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Sorting Through the Dread & Olympus Drama

Update: Yesterday DeepDotWeb was contacted by both HugBunter and Olympus market and was able them to get them to contact each other to try and sort the issues between them, Olympus market admins apologized for this incident and hurting the whole DNM community and assured this will be sorted,  Hugbunter confired he talked to them and will be relaunching soon with a new design (pictures will be updated into this article within few hours)

Update 2: Olympus admins requested to add: A day ago we were approached by someone who claimed to be close to HugBunter who offered us Dread’s source code and the onion private key. We made a mistake by accepting that offer.

We never had intentions to hurt the community, but we ended up affecting the DNM community because of personal matters between us and HugBunter. We apologize for the wrong we did. We can assure anynoe we haven’t stolen any personal information or published anything about anyone. As of this writing all data we have been handed out was permanently deleted by our end.

We remind you that as a market we never scammed anyone, nor customers or vendors, and we’ve always paid our dues in time. Us and HugBunter have sorted out our problems and these events are already behind us. We look forward to serving the community in the years to come and to working with HugBunter to better the DNM community together.

Dread, a hidden service that thousands of Reddit users flocked to after the death of the darknetmarkets subreddit, started unexpectedly redirecting users to an address owned by Olympus Market. This surprised not only thousands of users of the Reddit-like discussion board, but also the site’s owner. The creator of Dread, HugBunter, said that things had finally started to settle down until he discovered that something had gone horribly wrong. Olympus Market claimed they had hacked Dread and that the owner had previously owned a darknet market that exit scammed many months ago.

Not everybody likes HugBunter. Not everybody trusts the anonymous pentester known for exposing flaws various darknet markets. HugBunter was known for that. But in addition to running a massive discussion board on the darknet where free speech is promoted, HugBunter offered marketplace security penetration tests. Markets could pay for a report on what they needed to fix in order to prevent a bad actor or law enforcement agency from maliciously accessing their servers. So, when Olympus Market announced they had hacked Dread—a site owned and created by a security professional—did community members believe the announcement?

Not for long. Something undeniably awful had happened to Dread’s servers, but that undeniably awful thing did not match the story conveyed by Olympus Market. Dread got compromised. Hands down. Even HugBunter admitted he had made a massive mistake. Olympus’s announcement used the phrase “we hacked Dread” in nearly every paragraph. In a sense, maybe that phrase was accurately used. But they did not hack Dread in the sense the Olympus admin wanted to convey. Instead, Olympus bought server access from one of HugBunter’s admins for an amount that has not yet been made public. They bought the private key to the Dread onion address, the Dread source code, and Dread’s database.

When the bigger markets fell to Europol and the FBI, smaller markets rushed to fill the void. Olympus entered the scene after the majority of those marketplaces. They tried hard to become one of the ‘real’ markets. Not long ago, Olympus posted celebratory messages about being added to the DeepDotWeb darknet market list (and in response to their behavior—as of this post—they have been removed from the list). When the subreddit bans started, Olympus pushed their forums as an alternative communication platform. HugBunter, a self-described “neutral entity regarding markets,” proposed Dread. Olympus used constant vote manipulation to highlight posts about their forums and downvote posts about Dread.

Prior to the full adoption of Dread by former Reddit users, Olympus reached out to HugBunter and asked to be listed on Dread. HugBunter told Olympus he would add them once he got around to updating his onion link list. When the Reddit bannhammers struck in full force, HugBunter still had not gotten around to adding Olympus. Olympus shilled even harder on the /r/darknetmarketsneoobs subreddit. They vote manipulated and made sure to keep Dread posts downvoted and Olympus forum posts upvoted.

Dread implemented marketplace advertisements to help pay the bills. Olympus started publicly calling HugBunter a scammer. They started flooding rumors about HugBunter’s alleged affiliation with every known and unknown market. One of their main justifications for “hacking Dread,” in their words, came from the fact that HugBunter owed the community “crypto worth of over $1 million dollars stolen.” HugBunter is and likely always will be a neutral party. So, roughly one week before the shit hit the fan, HugBunter created a fake account on Olympus to test how far the market would go.

He pretended to be a rogue member of HugBunter’s staff. Long story short, fake HugBunter offered to sell Olympus a service where he could “moderate” posts on Dread about Olympus. Deleting posts that painted them in a negative light, etc. They, in turn, asked the “disgruntled employee “ for server access and offered $50,000 for access to the server (Later they confirmed privately they paid 10k). This message has been seen and confirmed by the DNMAvengers Administrator, by former TradeTroude Customer Service Admin SamCulper, and by DarknetMarkets mod Wombat2Combat. HugBunter gave them the credentials to the account on Olympus and they saw the messages between fake HugBunter and Olympus. Olympus was admittedly suspicious, but they still offered $50,000 for server access, but since the “disgruntled Dread employee” only had limited access, Olympus offered to pay a weekly fee for the dishonest post manipulation.

HugBunter admitted that his ruse may have pushed Olympus to reach out to his partner to arrange the same kind of deal. According to HugBunter, Olympus paid $10,000 for the Dread private key, source code, and database. HugBunter had not carelessly given out his private key or access to his server either. His partner was more than a hired developer. He referred to him as “a trusted partner” and “like a brother.” For a measly $10,000, HugBunter’s partner sold everything to Olympus. They had their one day of fun; they redirected the site to their own forums and talked about the vulnerability in Dread’s platform they had exploited. Their time has passed.

HugBunter is working on rebuilding. He says the worst part about the whole ordeal was losing his memorable onion address. He does not want vengeance on Olympus. In fact, he wants to avoid drama. He is also still working on vendor shops. Olympus claimed he scammed vendors by failing to provide their customs shops, but HugBunter has said vendors would “either be refunded or I can set their site up still.”


  1. Now Olympus is down too. What, did they exit scam or something?

    • GOO

      They’re back up now but not fully yet. Their forums are showing a server error at the moment. Looks like they got hit in retaliation for what they did to Dread, which was extreme and unnecessary for Olympus to do IMO. Not good for their image and future growth, as they’ve alienated a lot of DNM users doing that.

      • BUDDY

        I agree. I think their move here with Dread ultimately fucked them. Now a large number of loyal dark net users are pissed and don’t trust Olympus at all. It’s impossible to see how their taking down of Dread helps them in any way. It just hurts them.

        Olympus Market is a good example of a technically good market completely marred by shit PR, annoying vendor and forum policies, and a retarded admin. If they just had an ounce of brains and discipline, they could’ve worked their way to the #1 or #2 market spot. But now they threw all that away in a completely avoidable battle with HugBunter, who tried repeatedly to make peace with them, but was ultimately ignored by them. Whether they’ll come back from this or not remains to be seen, but I’m not too hopeful right now based on how it’s looking. A lot of people are really, really pissed at Olympus over them hitting Dread like that.


    There down because i took them down, What comes around goes around!

    Yo olympus, Don’t fuck with forums and not expect to not get fucked back with.

    Yours, Fatherted :P


  3. The one day I decide to sleep instead of jumping on Tor and I miss all the drama. Go figure.

  4. {link removed} ( clearnet link )

    Just use one of the alternative links. They are working fine for me. However, forum is closed right now i guess for maintenance and reviewing the situation and perhaps start a new life with good PR-team as the admin himself gets triggered way too easily.

    I still love OlympusMarket because of their easy to use interface and supper fast and friendly support. That’s why I am still going to browse on OlympusMarket but what they did to Dread is not acceptable without any apology from admins even if Hug isn’t any better. Both sides did major mistakes and I hope the community will stay together somehow and learn from this once again.

    Have a nice day !

    • Agreed. I don’t think Olympus Market is inherently bad in itself. In fact, I’ll even say they had a lot of potential considering the current state of the DNMs. It’s just how their admins handle a lot of things and how they chose to deal with the Dread situation that led to this point, where they are essentially being isolated. It’s mostly their fault too. The Dread “hacking” was completely unnecessary and it all could’ve been avoided.

      If only Olympus had better PR and the admin not acted like a child in his responses on Dread, most of this would’ve been resolved awhile ago. HugBunter, for whatever flaws he may have had, did repeatedly try to reach out to Olympus and make things right, but the Olympus admin kept knocking it all back into his face for stupid reasons. It’s almost like he was trying to start a fight with him and Dread from the beginning.

      • Pussy$natcher

        Same here I will contiune to use Olympus as my favorite vendors are there. I think the admin should hire a PR guy and keep his ass off the forums. He gets raged to easy. He should stick to doing support inwhich he is great at. He should aplogize and move on. The market will contiune to do well as long as support keeps protecting the buyers the way they do. And for the love of God stay off the damn forums Admin.

        • Yea the Olympus admin needs to step off forums like Dread and instead let a dedicated PR guy do it instead. He sucks at defending his market and sounds like a pissy child when he tries to do it. On Dread there were several times where he could’ve made good points and defused the situation, but he just didn’t and made himself and his market look bad.

          Olympus isn’t even a bad market per se. I’ll even say it’s a pretty cool one that looks nice. The problem is that their forums are too censored, their vendor policies aren’t the best out there, and their PR is absolute shit. All of that is fixable, but the admin needs to stop getting triggered and raged up every time somebody criticizes one of his poor decisions.

  5. I dont condone what Olympus did, but hug most defintely did scam. And have we really forgotten that hug used to attack and hack sites all the time for profit and amusement. Hug bunter has never been a good guy, I do not know where people have gotten this idea.

    But more tha anything I know that hug is scamming because he scammed me out of $1000. He refused to answer any messages for almost a month. And no he says he is going to repay people, but if he was going to do that dont you think he would have left an email for people to contact? No, he didnt anywhere because he wants to get away with it. There have even been 2 vendors so far that said he threatened them with doxxing (I could have sworn he did that in the past too on reddit) and other things, so now I am worried about even calling him out by name. I will think about it.

    But dont be naive guys, use your heads on this.

    • HugBunter

      Hash: SHA512

      Ok, lets call you out on this bullshit.

      I have never taken a single market down for any profit or amusement. I am a security researcher and if I find vulnerabilities in a market, the situation is assessed. If they are minor they we immediately be reported to their Admins to be fixed. If they are major and the market doesn’t have any/much coin on the server, or it isn’t established at all I will take the market down. Any coin that was there will be attempted to be returned to the user it belonged too via PGP verification or it was donated to Tor project. If the market is established, I would not harm users by making them forfeit their money as I take the market down, so will instead make the market aware and hopefully they secure it enough to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

      You obviously did not pay 1000$ to me, because there are no services available where you would have paid that amount, other than Dread ad services. Anyone who paid for Ad services received their ad.

      Clearly, you are not aware of anything I have done in the past and are spreading FUD for one reason or another.

      Everyone who needed to contact me could have over Reddit and my jabber address has been openly available to add since I launched Dread. No one has been scammed, I have never black mailed anyone, never requested bug bounty rewards and definitely never attempted to/threatened to doxx anyone. If someone believes I have tried to doxx them, it is a troll account, not me. Until you see actual evidence of this, in the form of a signed message from my key, don’t believe the continuous flow of FUD. In your case, you are spreading it though as you haven’t paid for any service.


      • FatherTed


        LOL :D Who are you trying to kid PP ( aka plundering pete, star, fuckin list goes on and on )

        So you never tried to dox me? You were not the owner of doxbin? You didn’t make onionland and give it to that fool aediot whom is also dox people..

        You’re more of a scam artist than i am, Least i will admit it. I may have scammed and took down multiple forums/markets for coin but out of the 1000’s of customer addresses i had from sr1/2,evo,sheep,black bank,outlaw etc.. I never once doxxed them.

        You on the other hand doxxed 3 people i know of, Heck when i took your shitty forums offline last year you doxxed ron as she was a friend of mine it was your only option to prevent me to stop so as you would stop spreading the dox ya scumbag!

        Anyone with some IT experience can use kali or whatnot and metasploit a server to find vuls, You would swear your some next gen hacker but your just a lowlife skidddddd :P


      • hugbunter is a scammer

        Where are the vendor shops or money at hugbunter? u are scammer that just took peoples money. its been over 7 weeks now since u have been paid to create the shop and u have give me nothing. FUCK YOU and DREAD u scammer.

  6. Hugbunter is scammer and blackmailer. He also snitches to LE when his blackmail fails.

  7. Yall need Jesus.

  8. I think this article is a bit biased deepdotweb. Why didnt you post all the screen shots of the conversations? if you want to read the whole thing then go to olympus forum and read it all. cleary they are 2 differnet support people in that chat talking. Post the entire converstaion as this is just like the fake new meida.

  9. hugbunter sold ya’ll out for 10k. he didnt get fucked over by anyone, he took the easy money. 10k for a forum, who wouldnt sell it.

  10. if huntbunter wants to prove he’s legit he should just release sources…

  11. hugbunter sold his own source code/db to have cover for his exit scam. deepdotweb got played

  12. you’re all shills

  13. God I love this community. I know this was months ago, but I just got 15 solid mins of entertainment.

    “yall need jesus”


  14. where do we find the new link? i had bitcoin on Olympus :(

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