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German Police Arrest Two Suspected Darknet Dealers

In the town of Bad Nauheim in the Hesse state of Germany, narcotics officers with the Wetterau Criminal Police Department arrested two suspected darknet drug dealers they had been investigating for several months. Investigators had opened an investigation into the couple for suspected darknet drug distribution. The investigation paid off during the execution of an apartment search; the police uncovered significant caches of illegal substances, Bitcoin, and evidence the couple had been selling drugs on the darknet.

According to an announcement from the Wetterau Criminal Police Department spokesperson Sylvia French and Prosecutor Rouven Spieler, a 36-year-old and his 44-year-old partner had been living in Bad Nauheim for an extended period of time without employment of any sort. The narcotics investigators searched the 44-year-old’s apartment in “the heart of Bad Nauheim” that resulted in immediate arrest interrogations.

The spokesperson did not mention search of the man’s residence or clarify if he had even had a residence of his own. The apartment that yielded the piles of evidence allegedly belonged solely to the 44-year-old but he may have lived there alongside her without having his name on any paperwork.

The announcement also neglected to cover the most important details of the case—for those who follow darknet-related news, at least. Aside from the fact that both had been maintaining some sort of lifestyle far above the means authorities found realistic for two people with no history of employment in the town. Although package seizures were not outlined in any descriptive manner, the announcement did vaguely send a message that indicated the arrests were connected to package interceptions possibly connected to another darknet drug investigation.

Time and resources spent by authorities in an effort to collect enough evidence to secure the recently executed search warrant and provisional arrest warrants proved worthwhile. The woman’s apartment contained 55 grams of hashish; 35 grams of MDMA; almost 300 ecstasy pills; 150 grams of methamphetamine; and 15 grams of cocaine. As if the large stockpile of illegal substances lacked the weight to send the duo to jail under drug trafficking charges, the police also discovered several burner phones; materials used in bulk shipping operations; unused mail packages (none prepared in advance); computers that have not yet been fully scanned; and several cryptocurrencies in various quantities. They had more than 50,000 euros worth of bitcoin for instance.

Police brought both suspects back to the police headquarters for interrogation and questioning. The interrogations proved exhaustive as well; authorities had not slipped a beat in the investigation into the alleged dealers. The announcement explicitly slipped over what had happened during the questioning. It is unclear if the suspects confessed or denied the drug charges they faced: trafficking narcotics in large quantities and violating Germany’s Medication Law.

Due to an apparent “lack of grounds” for keeping the duo behind bars during the remainder of the police set both suspects free. For now.


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