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Down – Vendor From SR2, Pandora, BMR, EVO, Agora, Silkkitie, Dream Market – Selling: GBL and DEXAMPHETAMINE.

Lumitrade / krystalzpharm Scam

Don’t order from these online vendors. What used to be legit has turned into a rip off. They were at one time doing business and supplying needed products to people ordering online. Lumitrade which was based in Kiev Ukraine Something changed their name to http://www.krystalzpharm.com and started ripping everyone off. Krystalzpharm, who is registered to Rohit Berry supposedly doing business from their server in India. I have all the information about the owners of these two companies for anyone who wants to join me in getting your money back. Post your comments and contact info on a separate post and I will email you to get started.

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Lumitrade & his new site Krystalz pharm scam

I ordered 610.usd worth of product he had even sent me a sample of & now nothing from him. Man I really needed too not be ripped off but. Fucken scamming pieces of shit what you going too do. Avoid. Wish I would have. I can’t believe he even sent me a free sample. Well I guess it wasn’t free. $610. For about 100mg if that of some FenHCL. Fuck this scammer avoid this ass whole

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I was skeptical about ordering from them, I read mixed reviews and thought I’d give it a shot. Well……I was ripped off. I wired $500 us and now I haven’t heard a word. They won’t even respond to me at all. SAVE YOUR MONEY, LUMITRADE GLOBAL IS A SCAM SITE!!

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Scammer Avoid!

Been waiting 3 weeks, doesn’t reply on AB or on email.

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These Guys Are A Joke.....Avoid!

I placed an order on December the 17th and promptly transferred the BTC to the supplied address. When I checked my order status a couple of days later, it was showing as “On Hold”. I sent an email requesting to know what was going on with my order. The email was not replied to, so I sent another….which was ignored also.

Next I decided to contact the vendor using the messaging system on AlphaBay. He replied promptly, and seemed very apologetic and sincere, explaining that there had been issues with the website and asking for my shipping address so that he could send my order along with extra for the inconvenience.

A few days later I received another message requesting that I pay for my order. I provided the transaction ID showing that payment had been made. I then heard nothing more until a couple of days ago when the vendor messaged me via AlphaBay stating that I should place a new order on that site and he would ship me a bonus. I told him to piss off because I had already paid for my order and received nothing, and now he’s asking me to pay again!

I have now given up any hope of ever receiving my stuff and am £70 down. I’m just glad it wasn’t more. These guys are a bunch of scammers to be avoided.

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The number DEX supplier!!

Lumi did it!!

Recieved my dex, as always with extra’s and yes baby I Like It!!
Thnx guyzz!

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Got the order with lots of extra.

Now I got my package and more than twice as much as what I had paid for, so all good! Very happy, please delete the review below.

Nu kreeg ik mijn pakket en meer dan twee keer zoveel als wat ik had betaald, dus allemaal goed! Erg blij, verwijdert u de onderstaande beoordeling.

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Yes it's true: it's Lumitrade!!

As ever!!
This is the shop..
Thnx guys!!

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Lumi ; De betrouwbaarste GBL leverancier

Geweldig zaken doen met Lumi.
Snelle levering , zeer goede GBL , en reageerd vlot en vriendelijk op mijn mails (super).
Lumi, many thanks en tot volgende keer .

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LUMI !!! BEST and HQ GBL on the (dark)net!

Buying GBL from lumitrade since SR2.
Stealth & fast shipping, friendly comminucation. Very legit vendor!

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A real GBL supplier!

They indeed ship from Nl and my order arrived quickly and this is the REAL GBL!! Not all that twaddle about american gbl blahblahblah just the real deal. Only the Dutch/English mix on the website..

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