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Man from Miami Beach Apprehended for Unlawful Exchange of Bitcoin for Cash

A web designer from Miami Beach is facing prosecution in the Third District Court for selling bitcoin to Ricardo Arias, an undercover detective. Michell Espinoza, aged 35, was charged with taking part in illegal transmitting and laundering of bitcoin worth $1,500. Detectives began to pursue Espinoza in 2014 when he was advertising himself as a bitcoin seller through the crypto-exchange ... Read More »


What do young people think of the dark web? A survey

The dark web represents parts of the internet that can be only accessed via special software, such as the Tor browser bundle. The anonymity offered via the dark web has helped many forms of illegal activities flourish on these darker parts of the internet. However, the dark web also hosts many forms of legal activities, especially related to helping whistleblowers ... Read More »

Bulgarian Cryptocurrency Exchange Firm Owner to Be Extradited to the US

The owner of RGCoins, a Bulgarian crypto exchange firm, is to be extradited to the US following a ruling by the court of appeal. The cryptocurrency exchange firm, whose operations targeted clients from Eastern-European countries, was shut down shortly after the court of appeal confirmed the extradition decision. Rosen Yosifov is facing extradition to the US following a formal request ... Read More »

Four Ukrainians Who Ran xDedic Arrested and the Site Taken Down

An international multiagency operation resulted in the takedown of xDedic, a darknet store dedicated to the sale and purchase of access to hacked servers from all over the world. The takedown was marked by the arrest of four Ukrainians believed to be the administrators of the online store and the seizure of xDedic’s domain and servers in Belgium and Ukraine. ... Read More »

Scotland Man Jailed for Buying Firearm on the Dark Web

Police recently apprehended a 48-year-old male citizen of Scotland for buying a Glock 9mm handgun from the dark web. Loner David Mitchell has been repeatedly questioned by detectives, but he refused to tell them his motive behind the purchase of the weapons. Mitchell went on a darknet market site and made a deal with a vendor who sold the weapons ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 13.2.2019

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 12.2.2019 By Tamer Sameeh Bitcoin price began recovering during the second half of last week, recording a week high of $3,800 on Friday. After dropping down to a week low of $3,405 on Wednesday, a new bullish wave was ignited, pushing bitcoin price upwards to break through the resistance around $3,600. The week low was ... Read More »

German Darknet Drug Dealer Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

A software engineer from Geldern, Germany, was sentenced to seven years in prison after he was found guilty of darknet drug trafficking. The 37-year-old man had told the court that he engaged in the illicit sale of drugs to help his cousin. In passing the sentence, the court determined that the man sold cannabis and its products through the darknet ... Read More »

Rancho Cordova Nurse Arrested for Plot to Sell Opioids over the Darknet

Federal agents have arrested a female nurse from Rancho Cordova, California, for selling prescription opioids on the dark web. Carrie Alaine Markis ran an online pharmacy, known as Farmacy41, where she sold over 20,000 opioid pills to people all over the country. According to evidence shared in court, Markis communicated with her customers online through private messages. She informed them ... Read More »

Tacoma Resident Imprisoned for Selling Drugs via the Darknet

A 31-year-old male from Tacoma, Washington, was recently arrested by authorities for trafficking drugs via the dark web, as stated by the U.S. Office of the Attorney. Travis Phillips was identified by the Dutch National Police as a drug trafficker in April 2017, following which further investigations were focused on him. Their efforts began when they discovered Phillips was planning ... Read More »

EU’s Project Against Dark Web Crimes Enters Practical Phase

A research project funded and launched by the European Union in May 2017 to develop technical tools to help law enforcement agencies combat crimes carried out via the darknet using cryptocurrencies has entered its practical phase. On completion in April 2020 and if successful, the project will well equip law enforcement agencies in the fight against all darknet crimes and ... Read More »


Research: Business strategies adopted across darknet marketplaces

Over the past few years, many researchers have attempted to explore darknet marketplaces to analyze this novel form of illegal e-commerce. From an economic point of view, a darknet marketplace, or a crypto market, can be defined as a virtual tripartite market comprised of anonymous vendors, merchandise, and customers. In this context, a crypto market represents a good example of ... Read More »

3 Australian Men Arrested for Importing Drugs from the Darknet

Three Australian men are accused by law enforcement of being part of a drug syndicate that had imported drugs such as ketamine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and MDMA into Australia from foreign vendors who operated on darknet markets. In May of last year, 34 year old Chaim Goldstein was the first of the three accused men to be arrested by law enforcement. ... Read More »


Research: Classifying illegal content on dark web forums

The activities instigated by cybercriminals on the dark web are increasingly becoming one of the most critical issues influencing societies all over the world. The anonymity and privacy offered via the dark web have qualified it as the preferred online environment for a myriad of illegal activities. Cybercriminals are currently using darknets for various forms of illegal activities including illicit ... Read More »