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Withdrawals disabled – From the owner of another onion Autoshop,  Offer Multisig transactions.

Aaaaaand its gone...

looks like today they pulled the plug.


cant say im too surprised !

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all is working fine first sales today

all work fine for me sell my first guide today i can sort my coins no complain thanks thug

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Been unable to withdraw coins since 3 days now

Marketplace has disabled coin withdrawal feature. Might be an early exit scam. Remove listing from this site.

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Very Poor

Its a new market but ive heard terrible things about the site from a few vendor friends and I have signed up to have a look.

= They DO NOT return any vendor bond paid at all, its just kept like some sort of scam.

= Support DO NOT respond at all nor do they answer your questions.

= They have poor vendors (Only a few good vendors from what I see) this is evident due to the “test” items that are on the site for stupid stuff like a steel water bottle, or dummy image.

Site needs to fix itself and offer actual security to its users and vendors as so far I count 4 people who would rate this less than myself.

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Please read careful

Hello Guys,
Iam working in ThugMarket staff and I would like to clarify some things with you!
We have nothing to see near and far with evolution or kimble verto and as well alpha02
We only retrieve a platform that so probably was used by evo staff, we just pay for that and begin our work, this platform was incomplete and we strive to make it stronger every day
We will change the entire platform in the coming days / weeks we will be much better than what we are now
but you can believe that we have nothing to do with Evolution and I do not think people who was behind Evolution require further work once in their life
We are here just to work and provide freedom, not get confused about how look our market is nothing only a platform, soon we will settle all this, our developer is already working on this matter, we will have a very big update
Thanks guys to understand

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evolutio was coded by someone else . this why they didnt change much because they dont know how . and why its 100% look like . even the browse URL its the same . i think this shit its not cool anymore and if you see this Thug have Google.Fonts like the old evolution because they dont know how to remove .
never trust this market .

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@DOGFLOW, I admit that your pics make you think, why would someone who ran off with everyones money come back and use the EXACT same code and make another site. Would you not make a completely different Market to steal again? I think it is unlikely and illogical that this is the same guy unless he is a complete moron. Think about it…

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this is not EVOLUTION?

why the fuck my comment not was approved ?

of course a lot know alpha02 its friend of Kimble&Verto . but probably the ADMIN of this Thug market its him too . because i remember well the market i was vendor from start to evolution. i remember everything . you cant code everything look 100% the Edit Close Delete Clone buttons the same Filters The same Dashboard it change little on colors and header only but this is 8charates to change in the css file. Kimble probably spent all money in heroin and now come back . but no one hope will trust again this market . I never . if you want to get fucked . next day i go to test one thing who i remember in evolution and I will see if in thug its the same . but i’m sure this is 100% . a lot of people lose money because about this shitty naive kimble verto alpha…FUCK THEY

thug : anonfiles.com/file/489a4cc95d225c5714dfcaaaf58c5a8b
evo : anonfiles.com/file/c7f553b3b62d424595ff845b6f1f8069

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He has done a fantanstic job on this Market. Beautiful visual, easy to use. I see this 1 on the top Markets in future. Highly recommended!

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NumberSeven DMT vendor

Offering listings of high quality DMT extracted from plant sources on Thug Market.

\\ NumberSeven ///

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All talk wrong this market is good so far

You are all talking about evolution but do you know how is the owner of Alphabay?is alpha02 best friend of kimble and verto
i think thug is just trying to work i talked with admin and good guy so far just work with some evo html files i don think you can judge just with this,let’s chance to this guys admin say whole platform will be changed soon lets wait if good will add coca listings
you can buy my coca already on all others markets brothers

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This is evolution

I swear by my left nut that this is evolution lazy cunts you cant even design a new interface after all the money you stole bastards, rot in hell i need my 25 btc bastards.

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Visit our listings on THUG Market. We sell uncut high-class for a good price!

Get 10% extra on your order when you tell us you came in from Deepdotweb.com



Also vendor on: Python Market

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ALL LOOKS NICE ? EVOLUTION 99.999999999999%

for real this is Evolution fuckin bastards give me back my 2500$ it have the same comments i dont mean similar or something but its 100% same , the balance page its 100% like evolution the listings show 100% like evolution , the Buy steps its 100% Kimble only change the name from Evolution to Thug. it say Yes escrow available by Thug , ? wtf ? really ? and how can after 7months EXIT SCAM of Evolution ! Build same market look 100% same with the 100% same comments on every page? only people with closed eyes cant see this . i have to say just 1 thing . maybe Alphabay goin to do Exit scam soon , this why they come out. well good I want back AGORA not Evolution . in the buy steps same link of Reset Session. i created vendor account. the create Listing Form are 100% the same and at the end the same 8shipping options , why not 6 7 5 ? but 8 just like evolution ? same limit on size images pixel. i remember well the market because i was a vendor for 7months and over 450 sales. so Fuck this market good luck Kimble Verto. also on creating Listings the Visibility search filters : do you remember its 100% like evolution. I know someone can copy from others but not 100% the same and also after 7months they cant remember 100% even the comments.

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i cant believe this market its 99% like evolution i remember it well , it have the same system of 5step in buy same URL files for real and also the website have Regular escrow so people avoid this its not true only Multisig market

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So i just registered and a feeling of nostalgia came over me…followed by anger.

am i the only one who thinks this is a lot like EVOLUTION????

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all looks nice

works well and looks good. im not sure about naming it THUG but thats my only qualm with it.

its got multisig and its well built


so far

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Look Nice but empty

I just got an account market seem good and it look nice but empty for the moment good luck

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