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NordVPN Review

For some time now, we have been hearing a lot of good things about NordVPN. And because of this, we have decided to conduct a comprehensive review of their VPN features and services, so that we can determine if the title “The world’s most advanced VPN” really applies to them.

To kick off with the review, here are several helpful information that you can use to get an idea about their company.


About the Company

NordVPN is a Panama based company that is owned and operated by Tefincom co S.A. The company was established in 2008 as a respond to the high demands for a reliable VPN service connection during that time.

Today, NordVPN provides its users with a secure and protected gateway to the Internet using their 108 VPN servers that are spread across 24 countries worldwide, which includes The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, Poland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Austria and Luxembourg.

Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee Policy –NordVPN

NordVPN offers a 3 days free trial access to their VPN services, so that potential users can test their features and services before purchasing any of their VPN plans and packages. However, you need to send an email to support@nordvpn.com or you can alternatively contact their customer support via their online chat before you can get access to the free trial account.

>> Click HERE to Visit the NordVPN Official Site

For this review, we opted to request access to their free trial account via their online chat.


We were able to get a reply within a minute, instructing us to register an account at a URL that they sent us. We followed the instructions given to us and selected Bitcoin as the mode of payment.

After registering the account, we sent the email address that we have used to register to the customer support representative that we are chatting with. After a couple of minutes, we received a reply from the customer support representative, informing us that our free trial account has been activated.


We clicked on the profile link given in the chat screen and we were able to see the confirmation of the activation of our free trial account.


Registering for the free trial account was quick and easy. The customer support representative that we have chatted with replied fast and was very helpful.

In addition to the free trial access that NordVPN offers, they also provides a 30 days money back guarantee to all customer accounts that are in good standing. Unfortunately, those that purchased their account through the Apple appstore and those that paid using Bitcoin are not eligible for any refunds.

Interface and Setup – NordVPN

After getting our free trial account, we followed the advice of the customer support representative that we have chatted with and downloaded the custom software for their VPN client.

On our profile page, we clicked on the Download area tab and selected their client software for Windows 8.


We waited for the client software download to finish and then ran the program to install the NordVPN software.

We were expecting the file that we have download to install the software, but we were surprised to see the login screen immediately after running the program.


We entered our username and password and then clicked on the Log in button.


After a few seconds of loading, we were directed to their server list, where we can choose the VPN server that we want to use to connect to their VPN service.


We opted for one of their standard VPN servers (Canada #4) and then clicked on the Connect button. We then waited for the VPN client software to connect.


After a few seconds, it directed us to the connection screen and informed as that we were successfully able to connect to our selected VPN server.


To sum it up, NordVPN’s client software was wonderful. It didn’t even require any installation process after we have downloaded the software from their website.


Furthermore, it provides a process kill list feature that automatically closes any program that you setup, whenever your VPN connection is accidentally disconnected. This added feature provides you with extra online protection every time that you surf the net.

Security –NordVPN


NordVPN boast of having the most advanced VPN service in the market today. They offer multiple protocols access that uses a military grade AES 256 encryption for L2TP/IPSEC protocol, 2048 bit SSL encryption for OpenVPN protocol and MPPE-128 bit encryption for PPTP.

In addition to these protocols, they also support TOR and SOCKS, and they offer a unique double encryption system that uses two node servers to protect their user’s online data.

Furthermore, they also provide HTTP and Socks5 proxies to their subscribers.

Privacy -NordVPN


In terms of privacy, NordVPN is one of the few companies that are on the top of the list. They do not keep, monitor, or store any time stamps, bandwidth usage, traffic logs, IP addresses or any other kind of log records. This is especially good if using NordVPN to get maximum privacy with Tor when on the Deep Web.

They also do not provide any personal information about their subscribers, except when a court order of competent jurisdiction is involved, which would be rare because the company is registered in Panama, which is outside the U.S. and EU jurisdiction.

On the other hand, they do keep several information about their subscribers, such as the email address and username that was used to register for the account, and the payment information that they keep records in case of request for refunds.

Moreover, NordVPN does not provide any Transparency Reports that could help alert users of any claims and disputes that were filled against them, which would be helpful in further protecting their user’s privacy and anonymity.

NordVPN Privacy Policy: https://nordvpn.com/terms-of-service/

Speed – NordVPN

During the speed tests NordVPN performed lower than average. Based on the results there was a considerable drop in download speed when connected to NordVPN’s VPN service.

Even though, a speed drop is expected when connecting to a VPN, our test indicates that it is a little bit slower than other VPN service providers in the market today. But of course, the results varies from one VPN server to another. Full comparative speed tests to come in the new year.

Usability – NordVPN


Using NordVPN is amazingly fast and simple. Their VPN software is so easy to use and understand. We encountered no complex procedures when connecting to any of their VPN servers. Moreover, there are no installation required, you just have to download their client software and you are ready to go.

Furthermore, NordVPN allows users to connect up to 6 devices per account to their VPN network at the same time. This generous number is more than enough for users to connect all their gadgets to the VPN network with just one account, allowing the whole family to enjoy the privacy and security that NordVPN provides.



  • Supports multiple protocols
  • Allows P2P/ Torrent
  • Double VPN
  • Zero Log Policy
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Kill List Feature

Compatibility- NordVPN


NordVPN is compatible with the following devices and platforms:

  • Computer
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Apple Mac OSX
    • Linux
  • Mobile
    • Android
    • Apple iOS
  • Router
    • dd-wrt
    • Tomato

Pricing and Checkout-NordVPN


>> Click HERE to Visit the NordVPN Official Site

NordVPN offers the following plans and packages:


  • NordVPN’s 6 months plan
  • $8 per month / billed every month
  • Access to 108 VPN servers worldwide
  • Up to 6 concurrent connections
  • TOR Over VPN
  • Double Encryption
  • No Logs


  • NordVPN’s One month plan
  • $5 per month / $30 billed every 6 month
  • Access to 108 VPN servers worldwide
  • Up to 6 concurrent connections
  • TOR Over VPN
  • Double Encryption
  • No Logs

Best Offer

  • NordVPN’s One month plan
  • $4 per month / $48 billed every 12 month
  • Access to 108 VPN servers worldwide
  • Up to 6 concurrent connections
  • TOR Over VPN
  • Double Encryption
  • No Logs

Check out Process-NordVPN

For this review, we bought NordVPN’s Best Offer plan to check their payment process and procedures.


We selected the Best offer plan in their website and clicked on the Get 1 year plan button.


We were directed to the Secure Checkout page, where we entered our username and password for the account, chose PayPal as our payment option, checked the I agree to NordVPN Terms of Service checkbox and then clicked on the Buy Now button to proceed with the purchase.


After a few seconds, we were directed to the PayPal payment page, where we entered our PayPal account to complete the Checkout process.

Payment Method Accepted by NordVPN

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Paysera
  • Paymentwall

Support –NordVPN


NordVPN supplies its users with a 24/7 customer support via Contact form, email (support@nordvpn.com), and live chat that you can access on their website. In addition, answers to common questions can also be obtained via their knowledgebase and FAQ page.

Based on our review, their support service is great, because we were able to get answers to all of our questions within a few minutes, plus the contents of their knowledgebase, FAQ page and tutorial section was really sufficient and helpful.

Conclusion – NordVPN

NordVPN is really a good VPN service provider. Their service is packed with multiple features that further enhance the security and privacy of their online users. Furthermore, their customer support is world class and reliable.

On the other hand, their connection speed is below average, and they have a limited number of accepted payment method options.

Overall, NordVPN is recommended for those who prefer 1st rate VPN privacy and security over the speed of their online connections.

>> Click HERE to Visit the NordVPN Official Site


  1. Very accurate review and yes it is true the connection to a server is a little slow, but actual internet usage doesn’t seem to be bad in my opinion. Perfect for using tor or whatever you need a VPN for. As far as payment option, people should be fine with the choice of card or bitcoin. It is simple. Anonymous payment? Or not? I’ve used this VPN and I give it a solid 9.

  2. Can you guys review AirVPN next?


  3. Actually I found NordVpn very unsatisfactory. Very poor download speeds and pretty constant disconnections, and although live chat were quick to respond to my complaints they were also quick to blame my isp for issues even though I have no issues using other vpn services with my provider. When i asked for a partial refund they told me to email support and advised me to cancel my recurring paypal subscription. All up pretty disappointing.

  4. I have tested many VPN’s over the years. I can tell you with absolute certainty that NORDVPN is the worst on the market. Yes they do not keep logs, only good thing about it. 90% of the servers to countries don’t work, most of the time only Lithuania works. No refund if paid with BTC. Their customer service responds quickly but are absolute morons about technincal (only thing they know is how to set it up), Linux knowledge is 0. It disconnects contantly (Like every 15-30mins or so). I used em over a 3 month period so know their service well. I spent more time with customer support then using the vpn, I had to buy another 1 within 35 days of usage, got so fed up, I had 6 months but trashed the last 3 months because as of 4 weeks ago, the log in fails on vpn cannot use it. Contacted support they said my account is fine, not fine can’t even connect. I have used this vpn on Ubuntu,other linux distros and windows for testing. On linux dns leak is the size of the grand canyon, tech support has no idea how to fix it. Now don’t comment on how it was my browser and blah blah, I know how to plug dns leaks better then tech support. The old system openvpn using the config files for Linux is not safe anymore, you need a kill switch or you are screwed. especially with this piece of crap vpn. Deepdotweb is wayyyyyyyyyyy too generous in the speed test, they must have tested their best server. Most servers are sooo slow it is like dialup, unsuable in most cases even if it connects. My suggestion is stay away from them and save your money and time and aggravation you will incur with this scam of a vpn service.

    • Luna

      I thought I was the only one who had problems with the service. The only server that works fine for me is “CANADA” is quick, but it has a lot of disconnections.

    • Abe

      Tom, THANK YOU!!! Consumers like me have NO idea whom to trust (until it’s too late) without the honest critical feedback of other consumers like you. I keep reading the reviews, but I’d tried Private Internet Access over a year ago and had horrible experiences with them. Terrible speeds, poor tech support… And no matter what advice I followed, nothing worked. And yet PC Magazine rates PIA #1, and NordVPN a close follower.

      Back to the drawing board… (BTW, thanks to this site for allowing honest customer reviews in the comment section–inestimably valuable.)

      • John

        I would be very cautious about using any 1 responders’ information as the absolute truth. I don’t think NordVPN is perfect but nothing is. But they seem ok. I am using Linux with the OpenVPN client. I have the client start at bootup and if the connection drops no traffic gets through until it restarts. I had to upgrade to the newest version of OpenVPN to make that work. Being secure is relative and requires educating oneself to understand the various layers and trade-offs. Learn as much as you can about the topic and then do your own research and form your own opinion.

        • Paul

          I agree about using comments from only one person. I’ve been using NordVPN for several years. Suddenly it stopped working. I spent two hours on the chat only to have him say at the end that Nord won’t work with Kaspersky antivirus. He could have told me that up front and saved me the time. Moreover, it’s worked fine for the past few years with Kaspersky. Very disappointing.

  5. Great review and seems very accurate from my experience. Personally I like NordVPN. I am using their Mac app and it’s a great improvement over Tunnelblick. As for speeds – Fiddling around with different servers, I got some decent speeds. Keeping in mind they run 256AES encryption, it’s understandable speed might not be fast all the time.

  6. A company based in Panama could only be a paragon of trust.
    What do people think about Hideman VPN?

    • Voice of Reason

      A company in Panama that offers anonymity services is a lot better for you than a company from any of the 14 eyes.

  7. I’m a nordvpn client for 6months+ and all I can say is: Fuck the reviews, they are the WORST vpn provider out there! I got a good service for the first 2 weeks. After that, PROBLEMS EVERYWHERE! I can’t even connect most servers (windows and linux). DNS Leaks on most servers (which ruins the purpose of a vpn). The windows software worked good for those 2 weeks, after that, I couldn’t even see the servers ping.

    In this 6 months, my time was spent with the customer support, instead of using the vpn. With this purchase I just threw my money to the garbage.

    If you want a stable and steady vpn provider, DONT GO WITH NORDVPN….

  8. I have tested a number of VPNs over time and find Nordvpn and PIA both do a great job. Favourite features include double VPN and possibility to set up on 6 devices. Also customer service staff are exceptionally knowledgeable.

  9. NordVPN will leak your real IP

    I dont know how they can be most recommended logless VPN for god sick.
    – They leak your IPv6
    – No switch kill for internet connection
    — but worst of all THEY LEAK YOUR REAL IP—
    If you using Windows (7) like me you are fuck up.
    I was surfing all day and i normally do not turn off my PC but only switch it to sleep mode and even I set automatic reconnect and EVERY TIME i turn my PC into sleep mode and then woke up my PC their official application showed me that i am “CONNECTED” with greed status but in real i was not connected and all of time i was surfing under MY REAL ADDRESS.

  10. Nord is better than HMA at least. Don’t ever use them… worst piece of crap VPN I ever used and their support is completely horrible.

  11. Paul Sumner
    I have just installed Nord VPN and after selecting an Australian VPN I have ran the tpg speed test. My internet download speed is down from 6mbs to less than 2mbs!
    Paul joined the chat

    Hello Paul.
    I recommend you to use the UDP protocol. You can find the protocol options at your software settings tab.
    It will give you better internet speeds.

    Paul Sumner
    The UDP protocol is already set as default

    May I ask what for you are using VPN? Only web browsing?

    Paul Sumner
    it is now down to 0.61 mbs using
    I am not doing any downloads etc at present I just have a browser open

    Are you sure you are not using any torrent client? This is the IP of the torrent server.

    Paul Sumner
    I have disconnected the VPN and rerun the test and now get just under 6mbs as normal!
    I have a torrent client but all downloads are currently stopped.

    I suggest you using German #5-68 servers for better speeds.

    Paul Sumner
    Is this the best NordVPN can offer? If so I need to get my moneyback and try someone else?

    I am afraid VPN sometimes take about 30% of your original ISP speed.
    Please try different servers and if the issue persists, we will refund your money back to you.

    Paul Sumner
    I was using Hide All IP and they returned speeds similar to my normal IP but they do not support Android devices. However I have also just tried to install NordVPN on my Android 5.1.1 Samsung Galaxy S6 and could not work it out!

    Have you tried our software application or OpenVPN connection?

    Paul Sumner
    I tried to but I could not work out how to download the profile. I am not too concerned at the moment with the Android as I need a reliable VPN first!
    I have connected to the German #5 server but only get 0.53mbs! This is unacceptable. Please refund my money.
    I am very disappointed as I had heard good things about NordVPN but obviously not tthe truth!

    Alright Paul. You will receive a refund within 1-2 business days.

    Paul Sumner
    Please refund it immediately! I paid immediately You do not need me flaming you

    Well, the process will take 1-2 days, please be patient, there is nothing we can do about it.

    Paul Sumner
    Bullshit I will revoke the Paypal payment!! Bad reviews coming your way!!

    • jessy_james

      You definitely have no clue how VPN works, do you? Have you heard about AES-256 encryption? 6Mbps is a terrible speed and 4 Mbps is normal speed drop when using VPN. I have 50 Mbps, with VPN i get about 40 – 45 Mbps with servers close to my location and it’s normal.

    • So basically support tried to help you and you were an absolute dick about it.
      “I tried to but I could not work out how to download the profile” – this sentence demonstrates you are not qualified to use VPN

  12. this Paul Sumner is soooo dumb that’s insane

  13. NordVPN actually does keep logs, only for a week supposedly but you are logged.

  14. My experience is really bad: yesterday I bought a monthly subscription then when I was able to download the Windows client I realized that there were problems because I cannot install correctly the program and then when installed I could not run it.
    Thus, a time I wrote to customer service after buying the service to get a refund of the money: their after checking that I insisted on a refund have stopped answering

  15. NordVPN sucks… Instead I use Hide My IP. At such competitive cost ($2.95/mo) user gets Smart DNS Proxy service and full access to all IPs in over 90 cities worldwide.

  16. Wow some of these comments are so dumb and inaccurate :)))

    In my experience with NordVPN, started yesterday, it is working perfectly. I am even able to watch US Netflix and BBC from UK while currently in Sicily. Also I am able of getting 40Mbps speed with my 50Mbps connection and watching my streams in HD no worries. Waiting for Euro16 to start now!

    • Little Snake

      well initially it looks like comments are about two different services – some very positive and some extremely negative.
      But imho boths sides are right. I am old Nordvpn user. And they really had a lot of tech issues ~ 6 months ago. I was even considering to change VPN provider. But they had several serious updates and looks like now everything works well.
      Speed is decent, and US netflix + UK BBC works well.

  17. I am very old NordVPN user. And like this service. I believe people can say NordVPN is bad only if they have no experience with any other services. But if you compare, you will see that NordVPN is really good.
    I also had HideMyass and PIA and they were much worse. Hidemyass is terrible slow, all servers. And i do not think it is safe, because it keeps logs. And Private Internet Access was constantly crashing and just few servers were quick enough.

  18. I like NordVPN. Service is very stable, works with Netflix, doesnt log our activies. And price is good in comparison with most of big players.

  19. HideMyAss is usually the first Windows based vpn service someone subscribes to, and I only did cos they had a 6 month special if you subcribed during the week of christmas to new eves back in 2011 or such.

    NordVPN is great in Linux, although not all servers connect using UDP, is not based in a 14 eyes country, uses additional TLS and encryption is 4096 bit.

    It only blows a bit in Windows because the /config subdirectory of at least Win7 x64 Ultimate the last windows I am going to have a dual boot with, when it dies sometimes in 2019, I’ll run a VM to play games I can”t play in Lnux) only allows for 50 .ovpn files in the folder (OpenVPN itself tells me so). So I try to fallback to the NordVPN windows program and it sucks, although it lets me choose all and any servers, it doesn’t succeed in connecting to one at all, this bubble appears in the systray and tells me it can’t connect and verify my network adapters.I have two, one old pci card and the onboard one, all drivers are the most recent and I downloaded that file to at least to able to connect L2TP/IPSec and the guide doesnt tell me at all where to put that, so,when I’m in win7, I use he openvpn systray icon and connect to the 50 servers I kept there, was a drag to delete so many files and be cautious to keep the ones I wanna keep.

  20. NordVPN is awesome in Linux. I recommend putting some work into setting it up, though. Personally, I developed a script that parses every .ovpn files and creates the firewall rules for ufw. I deny everything but on tun0 and to vpn servers on specific ports. Also, I store usernames and passwords into the Login keyring and have a python script run when I drag & drop an .ovpn file on a desktop launcher. If you want it to go, put all that into a custom password-protected live cd (check out Systemback) to run it into a VM or to boot it on any machine. All I ever have to do is drag & drop a file to get connected and there are no chances of a leak. Their tutorial is not quite complete enough to ensure that you will not have DNS leaks if you are not using the network manager so beware of that. Use parameters –up and –down to run /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf.

    Happy private browsing

  21. I am going to chip in here. I have experience with several vpn’s and web security is my daily bread (I am a mathematician – B Math among other creds) and web security is part of my core work.

    I use NordVPN and overall am very satisfied with them. I do agree that depending on the server chosen, the encryption channel and latency will result in slower download speeds. So one should make certain one chooses a server optimized for the type of viewing or downloading one is doing. They offer a plethora of choices, including high speed video, peer to peer, Tor over VPN and double vpn, which together with tor can be very effective choices.

    We have a business partner in china, and most vpn fail miserably for him. Beijing area is one of the worst as the chinese govt concentrates very heavily on finding and blocking known vpn ip. Nordvpn has done a pretty good job in this respect as most of the time a connection is possible. Outside Beijing its always 100%. Many of the other vpn tried are 0%.

    I think Nord has made some good servoce strides in the last 18 months. It had many less choices, and speeds were lower, in 2013-2015. I think as they were having issues with the bandwidth their security protocols required, and optimizing for such.

    The thing about most vpns to remember is the majority of “servers” are usually just leased vps. This presents a security risk in itself such usually the vps host has full access to the logs, even if logging is turned off.

    Furthermore vps servers typically are limited in memory, and max conntraks so as the number of sessions on the vps rises, performance degrades.

    As well, known vpn ips are often under ddos attack. Mitigation is both by way of inline and remote ddos protection, but both will add to loading, and download times. Good vpn services are usually having to refresh (ie replace) many of their ip frequently, sometimes even weekly in order to keep the conduit open and prime speed.

    As someone above suggested, one way to go about a vpn is to get a vps, and install openssl (and some other things as well). But getting a vps completely anonymously, and knowing how to maintain it (and actually stop logging by the isp which you cannot see at the vps level) is not easy to do.

    We have tested more vpn services then I personally care to count. Of them, I recommend NordVPN at this time. I don’t think any is perfect, but Nord is certainly one of the best in every respect.

    A few thoughts…….

  22. Worst VPN provider I’ve ever used. I wonder, why the hell is it one place above PIA in that biased chart? What sense makes it, to have a VPN service, which leaks IPv6 address(They did not even think to warn their customers about such a big issue), is slow, has constant disconnects or does not connect to many of their servers at all, did not bother to create android app for a loooong time, while most VPN providers covered almost all platforms, killswitch was not working in 90% of cases. And finally, as the android app came out, it was pathetic. No connects, disconnects, long connection times, no server search function, but the list of servers was very very long, and you had to scroll and scroll and scroll… Their developer should be ashamed of his, her or its creation. Looked like someone was learning android development on that project.
    But I was really pissed off as their support suggested to root my phone and disable IPv6 on my phone, when I confronted them with IPv6 address leakage. Somehow, others managed to handle this issue without involving a customer. I used them for an year, without knowing, that my IP is visible to anyone. Lesson learned.

  23. My experience with Nordvpn was horrible, problems with billing inaccuracy, killing my service when I was paid up.Wild Speed fluctuations, crazy disconnections, spent a lot of time with tech/chatting. I do not recommend.

  24. for me Nordvpn works perfect, only issue in linux with open vpn is disconecting after sertain amount of time.
    android app looks to be unstable because of rapidly and often disconnects. unblocking netflix don’t works for me from inside eu…support unable to solve problem for me.have 1 year subscription and i after it i change if it don’t gets better.

  25. amazing service when you find the right server. automatically connects you to appropriate server when torrent activity is detected – wonderful!

    great for privacy and speed – highly recommended

  26. I subscribed but the service is very bad, connections fails often and when connected it is not stable and often very slow

  27. Found a working couponcode for 70% discount on year subscription:


  28. I HATE that people reccomended NordVPN. They have the WORST idiotic techs and none of their products work!

  29. If you sign up, you can’t cancel your account yourself. I asked them to cancel mine and they went on charging me weeks later. I am so ticked, I should report it as fraud.

  30. I’ve been using NordVPN for about 2 years now, NOT a single issue.
    Speeds are just fine if you understand the obvious lag connecting from the states to EU/Asia countries. On a 100Mb connection i get ~40-60Mb steady with most EU countries and ~80Mb for CA/US endpoints.

    One thing is i never tried is using their client, i am just using their provided .ovpn files for ubuntu.
    I would assume most of the issues encountered by other users are client related.

  31. In 2017 is it good enough. All countries working well. No disconnections. Very reliable. I’m happy with it.

  32. No disconnections or speed drops, the reduce is just around 5% what is really good, i reach near my ISP speed, the review seems to be a little old, because apps are looking different now and more attractive. So far no issues

  33. someone who knows

    Guys, please read full truth. These guys at NordVPN are bunch of jokers, but first things first. 1. Everything is based in Lithuania, main office, all tech guys, all development is done in Vilnius, Lithuanian office. NordVPN is just a cover brand, original name of the company is Tesonet. 2. Guys, do you really believe that company which operates under EU law wont review anything about you ? IT IS THE LAW TO KEEP LOGS OF AT LEAST 6 MONTHS, if you still don’t believe ask yourself a question: what happens if business will face ultimate challenge, review info about a customer or face big penalties, management prosecution or even business shutdown by not complying with law? Do you really think that nordvpn or any other vpn company will go that far to protect someone who spent 10$ for them ? Please don’t say that I’m wrong and you are that stupid! IF you do shit by using such joke services to mask your ass, well, to be honest you don’t have any remorse me.

    • To someone who doesn't know shit

      1. Proof?
      2. Even if you’re right: have you heard about offshore companies? Do you have any idea how they work? Read. Or the idea that 10 minutes in wikifuckinpedia will enlighten you, frighten you?
      3. I know people that did very shady stuff with the service. They would definitely get arrested if the data on their servers is being logged. But they aren’t. NordVPN would definitely be out of business if such event is brought to daylight. But they aren’t. And they are operating for years.

  34. Joe Bob Briggs

    I agree with many of the commentators who complain about this service. It is a very poor product. You can verify the poor performance at http://www.speedtest.net. Also the frequent disconnects and failure to connect. Not keeping logs is good but there are now many VPN providers who do this. Don’t bother with these folks, checkout restoreprivacy.com for a better set of offerings.

  35. First of all – it’s very outdated review. NordVPN have 1100+ servers in 60+ countries and it works perfectly. High speeds doing all activities – torrenting, browsing and streaming. Definitely give a try as they provide 30 days money back guarantee

  36. Between March and May this service was very good. June rolled around and something changed, the servers would just kill the data stream while remaining connected. sometimes it would take hours, other times minutes. some days the service is unusable as the loss of data stream would be so frequent nothing was usable. I have a ticket with Nord over 120 entries long, all I get is continuous change of techs who do not read the thread and request what has already been done. the replies from tech are now averaging over a week. between friends and family whom I recommended Nord to, 9 in all, we are all experiencing the same problem. this ranges from Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Ontario, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, and West Virginia, and all but one have open tickets, Nord says I’m the only one with this problem.

    Really?? even when I send them the ticket numbers of the others they insist I’m the only one. I got a 3 day trial with HMA 2 weeks ago and did not have a single loss of the data stream. same with IPVanish last week, so the problem is with Nord AFAIC. Nord does not the will, or expertise to fix this and last week refused to refund the unused part of the 2 years I paid for. they have no phone number and refuse to call, so you are stuck with chats which lead to a waste of time, and their ticket system which they reply to when someone else in their tech team decides to reply (11 to date).

    I have access to 3 different isp services and public wifi, the data stream dies on all, and on all my devices, pc, ipad, iphone, android phone, android box, and xbox.

    I have been with 7 different VPN providers over the years, this one has to be the worst so far. I chose nord because they are away from the 14 eyes, and the 1 month I took before signing up for 2 years was flawless.

  37. No instructions to install on a TP-Link 5400 router for OpenVPN. The free 3 day offer works on my iPhone and was easy to set up. The rep did say that only openVPN will be used in the future and only the “old servers” will work with PPTP, as they update the servers.

  38. Lol, this review is pretty old. The app doesn’t even look like this any longer. Still I think review still sort of holds up – it is obvious that its provided security and bonus features (extensions, cyber-sec, specialty servers…) are the main selling point. However speeds have improved vastly in last year or so (have been customer for two). Number of servers more than doubled – you should check it out.

    • privacyissues.online

      @Ross i have to agree that vpn providers in general are moving forward and their services are more stable and faster.Lets see what the future hold for our privacy.

  39. If you want your personal data to be secure as much as it could be – Nord is the answer. I think they’re one of the few who for sure doesn’t keep any logs.

  40. I am a recent subscriber so I dont really have an opinion on what is good or not. Seems to work fine and as much as I dont know much about any of this a double VPN + TOR has to be good right?

    My concern is for lack of a better option I paid with my credit card. Should I be concerned? I could cancel account and get a refund although the damage is done probably

  41. colorsoftherainbow

    i’m using nordvpn for a year, and i can’t deny that connection speeds is far way better than in the beginning. and it has a strictly no logs policy, a perfect option for anyone who uses public wifi often.

  42. I’ve got a totally different experience with the support team of Nord from the one Tony had. I contacted them probably a week ago to get some guidance on how to set it up on fire stick. The person who assisted me was really professional and we got it working in about 5mins (I spent two hours on my own and couldn’t figure it out).

  43. I find it impossible to connect to Chromebook , reason I bought a subscription was because it claimed it would work with it, hahaha for that spill. My subscription is about out, so goodbye Nordvpn no more money from me.

  44. I am Nordvpn client for a long time now, I guess about 5 years almost. A lot of things have changed during all these years. The app design now looks more simple, the speed improved a lot, and it has 5000+ servers in 60+ countries, which means there are no problems with speed drops when doing something online.

  45. Using Nordvpn for 3-4 years now.

    I’ve used it without incident for quite some time with Lubuntu;
    Granted it takes so long doing the monotonous complicated task of establishing a connection to every server; unknowing whether or not it will be of sufficient speed or not.

    With the linux operating system (Lubuntu) whenever the connection failed, which was quite often, I never had any DNS leaks.
    I was on my 9th strike out of 10 with the ISP that rhymes with suddenbink.

    A VPN that has no issue dropping out and getting my internet shut off is essential!

    Please someone help me choose!
    Just reply or make a comment bellow this, please!

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