a computer allegedly used to access the darkweb, a local news outlet reported. The man was on probation for drug possession and under investigation for other drug crimes at the time of ... Read More »

Ironic murder of a Japanese cyber crime expert and blogger

A Japanese cyber crime expert and blogger was found stabbed in a restroom and pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after. This shocking murder of Kenichiro Okamoto, by an online user with whom he had an online feud is taking the news world by storm. In an ironic revelation, he was attacked shortly after delivering a speech at a conference ... Read More »

Europol Conference Discuss and Share Expertise to Tackle Dark Web Crime

Europol takes lead in the fight against dark web crime. In a conference, Europol invites global law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to discuss and share expertise on how to effectively fight and tackle the increasing number of crimes on the dark web. Over 28 law enforcement special agents, stakeholders and officials from different countries have met at Europol headquarters ... Read More »

La Plata County Electronic Crime Officers Targets the Dark Web

Specialized electronic crime detective Josh Newman of the Durango Herald Police Department browses through darknet websites—a collection of websites on an encrypted network of which illegal activities and trades such sale of illicit firearms, drugs, stolen credit cards and child pornography take place online. “If you can dream it up, it’s here, on the dark web,” said Detective Newman. “The ... Read More »

Four New Police station and 186 cops to fight Mumbai cyber crime

In response to the high cyber crime cases recorded in Mumbai, the government has set up proactive measures with the introduction of 186 officers and five new police stations. The high record of cyber crime in the cities, with Mumbai recording 38 percent of the total crime in Maharashtra has called for urgent action to be taken. The report confirms ... Read More »

Crystal Meth

Crime Stoppers Focuses on Darknet to Launch Crystal meth Campaign

In response to drug abuse data released in Port Augusta, crime stoppers have decided to go all out to launch a campaign against it. The campaign aims to block the flow of ice into the country with much focus on the Darknet. Crime Stoppers recently launched a similar campaign which sought to do three things: Make the call, cut the ... Read More »

Canada to Spend $1 Billion of Federal Budget on Fighting Cyber Crime

Cyber attacks grabbed the headlines last year when hackers launched an attack to compromise the data of computers in over 100 countries. Lurk and Wannacry created by FSS became a big thing in the cyberspace stealing data department. Canada was one of the many countries that remained a target for cyber operations. Not folding their arms to witness another attack, ... Read More »