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Seems to have exit scammed – Multisig / Escrow market – Amazon Dark has been designed to mimic the aesthetics and functions of Amazon.

Amazon Dark Has Exit Scammed
  • Amazon Dark Exit Scam reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

It appears that Amazon Dark has exit scammed. Both their onion site and forums have been down for over 48 hours now. No comment from the site aggregators. DeepDotWeb has also marked them as potential exit scammers.

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Scam exit or... ?

Anyone have any news ?
Just a down, or scam exit ?

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Stay away

Discovered this site about a week ago and first two deals went smoothly. Since then all deals have gone south. Amazon Dark is withholding bitcoins and not honoring refunds to buyers or payment to sellers. This has all the telltale signs of a scam. Stay away!

Also, currently the site is down and may not come back up?

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2 Days - No Refund from order cancelled by seller (out of stock)

I had a seller cancel on the Dream Market and my Bitcoins were refunded immediately within seconds. I’ve tried contacting the admin who promises to respond within the hour but it’s been two days.

Never buying from Amazon Dark again.

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I was a vendor on Amazon Dark and just deleted all of my listings due to the fact that admins are stealing my coins. I am warning all other vendors to avoid this market like the plague.

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Amazon stealing vendor coins

They are supposed to directly deposit coins from escrow to your wallet when orders finalize. This does not happen. Admins doesnt answer supt tickets. They are complete thieves and liars. VENDORS stay away from this one unless you like getting fucked twice, once on the product you sent out, and then on your bitcoins being stolen. SCAM!!!!!

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Angry Vendor

Stay away fron Amazon Dark. They will not give you your coins and they steal everything.

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!! Lose Coins !!

Hello together…

Im a vendor on Amazon, and i don’t know some one had the same problem? But the hold my coins more than 3 day’s.

I had make a support ticket, 3day’s before.
I have wait 5houers, and no answer. Then i have write again, then comes the answer from Support: “Admin will be online in 1 hour to fix this issue for you. Your coins are safe and you will get them.” so then i have write them its no problem for me, when the coins are save!.

So in the next morning i stand up, and still my coins have not arrived. then i have write them the message: “Good Morning Guy’s
Yesterday i had make that support Ticket… and in the night have one write me that the Admin be online in 1Houer to fix issue for me.” then comes the answer from Support: “Sorry about the wait ‘Vendor name’, we will have your refund sent out to you in the next 12 hours. Very sorry for the delay and holding your coins up.

So now day for day i write them messages! and no answer and no incoming transaction!! I don’t know Preparation of exit scam?
or gamble they people individually from!

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We are actually setup our Listings on Amazon Dark !



Cocaine is coming very soon !

Check our Profile Page

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Avon is the name, and the game is the game.

sorry, couldn’t help it ;)

Amazon Dark is alright by me, nice layout, helpful support.


(I am known as AvonB on Amazon Dark, there is a 5 character minimum for usernames)

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Amazon dark is making fake reviews
  • Amazon dark is making fake reviews reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

Look at some of these reviews, it is either just jibberish text or just repeated messages in different languages to pad reviews or just utter bullshit. “my name is (blank) and hacking is my game”, sorry no one talks like that, its just stupid. Scam waiting to happen.

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I am new to this market and found it very fast and easy to use. Also excellent customer support.

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New Vendor on Amazon

Hello together, im SwissGuru

I´m a new Vendor on this Market.

Right know i have list Weed and MDMA. But whit the time i will list more Products.

I will give you the best Product and fair Prices for Switzerlande!

But i do Deals whit European Union too. So they can make them order to.

** For the firs 10 Buyers i will put a Gift inside**

So Peace Out SwissGuru

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New Vendor on Amazon

ch bin ein neuer Verkäufer auf der Plattform.

Und werde in kommender Zeit immer mehr Produkte Listen, momentan habe ich Weed und MDMA im Angebot.

Die ersten 10 Kunden kriegen von mir ein Mustergeschenk beigelegt

Bei allfälligen fragen, schreibt mich sofort an. Antwort Garantie in weniger als 24H.

Ich hoffe bald von euch zu hören.

Grüsse von SwissGuru

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I read and watch for a long time everything that happens on the Web dep yesterday when she caught some pacer from Italy, we found them about a million euros in bitkointima, and probably now the arrests distant, so what happens when you do something you do not know and are quick osladiti wages and general do not watch more nor father, i marvel at how they had not arrested? The police really had no idea anything about information technology. Also yesterday, looking as relaxed man selling British passport and identity cards from the USA as well as a driver’s license, all exquisite craftsmanship but selling them fool as I can see, because when I see where the meter is what others can only ??

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new vendor

I’m seller on this market.
And I can offer you a lot of benzos, medicines, Anti-Depression, other medication, opiod medication… all shipped straight from European Pharmacy.
I was great vendor on Evolution with rating of 99,8% over more than 700 transactions.
Be free to ask if something is not possible to buy yet, I can add new listing for your item.
I can sell almost everything!!!!


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Seller = Good.... Buyer = Great

I’m a seller on this website – Evil Monkey is my name and accounts and hacks and refunds are my game.

I like this site, a lot.

Buyers, feel protected as this is a good site. I have faith in the Admin team.

Sellers, please, for God’s sake, only come to this site if you have something positive to give.

Come and check this awesome marketplace out.

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made by amazon?

i really like this idea of this market and i made an account and it looks really good.most of the nav is the same as the real amazon so i didnt have to spend alot of time figuring stuff out so its not confsuing.placed an order today too.

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Could use more listings

Market could use more variety… There are like 200 listings but it is a new market, other then that i really like the look of it and the response time for tickets is pretty fast. will check back in a month to see how its doing.

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Amazon Dark is awesome!
  • TheRoadVirus reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

I am a vendor on this market, specializing in Digital Goods.

But despite my bias, it really is a potentially great market with a lot of great features.

It has all the top-notch security features, a clean design, easy to navigate and find what you need, it is fast (not horrifyingly slow like Crypto or others), and it is easy to register. It’s a great place to start as a vendor.

I wish the traffic were heavier but I know that it will increase as people discover this market.

I am a vendor on other markets as well, but I much prefer this one.


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Not so many items, but looks promising!!

I like the design of this market and the user friendly UI.
Made 1 order, all good.
A pity so few listings, and it would be nice if they had a forum!
Looks promising so far.

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