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Down – Agora vendor Monfort – Selling Mostly RC’s, opened his own vendor shop.

Refund message

Hello there,

I just wanted to let you know they do refund due to a recent problem. See there:

(that’s their non-onion web site)

I’ve ordered once from them, had no problem, good price. Don’t know why their onion web site is down at the moment.

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Long awaiting refund..Long term customer

I am currently awaiting a refund from Montfort for an order over 1mnth ago, Chinese laws and problems with suppliers have become an issue.

I will update if I get a refund but I have been told on numerous occasions I am getting it.. but to no avail,

I must admit I have been with Montfort for over 2 years now and never had a problem like this before !

I will update..when/if resolved

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Dont know what this other guy is talking about

Montfort has def come thru everytime on $8000 orders FE so he is def a legit vendor

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Montfort exit scamming

No com from the seller on alphabay since 22 september,
do not FE and read the forum before giving your money to
this scumbag… we can’t trust anyone obviously –

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