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A forum dedicated to harm reduction, discussion and testing of drugs ordered on the Dark Net Markets

Nice forum!

Don’t know how this rating here at DDW came… It’s a pretty nice forum, offering free (!!!) EC Testing and discussing about current vendors.. exactly what i was looking for :)

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EC und andere Tests
  • Peter-Luschtig reviewed 5 months ago
  • last edited 5 months ago

why does not write here for over 2 years nothing more purely what tests and products from dealer goes to

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Lying about EC Results

Whats happened with the Avengers? I have solid proof they are lying about EC test results.

Stay away

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DNMAvengers sirte down :(
  • SunWorshiper reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

Anyone know why? Site was down all yesterday too, came on for a little while, but is down again. Winter Solstice maintenance, solar flairs, abducted servers? JK, but any insight anybody??

Best forum I’ve come across to discuss vendors & products. A great tool to educate yourself on who and what is good on the DNMs.

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So whats Up with Darknet Avengers?
  • Just Another Seller reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

This site seems like a good concept!
But after registering as a vendor, We have been been hounded by another user about testing our product, asking for an abnormal amount to test, like 2-3grams, and charging almost double for the convenience.

We’ll get over that.. Shit Happens!
But now being a verified vendor, AWESOME RIGHT!!!
Not Really, Both of our sites have had someone trying to hack into them repeatedly, could be a coincidence, but doubt it!

But like I said, The concept of this site is a real good idea. I hope the kinks get worked out.

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DNMA forum takes your donations
  • MrMaseratifucks reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

They take donations for the testing, give between themselves and the harming buyer sponsors and they charge people for tests.

Scam scam scam

They make now 50 bitcoins

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The DNMA forum is run by the harming buyers

MrQuality since a long time now has tried to organised the harming buyers to destroy MrMaerwti business but we know very well what we are doing.

We will fuck the harming buyer better than they try to tuck the business of MrMaserati. We are the one for same quality always unlike those who cannot compete with MrMaserai.

All harming buyers names and addresses like svage and the fake reviewers are blacklisted. You will see that we will repay this attempt to fuck the name of MrMaserati very good.

The Darknet Avengers forum is run by the very cork ever harming buyers, the gentlman vendors do not need them. There is enough business for everyone. I run this list and it costs me money but for quality vendors only Randomasif is the vouch.

Fuck you!!!


MrMaserati will fuck better these harming buyers.

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  • SuperDARKnetMAN reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Great new forums with lab test results of drug purity levels, done by Energy Control!

There is also fund for getting your drugs tested; the instructions can be found on the forum, but the gist of it is this: you send in a sample of drugs you have purchased from the darknet to Energy Control and get reimbursed for the testing fees~!

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