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Switzerland: Four Men Arrested for Using Dark Web “Child Porn” Forum

Authorities in Switzerland have arrested four suspected members of the dark web child abuse forum, “Elysium.” Europol has been coordinating the investigation between German authorities and Fedpol. In 2017, the German Federal Criminal Police Office raided the home owned by the operator of Germany’s largest child pornography forum on the dark web. They arrested the forum owner and seized the ... Read More »

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Identification of key players in darknet child pornography forums

Child pornography represents various forms of visual depictions of explicit sexual conduct involving children. It has devastating effects on its victims and represents a serious social security issue, considering the advanced networking technologies in existence today. With the advent of the darknet, access to child pornography has become extremely anonymous and secure, which has resulted in a rapidly growing number ... Read More »

Pedophile Admits Selling Child Porn on Kik Messenger

An Australian pedophile has admitted selling child pornography through messaging applications and on dark web child abuse forums. He also confessed to tricking or coercing children into sending him compromising videos of themselves so that he could sell the content to other pedophiles. Jarrod Milgate, 20, pleaded guilty to a series of crimes involving various forms of child pornography. The ... Read More »

Suspected Pedophile Arrested for Downloading Child Porn in Thailand

Thailand’s Immigration Bureau announced that another branch of law enforcement in Thailand had arrested a pedophile from Austria who had been accessing child pornography forums on the dark web to view and download child pornography. An investigation into the full extent of his activities is ongoing and police are attempting to contact a possible co-conspirator who could help the police ... Read More »

Maryland Man Admits Producing and Possessing Child Pornography

A Maryland man pleaded guilty to producing and possessing child pornography after getting caught filming children in public restrooms. The man had been sharing the content on the dark web child pornography forum, “PlayPen”, as well as on other hidden services used by pedophiles to distribute illegal content. Jonathan Oldale, a 55-year-old from Chevy Chase, Maryland, admitted to a count ... Read More »

Texas Judge Rejects Plea Deal in Dark Web Child Pornography Case

A Texas judge rejected the plea deal of a federal agent who had been using a dark web child abuse forum to download and access illegal pictures and videos. The agent was caught during a federal investigation into members of the forum. Richard Gratkowski, a 40-year-old Homeland Security Investigations agent living in Texas, had used a child abuse forum accessible ... Read More »

Homeland Security Investigations Agent Admits Using Dark Web to Download Child Porn

One of two federal agents caught in their agency’s own investigation into users of a dark web child abuse forum pleaded guilty to two different child pornography charges, according to the recently updated court docket. Richard Nikolai Gratkowski, a former Homeland Security Investigations agent, had been working for Homeland Security Investigations for almost 10 years at the time of his ... Read More »

Boy Scout Leader Arrested for Sharing Child Porn on the Dark Web

An Ohio Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 406 has been charged with production of child pornography after filming videos of scouts changing clothes and trading them for other videos on dark web forums. According to the United States Attorney’s Office, the Scoutmaster had more than five terabytes of pictures and videos depicting child abuse and nudity. Thomas Close, 39, served ... Read More »

Texan Charged with Attempted Murder for Planning to Rape and Eat a Child

A man from Shelby County, Texas, was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation after allegedly arranging to sexually assault, kill, and cannibalize the daughter of someone he had met on a darkweb forum. According to a criminal complaint, a member of the Homeland Security Investigations’ Child Exploitation Task Force in Florida discovered a post on a darkweb forum posted ... Read More »

Florida Teacher Admits Paying for Child Abuse Content on the Internet

A teacher from Broward county pleaded guilty to a single count of possession of child pornography stemming from his use of a Bulgarian-based child pornography website and several accounts on darkweb forums promoting the sexual abuse of children. The case was led by Homeland Security Investigations and Interpol provided the information that led to the investigation into the high school ... Read More »

Alleged Admin of a Child Abuse Forum on the Darkweb Arrested in France

A joint operation between the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Europol, and other international law enforcement agencies led to the arrest of a man living in France who had been operating a child abuse forum on the darkweb, a prosecutor in France confirmed. Prior to the investigation conducted by international law enforcement agencies, the man had been living a quiet life ... Read More »