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Down from unknown reason – UK domestic vendor selling alprazolam blotters, liquid, Tabs – Operating on several markets

The best scam yet, he offers to help and takes 3+ months to reply to every message so you die of old age before you get the refund

Really though, this is the only place the vendor looks at and he offered a full refund yet he still hasn’t delivered over a month later. I claims he is having life problems but is full of shit as BTC transfer takes 1 minute even with a tumbler but does he? of course fucking not!
He may of been a golden oldie but should of shut up shop long ago rather than leave it up and fuck people around like this, he says the shop is in vacation mode yet it isn’t, maybe it’s the right time for the shop to be removed from deepdotweb?

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Don't waste money here

Been about 2 months since I first payed and this guy sent me a fucking envelope with a note saying to change the review on this site and he included extra to make up for the delay.
THIS GUY MUST BE POPPING XANAX LIKE M&M’s because he LEFT OUT THE FUCKING XANAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moreover he must be working on like 1 or 2 brain cells as he couldn’t even spell the work “extra” correct on the note that was hand written!
No reply or anything, think you should take his site down as he is taking the royal piss. I just wanna slap his bartard face with a fucking fish!

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Only place the guy will see this so will edit it once I've got my stuff

I’ve messaged you on aplhabay

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Same guy as before and can recommend them now

It’s the same guy as before and stupidly used a guest profile so couldn’t change the review myself so if the admins could remove I would appreciate it.
The vendors had a small problem but he was quick to reply to my messages and kept me up to date.
Will be using again in the future and would recommend to all as they are solid trustworthy people!

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