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Indonesia Man Arrested for Buying Liquid Cannabis via the Darknet

A resident of South Tangerang has been arrested for buying liquid cannabis over a dark web market site. The 28-year-old, whose name is only listed as ‘AD,’ bought the drugs using cryptocurrency and arranged to ship them to Indonesia from the U.S. through mail services.

When the package reached the Customs Office, administrators noticed it contained wet tissues weighing a total of 7.2g and suspected it contained drugs. After running a couple of tests, lab technicians reported that the tissues were dampened with Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as liquid cannabis.

Their findings were communicated to the South Tangerang National Narcotics Agency (BNN), who then followed the address listed on the package to locate the suspect and apprehend him. The BNN head of Banten Province, General Tantan Sulistyana, stated that the seizure of the illegal drugs was a great achievement of the partnership between them and the Customs Office located at the Pasar Baru postal office.

The police report says that AD came to know about the liquid cannabis some time ago while he was working and living in the Philippines. Later, he decided to order the drugs so that he could mix them with vapour and sell them in Serpong. The mixture would have made him more profit than selling it in pure cigarettes.

This is among the rising number of cases involving drug delivery via postal services. This has become a common method to use as law enforcement resources are few and widely stretched, making it difficult for them to pursue small drug packages being shipped through the mail.

In the case of AD, risk matrixes were used to check his package. A warning was raised once the equipment detected vapours coming out of the package.

Most of the other drug shipments have gone unnoticed since they do not produce vapours or do not contain cannabis, which means that it is impossible for them to be detected by the risk matrixes. Many postal delivery services lack these and other equipment to help them identify mail containing illegal items. These include X-ray machines, explosive detectors, and sniffer dogs. In places where they are present, they are mostly used to track down large amounts of drugs worth huge amounts of money.

Postal services also do not have the authority to open any mail, and instead, they are expected to contact relevant authorities in case they suspect something amiss. Illegal mail also slips easily across borders as it is not thoroughly inspected at the post office. This is due to the assumption that the immigration department had already done this.

Handwritten international mail also warrants inspection by authorities. This is because most international mails are commercial and are therefore posted in typed addresses. Handwritten addresses mostly originate from international drug traffickers who use mail services to deliver their products to their customers.

Authorities state that the BNN and customs officer partnership will continue to put efforts to seize illegal shipments and bring the offenders to justice. They are also sourcing out more equipment for surveillance and detection of mail containing illicit items.

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