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Down – Agora vendor Quantik, from their profile: “We sell high-quality Xanax bars and steroids from Canada. We are the manufacturers and not just resellers, so we can guarantee you get the best quality at the best price.”

Now opened his own vendor shop.

Vendor got buster all over the news


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blocl the feds from shutting us down i know u know hackers who can do ths

Heading ##blocl the feds from shutting us down i know u know hackers who can do ths

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Well they use apache and heres all the server information
  • QUANTIK VENDOR SHOP SERVER DOX reviewed 4 years ago
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Apparently the vendor Quantik uses an Apache web server… A simple /server-status reveals its real server location.
They own a VPS hosting from vps24297.iceservers.net.
Also it’s running off of Wordpress lol…
A little more digging and simply putting /wp-includes after it displays all source code.
/wp-admin works too for administrator login –
Vendor website failure I guess.
I was unable to attach images as imgur doesn’t allow uploading over Tor I guess and I do not want to scare anyone with sketchy links, so here are the links you want to vist:

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