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The direct deals page of HashishMaster, vendor from Abraxas / Valhalla – 30+ years organic Cannabis farmer & Hashish maker, selling hashish / cannabis products.

Where are you?
  • Shatterpantz reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

Hello Hm,
Long time no see. Where did you disappear? I see you left valhalla but i havent got access to DHL. Tried to email you. Where can i contact you Master? I would like to continue the long term patronship :::)))
Please reply asap.
Your friend,

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Producto de calidad y trato inmejorable

Muy buen producto con buen sabor y colocón limpio, mucho mejor que en la mayoria de las asociaciones.
El envio es seguro y el trato con HM es muy bueno, siempre muy amable y disponible.
Se nota la pasión en su trabajo. Totalmente confiable.
Repetiré seguro y probaré otros productos.

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Farm~Stand ---OUT---

That’s it… I’ve realized that the server that hosted my Farm~Stand was really, just a liability waiting to come to pass…
You may reach my services on Valhalla & @ DHL

I hope DEEPDOT will allowe me to still have this page for my Patrons to review my services across the Planet. As I am a Cannabis Farmer offering world class organic Herbs & some unique Hashish confections, in the World…

Thank you for your interest in my produce & service…
Thank you for your trust & support…


Your Cannabis farmer & Hashish maker, HashishMaster. Love->

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Best weed vendor on all DNM

So I recently ordered 14g of Headband from THM, unfortunately his stock of Headband had depleted so he comped me with Taco buds, now I know THM usually gives a little extra however I received around 18~20g in kindness from his Headband not being in stock. The delivery took ~9 days to arrive to UK with great stealth.

The uncompressed buds are huge, solid and are covered in crystal and orange hairs, Been smoking it with a friend over the weekend and it’s a super good smoke, amazing taste with a thick hit to the back of the throat with a lovely lemon/kushy taste. Good smoke to relax to music with or socialise, hits you quickly and forces a smile on your face. As close to a 10/10 purchase as humanly possible. Thanks again THM!

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5* Vendor
  • Super fast shipping
  • Great stealth
  • Amazing uncompressed weed
  • Overweight purchases
  • Inexpensive
  • Super friendly guy, always responds to messages.

Best vendor I’ve used on DNM.

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The Cossack
  • The Cossack reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Fact – luchee chto est’ v darknete, vo vsem mire – eto to chto rastet v Canade.. A eto luchee chto rastiet v nei!) Tak chto nichto ne sravnitsia, spasibo HM))

Fact – best in darknet, and indeed the world, is Canadian grown. And this is the best in Canada, so do the math))

PS: Order for a while, and he might let you name a strain – order the Cossack OG if you don’t believe me.. ;))

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Luotettava myyjä laadukkailla tuotteilla/A reliable vendor with great products

Todella luotettava kovan luokan myyjä, joka toimittaa maailmanlaajuisesti. Kokemusta näyttää löytyvän myös eri maiden rajapolitiikoista, sillä osaa neuvoa, jos halutun todennäköisyys jäädä tulliin on suuri. Hunaja iskee päälle kuin kiimainen härkä, eli laatu on erittäin hyvää.

A great and honest vendor, who delivers internationally. Takes in to account the border policies of the target country and gives advice if the risk is too high. The honey kicks you like a horny bull, so the quality is really high.

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Top Farmer

I have been smoking now for 10 years and have tried a lot of different stuff from all over the world. I have been Amsterdam numerous times.

HS’s product is amazing quality, I have ordered over 30+ times with HS and every time has been a pleasure to deal with. Honestly out of those 30 times only once I may have thought the weed was not as good as what I usually get but still really good for what it is like maybe 8/10 instead of the usual 11/10.

He is an honest guy whose descriptions are accurate and has very good customer service.

I have tried many of his products and I really think it is just as good or better than the top stuff I was getting in Amsterdam coffeshops. Hands down he is the best dark net vendor for marijuana and his hash cream is sublime. His hash cream should be next to the word sublime in the dictionary because it suits the word so much.

If you wanna try weed which is just as good or better than top Amsterdam coffeeshop weed then you have found your man really his products speak for itself.

I Only hope HS is around for a long time this guy is the real deal and the last of a dying breed.

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I Love you all...
  • HashishMaster reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Thank you to ALL my Patrons.

To have taken the time to let other’s in this fine community about your experiance with me, goes strait to my haert & I am compeled to let you all know just how much I appreciate your trust & support…

Many many Blessings from the god/spirit/entity of your choice & much Love & respect from me…

Please allow me to interject, a small reminder, for the consideration of whom knows not…thank you.

I burn your addresses…

Everyday, prior to dispatch & after processing, I routinely destroy by fire, any evidence of your ordering from me.

In some instances, rogue mean people disguised as Cannabis people, will keep your addy’s for ulterior blackmailing purposes…

In many more instances, laziness & lack of consideration for others are the guilty parties of drug dealers in general… Not only Pot folk necessarily…

In lesser cases, misguidance is @ fault; & fall in this category as in the beginning, I kept all addy’s, one by one, everyday, in the spirit of sending Patrons whom might not have placed an order in some time, a promotional freebie as a reminder of their favorite farm stand…
After collecting 8 note books of names & addresses, written small on both side of every page, I realized that, were the piggies to come in & eviscerate my life… All my Patrons whom I had all data on, would be in jeopardy of LE retribution!!!

Ever since I realized this,I burnt them all, @ once & have been, every day before I leave for the many many post offices I use.

Consideration of others IS the tap root of ALL respect…

You, my Patrons, make my life worth living; I Love you all & will always look out for you with utmost respect.

Shop fair trade -> shop @ the farm…

Help the farmer live on his farm & continue to offer organic goods & character, to the good folk of this blessed Planet…

You may rest @ ease when shopping @ HashishMaster’s

Thank you for your interest in my produce & services…
Thank you for your trust & support…



Got to much BTC & want/need to promote correct behavior while helping your Cannabis farmer & Hashish maker, on the sideside?

For shit n’giggle or to balance karmic scales?

Be my guest & donate donate donate :;:)

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HashishMaster - Best Vendor by Far!

I have ordered from HM several times and his product quality and service are second to none! I have been a buyer on DNMs for over two years and have tried a lot of vendors but they do not come close. My last order went missing but HM sent out a generous reship which I received. Overall the best quality weed and good value too. Looking forward to my recent order of Nirvana. Keep up the good work HM. Would highly recommend this vendor always! Respect. HS.

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This guy is the real deal
  • WatchTheWatchers reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

What can I say, overweight flowers that blow away anything I can get within a few hours. Cured perfectly, and hash that can knock out a thirty year smoker.

‘Nirvana’ is my favourite house strain. Why can’t more be like the HashishMaster? (who has EARNED that title in my opinion)


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Waaaaaaaah !!!

Sixième commande que je passe avec H.M et toujours aussi bon !
La m’achandise est arrivé en moins d’une semaine en France.

J’ai testé le miel cette fois ci et c’est vraiment incroyable ! La première fois que tu gouttes tu risques quand même de t’endormir rapidement, mais une fois que tu gères le truc et les dosages, ça t’amènes très très loin !! Le goût est aussi excellent que l’effet qu’il produit.

Pour ce qui est de la weed tj le même résultat, une odeur que tu ne retrouves nul part ailleurs et une explosion de saveur en bouche !
Les têtes sont toujours énorme et blanche de Kief.

Pour ce qui est du Jaguar et de la crème, on est dans le même niveau de satisfaction. Avant même de goûter tu sera conquis par l’odeur et le touché !

Une fois que t’as trouvé H.M tu ne vas plus voir ailleurs !

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Out Of This World (possibly/probably)

Been smoking fr a while now & this is truly the best stuff out there. Ticks all the boxes (delivery in 4 days, packaging 10/10, smoothest transactions and, most importantly,the product is 1000/10). Give The Master a chance – you won’t be disappointed

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A True Connoisseur and Master of Cannabis

Hashish Master is a true Legend. I have ordered 5-6 times from him and the transaction is always smooth, delivery is quick and stealth is spot on.
Now the main part, Quality – out of this world man. A true Cannabis Master, I have been ordering the Panther hash and let me tell you people have tried this and have been blown by the quality and strength of this product. He is in all honesty the best vendor I have used on on the markets, cannot fault one bit and cannot speak highly enough of his products. As a farmer you can tell he takes pride in his crops and the products he produces. Farm fresh indeedm made with love and professionalism. He is a true Alchemist of Cannabis. My business will remain with hashish master for a long time to come. No one comes close. Keep up the good work HM ;-)

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world class hash
  1. professional
  2. friendly
  3. stealthy
  4. Delivery to UK 10 days
  5. Stunning hashish
    I’ve never smoked/vaped anything quite like it, and I’ve been smoking for 20 years and have a reasonably high tolerance. I vape a disk of hash the diameter of a small bean and it sends me under.
    My new go-to guy, although this latest package will last me months :)
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Best Buds
  • iLovegoodKush reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Hey guys, recently made a purchase for an Oz of bud from the Master and I was not disappointed! These are some of the nicest strains I have tasted, the buds have been manicured brilliantly and are coated in THC! I’ve got the Nirvana which is sweet smelling and tasting and very potent. The Romulan Girl Scout which is one of the frostiest buds I’ve ever had! Incredibly dense and smells great! and the Shishkaberry which again smells lovely, haven’t tried it yet but looks great!

Very good communication with the Master and definitely will be back!

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The Master Of Hashish

Hi DNM members …

Today i want to share a really nice seller i found on Dream Market … this guy is AWESOME and his products are too much ;) Good stealth 5/5 (profesionnal and discreet package) … 3 days delivery only … im amazed 6/5, Always overweight, and for quality … buds are nice and dry, trimming is perfect, no leafs … this is the best weed on the darknet ;) and all theses kind of Hashish are tasty and way more potent than thoses find on the DN … HM is more than a simple grower … all his products unique and creative … finally overall 10/5 … i will be back THATS CLEAR …


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Order of 14g of Romulan Girl Scout (Romulan x Girl Scout Cookies – Duh) landed today in EU :-) OVERWEIGHT by 1g. NOT COMPRESSED at all. There was a HUGE 11g Bud(so pretty I dont want to smoke it) and 2 smaller buds weighing approx 2g each – amazing!

all the bud was covered in trichs! looks like its been dipped in sugary goodness. Smells like Coffee from the GS. Smokes nicely too. Nice heavy stone leaning on the Indica side of its genetics.

The most impressive part of this transaction was the delivery – only 4 days across the pond! lightning quick!

HM’s customer service is second to none. Polite, helpful and ALWAYS quick replies within a few hours. Obviously gives a shit about his/her/its customers.

Overall, couldnt have been a smoother transaction. Order with confidence. Thanks HM!

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Not that good really!!

I bought 1/2 oz of some of his cannabis herbs. I thought this was meant to be of a world class standard – yeah right!! I could get 10 times better stuff at the drop of a hat. I’ve been a smoker for over 20 years and I really thought I was in for a treat. If what I had was world class then I didn’t realise that I must have been smoking absolute godly stuff before.

In my opinion based on my order really it’s not that good at all!!

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Found him almost three months ago on Dream Market. Since I am staying for a unknown period of time in Japan, it was quite tough to get to know some reliable, safe and affordable source. Thank bob we do have the deep web, and we do have peeps like HashishMaster. We figured out I should give his HoneyWanna a chance. And see what, 8 days later I received my order. His stealth is smart and clever. Ordered a second time, took this time only 5 days. Third time already in queue while I am writing this. The product itself is amazing. Normally I like to smoke, but since I got in touch with his HoneyWanna, I don’t miss it anymore. The high is deep and lasts super long. But the best thing is about to enjoy my tea or coffee to go while I am sitting in the park or walking through the city. It is unbelievable. I feel very blessed since I am in contact with him. Guys, all of you, if you read this, don’t waste your time with all those dealers around (no offend). He is right here. And he is waiting for you.

Dear HashishMaster, thank you.

Thank you, thanks a lot.

Thank you, ain’t hard to tell.

Thank you, thank you so much.

Don’t know what to say.

Thank you, you’re my angel.

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I wouldnt call him a dealer rather a real farmer who is passionate about what hes doing and willing to share this with us. Hes very own special is the Cream to die for..!!! 100% organic cannabis here guys, always big massive buds, no stems or shake. The package from the outside is OK, no smell, you cant tell whats inside by your fingers or whatsoever. I used to buy from him @ Abraxxas but when it shutted down I’ve been struggling to find him again, but after looking and looking i finally got back to him, he is a real professional. I remember he sent out the packs again to the customers when Abraxas went down just to please his customers. Crazy. You can see he is doing this long-long time, everything you read in his products description is exactly going to be like that. I’m smoking around 12 years now, chasing the flavors, and I can say I wanted to stop smoking because of my built up thc tolerance, but whenever I buy from him, I feel like I’m smoking for the first time, fantastic. It’s very hard to find vendors as serious as him, respect him, and you get back the same :) You can order from him without worrying about you going to get ripped, or your stuff going to get seized. Delivery always fast to UK, around 4-6 days every single time. Super fast. Great communication, whenever you ask something, it can be stupid or not, you always going to get answer. It’s not he calling himself master, thats the name he truly deserves! Real pro, I cant recommend him enough.
OH, and he didnt bribe me to write this like other vendors like doing it, I just simply wrote down my experience with him. Lets get your orders ready today!!
See you soon HM, please always be there for us.
Respect & Peace :)

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A genuine, honest seller

I have only recently started to explore the world of cannabis, and while gathering information on the forums, I swiftly came upon hashishmaster.
I could only find positive reviews and lots of helpful posts from him, so he seemed like the best seller to buy from.
After exchanging a few messages, it was clear he knows what he is doing, was incredibly helpful, and let me pick and choose which strains I wanted. Amazing and quick communications all the way through.
I placed my order on a monday, he posted it on tuesday, and it was with me on friday. (UK)
The packaging and stealth were all great, no scent escaped whatsoever.
Once opened though, you could really tell this was amazing, high quality bud. No compression or breakage at all.
Smokes beautifully, and it has impressed even my veteran smoker friends.

It is always a pleasure to buy from people who have a true passion for what they’re doing, and hashishmaster is definitely one of these people. Don’t hesitate to buy from him!

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Top Notch

I mean what to say about this guy. Everything is as advertised, the bud is medical grade and the hash.. mmm the hash is to die for. Very trustworthy and I am sure you will enjoy the experience. Actually I stumbled upon him randomly and realised that he is genuine since my other orders contained lots of shake and other leafy stuff. Upon ordering from the master himself you will realise that the package is well put together and the contents are all 100% organic and above all not compressed. Think of a pack of crisps. Will definitely return, well he is my man for top notch canna products. Peace :)

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Genuine. Professional. Legit.

Incredible farmer who is passionate and honest about his listings and the quality of his products. Every order has been absolutely perfect, and the delivery is always ridiculously fast to the UK.

It’s very hard to find vendors as serious and consistent as HM. Cannot recommend him enough!

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I’ve been shopping hash since andora and I can say that Hashsishmaster is hands down the best vendor I’ve bought from so far. Extremely fast, reliable and always eager to communicate politely and without any delay. The quality of his hash is out of this world while the prices are sensible.

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Work of art

Recently ordered 5g of HM’s own hash and 5g of his “jaguar” hash.

Communication with HM was very pleasant, very prompt and useful replies.

Received the package in just over a week to SW Europe. The stealth was excellent, just like my previous order with him.
The hash was very nice to look at, very sweet smell and definitely had something special to it, a real “homemade” feeling sort of…
The smoke is very pleasant, very tasty and leaves you with a nice long lasting high, not really on the couch lock side.
I specially liked the jaguar hash which has an incredible taste, like nothing i had before, a real treat. I kind of keep it for the big occasions actually!

All in all i had a very pleasant experience ordering from Hashish Master and can’t thank him enough for providing me with his much appreciable know-how and farmer’s expertise.


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King of the farmer !

Deal with hashishmaster is a better thing you can do.

Customer service is unbelievable, he answers quickly and with care.

Delivery one week for France.

But the most important is a product quality.

HUGE BUD, covered of kief. I never saw that before.
When you open you parcel, a delicious smell scented the room where you are
This weed will do travel in place where are you never been before.

Sorry for my bad english I hope that you understand me.

One thing to know: Hashish master is the best dealer that you can Find

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The real deal

I have been a smoker for over a decade, and this guys stuff is really amazing. Any question ever asked has always been answered, this guy truly know his stuff on his products.

Great customer service skills, trustworthy and honorable.

Always overweight and always good.

Delivery quick for how far product travels. Always a pleasure to communicate with this farmer who truly deserves his title as the Hashish Master.

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HashishMaster - A True Artisan
  • Lucius Vorenus reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago


Vendor -HashishMaster
Market – Valhalla / Vendor Site
Product – Hash
Price – 20$ per Gram at Vendor Site
Countries – Ships From Canada To: Worldwide


Service – Amazing

Shipping – Very Prompt im sure it varies depending on
where you are located in relation to him.

Stealth – Standard / Above Average

Security – He values his customers and protects their information,
does not retain it once an order is received.
Communication – I started off skid-dish about ordering outside of
US and contacted him via email. He was amazing, he answered my
questions and calmed my fears. he sent me recipies to use with his
honey wanna, he explained difernet types of hash to me. Just a wealth
of information, and open communication.


Weight – heavy
Purity – The very best hash in existance
Potency – Better than most high grade shatter
Price Value – Appropriate for the quality
Aesthetic – A work of art

I am an older head by now at the age of 39. I contacted HM, and I am so
very glad I found him. You cannot find better hash, I have bought hash
from every domestic vendor that I could find, and none even come close
in comparison.

I would recommend you try his Hash wholeheartedly, and if you can
afford it, try his Creme de hash OMG…


Lucius Vorenus

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Amazing hash/vendor.

Was one of the first to sample his hash which was almost like a concentrate; very sticky and very potent. The half gram sample made me almost 5 joints. One of the best highs I’ve ever experienced.

I do recommend this vendor if you really wanted authentic hash.

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Solid service, on time, and amazing quality
  • ForeverBlazed reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

After many years of varying quality and ‘luck of the draw’ on Darkweb, I’ve finally found my farmer.

On a whim I tried HashishMaster, and have not turned back.

Other orders and gear of mine from other vendors shows up with variables in time and quality, never with HashishMaster.

Daily smoker for over a decade due to an injury, HM has never let me down, and the hash is just of top quality. Straight from the farmer with HM, no random in-betweens or drops in quality.

Just stable THC, processed amazingly. I am no fan of butane or using a torch when I am medicating, so it is a treat to find some proper hash and nuggets. Both flowers and concentrate are of top quality.

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HashishMaster is the Best

I guess i’ve been one of his first custumers when he started on

Abraxas about a year ago and i never regret it…or buying to an

other seller since…

He’s simply the best and it’s so hard to find a real passionate farmer

on the Darknet who is not here just for the cash.

i took more than 30 times with him to Western Europe ,all ok

Since abraxas shut down i go direct with him , not need an


About his product what to say …just spechless

He has not stolen his name : he’s the real Master of hash

All they have tried say the same and Hail for the King :)

not to mention the weed ,alway highly potent,overweight(as his hash)
and yummy.

His own creation the GirlScoot Kushy was truly a killer weed,

voluminus and so tasty.Can’t wait to see the next one but during

this time he have a nice catalog .

You are not connected to a DrugDealer : you are connected to a

REAL farmer .

Hope he will never cease

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Find HashishMaster on Dream Market

Currently waiting on another order after sampling some of the best hash i have ever smoked. Vendor recently began selling on Dream Market and i hope to be a repeat customer.

Consistency of the hash is like half melted wax, yet easy to handle with a smell that can be so sour its almost astringent. The high is enveloping and clear and if smoked properly, can have a similar intensity to dabbing shatter. Taste is divine, none of that dry spicy aftertaste which marks old/inferior hash. Even with orders on the way, I hope to order again as soon as possible :)

Vendor is friendly and responsive. Give HashishMaster a shot, you won’t regret it…

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Hello folks,

HashishMaster creates the real stuff! :-)

Absolute fantastic products!
Excellent service and very friendly communication.

Don’t hesitate to order!

You will get to heaven. : )

Fine Wishes

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This man knows how to create a product.

After dabbling in the Darknet markets for a little while, I came across this seller and his “Girl Scout Kushy” description. It intrigued me.

Well.. one Oz of it later, and I was convinced this was a man who knew how to grow, and grow well.

Every order I’ve had off this guy has come quickly, stealthily, and overweight.

I’ve smoked bud that got me higher than I ever thought possible after years of smoking experience. He definitely knows what he’s doing.

The guy has me sold – I buy off no-one else now, they simply don’t have the product or the quality, and I feel I have no need to look elsewhere. He’s attentive, responsive, and above all, trustworthy.

May he keep doing what he’s doing, and never change or go empty…

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