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San Pierre Brothers Face Jail for Buying Darknet Drugs

Two San Pierre brothers who have been under police investigation since June 2016 for drug trafficking on the darknet were on Thursday arraigned in court for sentencing. The two had been suspected of running a drug import network. They were busted after a thorough postal parcel search led by the Customs department pointed fingers toward their guilt. Drugs were eventually found at their residence, where a warranted search and seizure ensued.

The trial was held on Thursday after two years of court proceedings. This is after their respective roles in the criminal activity were identified by the court. The younger 26-year old brother is said to have received a package of drugs that apparently didn’t belong to him.

Yet, after another search in his room, 14 grams of marijuana was found. Therefore, he was charged for using illegal drugs. His package also contained 100 grams of MDMA in the form of ecstasy as well as 100 grams of hashish. The 26 year old was therefore enjoined in the case as a beneficiary and possible accomplice.

The police arrested his elder 29 year old brother immediately. They termed him as an addict and dark web drug trafficker who ordered his packages from the deep web. He ordered his products via his parent’s address and thus, they were received at their home although he lived elsewhere.

According to a report by local media, he admitted before the court that he had ordered the substances several times over for his personal consumption. However, he sold some of the remaining products to help in financing his oncoming supplies.

The 29-year old now faces sentencing but will remain in custody for all long as it takes. He has served already 6 months. One of the things that grabbed the attention of the court was the young man’s profile. He became addicted to drugs when he was only 14 years old. Then, he went into a ‘self-destructive spiral’ with hard narcotics such as cocaine and heroin.

After his first arrest, he rejoined his family with the hope of getting along with his parents and teachers. He received funding to start a company so that he’d get his life back on track. However, the lad fell in love with a prostitute and plunged into addiction and trafficking. He said he always tried to get out of the situation but he needed the money.

During the investigation, the police found out that the online drug trade was well organized and secretive. In this particular deal, the officers realized that during the transactions, the supplier often used code names such as ‘Hashley’ and ‘Caroline’ for Hashish and Cocaine respectively. Law enforcement termed this as part of a procuring deal.

Conversely, the man denied the claims saying that these were the names of prostitutes who formed part of his contacts, not drugs. The court did not hold this against him as the jury did not find the question worthwhile to the proceedings. The judges showed some mildness with regard to the two sons of a ‘good family’.

In the case, the defendant lawyers – Bruno Raffi and Mickael Nativel – believed that the drug case should be put behind the boys. They stressed that the two accused brothers now had respectable jobs in the society that had been funded by their parents.

The prosecution demanded that a fine of 1,500 euros and 1,000 for the junior brother be enforced. The office of public prosecution went ahead to propose sentence of 3 years imprisonment, 18 months suspended and without filing a warrant as well as 3 years of probation. The custom department side claimed over 13,000 euros for the untaxed illegal drug packages. The court resumes on June 21st when it will make the final ruling.

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