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Down – A new discussion forum similar to The HUB, for markets and OPSEC discussion.

A song a for DNC

I wrote a little ditty for the HUB so only fair I do the same for my BFF Dodongo.

Humidity is rising (uh rising), barometer’s getting low (oh low, girl)
According to all sources (what sources now), the street’s the place to go (we better hurry up)
‘Cause tonight for the first time (first time)
Just about half-past ten (half past ten)
For the first time in history
It’s gonna start raining men (start raining men)

It’s raining men, hallelujah, it’s raining men, amen
I’m gonna go out to run and let myself get
Absolutely soaking wet
It’s raining men, hallelujah
It’s raining men, every specimen
Tall, blonde, dark and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean

I love it.
HoofHarted – (your very friendly HUB admin)

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To the below user

Yes your hacking skills are amazing, that is why the forums are still up and have not been deleted. Your misleading attempts at discriminating and spreading false rumors show nothing more than how pathetic you are, Skid ;)

To all that reads this, the forums where never hacked but they have been ddos’d on multiple occasions which lead to the take down of the forums ( by us ) and security upgraded. You have to remember that we are a forums not a market. Even if we where to be compromised what would anyone gain? Nothing.

These are just false lies being spread by a butthurt BANNED member from the hub forums.

NOTE!! DNC and the hub forums have no issues between us, this was a fight between me and an ex hub member and not a forums war.

Are only goal is to teach you how to be safe on the darknet and to allow people and ourselves teach you how to hack or card etc.. We are the only Darknet marketplace discussion forums that allows ALL talk of items available on the markets such as fraud,hacking,drugs,murder etc. There is no censorship here which you will find on other forums that i wont name.

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In response to "We were not hacked"

Kharon is half-right.

Those screenshots ARE evidence of a stinger.py attack on The Hub.

Those screenshots were taken by ME as I compromised the server. I took the screenshot as evidence that I had RDP access to his DNC server. This was right before the removal of the system32 directory.

Nice try FatherTed but nobody trusts a CP-spamming POS like you.

It’s over. You were owned. Accept it, learn from it, and move on.

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We are not hacked and i PGP signed this with the admin key which deepdotweb can verify

Hash: SHA256

We where not hacked ! The below image in that stupid post shows the results of a dos attack using the tool ” stinger.py”

You can google stinger.py and see for yourself its a dos tool and nothing else . ” Server offline ” means the dos was a success and nothing more ,
and its also a photoshop’d picture as I was the one whom dossed ” the hub forums ” and posted my results on there IRC , needless to say they where
not happy so one of there members tried a failed attempt at making us look dossed/hack lol .

You can not hack our forums , you may be able to ddos it but not hack into the mysql or anything else . Security is a key role in running these forums .

Most of the hatred sent my way is because me the admin has hacked and dossed multiple forums/markets over the years and many dont like me for it ..

Obviously they dont like it but it was done for a reason , either for money or because they insulted me .

If you want to learn how to dos darknet forums or markets dont hesitate to ask me upon joining the forums , you will need 35 posts and be able to use pgp or i will ignore your PM’s or threads .

The hub is a good forums and i was a member for 4 years ( there was 2 hubs , but little know this ) but it has gone down hill and censorship plays a big role there if you chat about hacking or weapons ,
Whereas i dont care if you chat about such things . I also allow the chatting of stolen CC info and where and how to use them etc..

We are the only advertised darknet forums that actually allows the chat of everything related to the darknet markets and others .

Every other forums censors something in one way or another . If you want a place to chat and invite your friends and not have to worry about being banned or posts deleted then DNC is the place for you :)
Version: GnuPG v2


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This is just a warning that FT/Kharon was hacked. I seen on an IRC channel that someone got him to click a malicious link. I guess the attacker was able to download all of the forum data and hidden service private key. they posted the evidence in the channel– the link is below.


Just wanted people to know not to trust it if it comes back.

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Hubs down so joined here

Seen a thread asking if we could review the forums . Well i just joined as the hub seems to be not working and i was greeted by friendly people right away and they made me learn pgp programs . it wasnt hard at all and thankful for learning it .

will change feedback if it changes down the line

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Good forums

Its an anon forums so i am staying anon by not giving my real email . The forums main priority is to force the new comers to learn Pgp which is very good imo

The allow people to talk about hacking and drugs which both i like :) And the staff and users are all very nice

they say which markets is the best and how to be secure using them , i also love the hub forums but there admins posts are dead compared to the guy who runs there i dont know what else to really say just go and see for yourself i suppose :)

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Nice forums and with power

i heard this forums is run by carders and hackers its just a forums and not a market so i dont know what the other reviews are on about as you cant buy anything so how can it scam you ?

I also heard that this forums has beef with the hub forums and is responsible for taking out the hub forums :) Now thats a community i want to be part of since its protected by hackers or you get what i am saying ? i am high as fuck right now :)

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My Review

Hash: SHA512

Sorry I am the real Dodongo and the post below is from the Joker aka Father Ted trying to besmirch my good name on the DN. This is what these guys do.

The real Dodongo


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Hash: SHA512

I’m the real Dodongo, I’m a member of both The Hub and DNC, and all these reviews are the work of a little troll that got booted from DNC. All the nyms you see posting have been used without the knowledge or authorization of their legitimate owners.

Please disregard these reviews, go there and make your own judgements, as these “reviews” are a work of fiction.


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Thanks for explaining FatherTed.
  • roundupside reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

I thought he was a nice guy. So he is the reason i lost all my money to his “friends” he ends up being the scammer. Would not have picked it. and yes, he yes he has coes me back as Kahron. Slippery little sucker.

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FatherTed Update

Looks like FatherTed has come back as Kharon. The guy is really a piece of work and now that he has bought into the HUB avoid the place with a ten foot pole.

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  • Mother Mary reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Darknet Central is a str8 rip off of The Hub, it’s co-owned by Father Ted… he is all anti-Hub now these days,

so choose the Hub,

unless you enjoy faggotry & censorship,

then choose Father Ted’s Home for Molested Boys, aka DarkNet Central.

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Plagarising the HUB

Disappointed they decided to copy content from the HUB instead of hosting original content. To me these guys are fly by nighters who have to copy some one else content instead being original.

They have also deleted a lot the topics I started and I feel that is counter productive.

Anyway I get the feeling they are a cheap knock off of the HUB when I visit Darkness Central.

The DN Avenger


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Nice upcoming forums

We have joined here as there is a lot of censorship on most of the other darkweb forums . The admin and the mods here are pleasant and i can see a good community being built here .

But hey thats just my 2 cents ;)

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First review from the darknet resident troll " Officer Emmet " below .

He was banned due to trolling the forums , if you read the rules maybe you wouldnt be so pis**d .

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  • Crazy-Ben.c reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

The main mod over there running the place Hoof Harted / Simplicity / Emmet / Wadozo censor most posts they don’t like and run the forum in a similar manner to SILKROAD 2

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