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Down – Agora, BlackBank, Middle Earth & Nucleus Vendor who opened his own shop – Grams profile: grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/infodesk/vendor/0xE964D77725A3262A

where did they go?

i just went back to buy more from them and the shop is down :(

ive emailed them with no response yet. the coupons they sell are fuckin amazing! they work VERY well and its worth every penny!

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Perfect coupons and Perfect customer service

This is the third time I have purchased these coupons and they work great. Never have a problem. The quickness of the staff at TeamLotus can not be matched! Keep up the good work.

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Team Lotus Coupons Work!

I have been using Team Lotus coupons for a significant period of time. First of all, let me start off by saying that the coupons scan and they actually work.

I have saved thousands of dollars, which I have used to pay the balances of credit cards and loans and to invest in other ways.

The coupons look better, in many cases, than real coupons, too. Team Lotus has incorporated many features into their coupons to ensure your safety and to ensure the coupons will scan 99% of the time.

This probably sounds too good to be true — I was a skeptic at first. But, I took a chance, invested a small amount of money, and my ROI has been 1000:1. I have literally saved tens of thousands of dollars on goods and merchanidise.

Team Lotus provides excellent customer service. They will bend over backwards to make sure that your customer experience has been an excellent one.

Team Lotus is also easy on the eyes IMHO.

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