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Authorities Recover $28,000 in a Criminals Dark Web Phishing Scam

TUCSON, AZ – Authorities from Special financial Investigation recovered $28,000 in a criminal dark web phishing scam, funds stolen from a Tucson woman. According to Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General in Arizona, his office committed to the fight against dark web cybercrimes and fraud currently is increasing the work involved. ““My Office organized a team of cybercrime professionals who joined ... Read More »

Investigators Recover a Pedophile’s Deleted Videos

In August 2017, Indiana authorities arrested a 50-year-old Merrillville man for two counts of child molestation and one count of sexual misconduct with a minor. He posted a $3,000 bond almost two months later and returned to his Cedar Lake home. Now, according to Lake County court records, 50-year-old David W. Hatton received four felony possession charges of ‘child pornography’ ... Read More »