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Down – Vendor from Agora, Abraxas & Alphabay – Selling psychedelics.

Awesome, not a scammer, I was wrong!

Ok, well for whatever reason, the tracking number didn’t display, but, the package arrived. I apologized to the seller and I am taking back my previous review. I got a little hasty and was nervous due to the recent scam markets and everything, I was a bit over paranoid, and I was wrong. I admit that and please, will the admin delete my previous review? I didn’t log into an account so I cannot remove or edit the review.

Long story short, this vendor, is awesome! Highly highly recommend! From customer service to the product itself. If you are looking for psychedelic substances, this vendor is golden. Hoping that this vendor stays around for a long time!

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Ordered on the 14th and have not received anything. Tracking number no longer displays and haven’t heard back from seller now. Will post updated review if things change. Supposedly the package was supposed to be here, nothing! Maybe I ordered from the wrong location? Maybe he/she shouldn’t have shipped here? Not sure, maybe it was a scam all along?

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Everything works
  • goingtochurch reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago


Ordering was easy, prices fair and I received it next day. Dang, vendor got skills.

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Tip my hat to you sir!

Site works well, would love to see his other items listed on this site as he’s got some of the more hard to find items on the markets (lsa, aya brew, salvia, MeOs and kratom) so I just emailed and requested what i needed and he provided the prices. The site seems to be mainly focused on DMT and LSD.

Great vendor overall and hope this vendor is around for the long term. DMT vendors never stick around for the long term so happy Dimitri Coolbreeze is setting up shop for what looks like the foreseeable future.

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Hero Vendor
  • lizardbrain reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Ordered from Dimitri for the last six months, great to see him set up shop. Process works well as I was always happy to FE on markets, now I get discount. Good work from another top Aussie vendor.

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