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Down from unknown Reason –Private vendor shop of Europills – Vendor from Agora, Alphabay, Abraxas & Middle Earth. Selling Meds.

Most likely a scam.
  • Hitchens reviewed 1 year ago
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Placed an order couple of months ago, sent my bitcoins to the wallet given. I got a page saying order was completed but no information as to when it would be shipped or if the payment went through.

A week or so ago, I have come to terms I am not getting the product I ordered or my money back, I get an e-mail from them saying that I tried ordering but did not complete payment, which is complete and utter bullshit. They then offer me a 15% discount for “figuring out Bitcoins”.
Should not be listed here under vendor shops rather under vendor thieves.

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I confirm what XELEON says. No confirmation. Its not possible to send a message and the bitcoins are gone. Stay away. This site is not working as i write this. It worked in august tho. stay safe.

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[possibly SCAM] No respons, no sign of confirmation or product

I place an order of 2x Modalert.

The payment cleared and my order says complete – yet I have not received any bit of order confirmation on my email as promised nor have I been able to contact the seller on the contact form (seems to be offline).

Initially, I missed the first post below mine that states it has possibly turned into a bitcoin scam.
I read all the others, which somewhat praised the service.


As of now my bitcoins are sitting in some wallet somewhere out of my reach – probably as many others before me.I don’t wish this upon anyone else.

Deepdotweb.com you should probably investigate this and take it off your site.


All the best and good luck out there,
Peace out!

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Possible scam

I have made an order on europills org and paid for it with bitcoin but i have not recieved any confirmation or receipt of my payment. or any email about my order being acknowledged, which is promised on the website. I have had good experiences with europillsin the past on agora so i hope this is just a hitch and my order/coins are safe!

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Goods arrived OK

Good website, reasonable prices, fairly prompt delivery (considering distance).

Also, reminder of the law: most prescription drugs are not illegal to have for personal use. If you want to try a nootropic, then this is a good place to start.

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Trustworthy vendor, genuine product

Great experience through and through. Genuine product, fast and service-minded reply to questions and shipping as fast as you can expect (app. one week in my case). Only downside is that they don’t respond in pgp, although I wrote to them in pgp and also posted my public key. This correction would give them a five star rating, instead of a 4.5.
I have used them before, and I will use them again.
Product: modafinil

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Not a Scam
  • AngryCostumer reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

This is not a scam, just got an answer from them, and it was my fault to the bitcoins not getting processed automaticcaly. Please, delete the other review. I reviewed as a guest, so i cannot delete it. You can send me a confirmation e-mail to get it deleted, thanks.

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Probably a Scam

Ordered from them a day ago, sent the bitcoins and my payment did not get recognized. Tried to get in contact with them, but did not get an answer. If they do contact me and I receive my package, I’ll update this.

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Great Shop

First ordered from these guys on nuc, than i wanted to have a bigger order.
Vendor told me to order from his site (you can get a nice dicount here). I tried and no problems, fast shipping, great products + discount.

==> 5/5 + soon aGain :)

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