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Research: Classification of attacks on Tor clients and Tor hidden services

Anonymity network protocols were namely developed to protect the privacy of censored online users. Anonymity is accomplished via implanting users’ data in between multiple encryption layers and via forwarding network traffic through a diverse group of proxies and/or relay nodes. Onion networks are by far the most widely used solutions within such context. There are presently several anonymizing network protocols ... Read More »

Multi-Agency Joint Operation Busts a Darknet Drug Trafficking Ring

A multi-agency joint operation consisting of Eurojust, Europol, Dutch and German authorities dismantled a darknet drug trafficking ring that operated from Germany and the Netherlands. The ring was allegedly made up of 13 members, 12 of which were arrested on completion of the operation. According to a Eurojust press release, the ring sold a variety of drugs through the darknet ... Read More »

Op-Ed: The Verge Publishes Clueless Article on end of DNM “Golden-Age” That Never Was

TheVerge.com is a trendy website with a tech news approach akin to the Facebook Group I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE’s approach to science. At publishing time, their website’s front page is reminiscent of an aneurysm, the top story’s headline reading: EMOJI ARE SHOWING UP IN COURT CASES EXPONENTIALLY, AND COURTS AREN’T PREPARED Need I say more? It should come as no ... Read More »

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Research: Tor and the blockchain – Cybercriminals’ unmatchable combination

Law enforcement agencies are currently faced by enormous challenges when having to investigate and analyze a cybercrime. Most of these challenges can be attributed to the wide availability of anonymity browsing software and cryptocurrencies. A recently published paper aims at examining how anonymity browsing software, such as Tor, in combination with cryptocurrencies, pose a great challenge during investigation of a ... Read More »

Research: I2P based anonymous network protocol developed via Rust programming language

With more and more people concerned about their online privacy, anonymous network protocols have been advancing at an amazing rate. However, the levels of privacy of data transmission on public networks still represent the weakest link in the chain of information security. Presently, popular network encryption tools, such as VPNs, utilize a single link network framework. Whenever a node fails ... Read More »


Cryptojacking – Hijacking computational resource for cryptocurrency profits

The year 2017 was definitely “the year of bitcoin” as its value skyrocketed from $900 up to $20,000 during this year. This amazing increase in the value of bitcoin turned speculators and hobbyists into millionaires. The cryptocurrency “gold rush” enticed a large number of people globally to invest not only in bitcoin, but also in hundreds of other cryptocurrencies whose ... Read More »

Netflix Series Star Arrested for Dark Web Drug Trafficking

Law enforcement from Oakland County has announced the arrest of a 21-year-old Michigan resident on the grounds of drug trafficking. Ryan James Zettel was featured in the 2018 Netflix series, Dope, where he claimed to be a drug trafficker operating through the dark web. The graduate of Troy Athens High School appeared on season 2, episode 3 of the Netflix ... Read More »

An overview of bitcoin ransomware attack campaigns

According to a research study conducted by Cybersecurity Ventures in 2017, a business is compromised by a ransomware attack every 40 seconds, and this rate is estimated to increase up to an attack every 14 seconds in 2019. Businesses have been forced to pay cybercriminals up to $1 million within a single ransomware attack, whereas others suffered losses that summed ... Read More »


Research: Forensic analysis of six anonymous internet browsers

Cybercrime has evolved to become a challenging problem during the past few years. Cybercriminals rely on the dark web to sell various hacking and malicious tools on darknet marketplaces including ransomware, DDoS attack tools, Crimeware-as-a-service (CaaS), and others. Users can currently use the Tor browser bundle, with incognito properties, to access the dark web and conduct transactions in darknet marketplaces. ... Read More »


Research: An efficient Tor crawler

The Tor network is by far the most popular darknet, which not only facilitates anonymous browsing, but also hosts a large number of illicit marketplaces, as well as multiple forms of illegal activities. The Tor protocol protects hosted websites, which are known as hidden services, against undesirable tracking and surveillance. The number of Tor based hidden services has been steadily ... Read More »


Research: The Fourth Amendment and darknet drug dealers

The anonymity offered via the Tor network, and other parts of the dark web, has helped the online drug trading business flourish during the past few years. Law enforcement agencies face great challenges in order to monitor and take down dark web drug marketplaces. One of these challenges involves protecting the human rights of potential dark web drug dealers. A ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 17.2.2019

Bitcoin price has been relatively stable last week, ranging between $3,750 and $3,631 throughout the week’s trading sessions. The market’s bulls failed to break through the resistance around $3,778.5, which corresponds to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level. As we stated during last week’s bitcoin price analysis, this resistance level is gaining more strength, especially that it had not been breached ... Read More »

130 Suspects Wanted for Electronic Fraud in Kenya

  Last week, the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) in Kenya sent out photos of 130 people suspected to have engaged in a cyber-attack. The suspects are alleged to have taken part in extensive fraudulent electronic activity and hacking into banking systems. Reports state that some of the criminals involved bank workers who enabled them to execute their activities. This ... Read More »

Indonesia Man Arrested for Buying Liquid Cannabis via the Darknet

A resident of South Tangerang has been arrested for buying liquid cannabis over a dark web market site. The 28-year-old, whose name is only listed as ‘AD,’ bought the drugs using cryptocurrency and arranged to ship them to Indonesia from the U.S. through mail services. When the package reached the Customs Office, administrators noticed it contained wet tissues weighing a ... Read More »