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A 21-Year-Old Man Sentenced to Two Weeks in Juvenile Detention for Purchasing Amphetamine on the Darknet

A 21-year-old German man accused of using the darknet to acquire drugs for resale was sentenced to only two weeks in a youth detention center. The defendant who had been previously convicted of theft and destruction of property appeared before Judge Markus Nikol in the Ebersberg District Court and remained silent throughout the hearing. The sentence was issued based on ... Read More »


Prosecution of darknet marketplaces – Evidence from US DOJ’s 2018 operation

Darknet marketplaces have been witnessing massive growth during the past few years, fueled by several dynamics including the popularization of internet access, the advent of cryptocurrencies, the emergence of a highly tech savvy generation, the advancement of security and encryption tools, and most importantly rising international demand for illegal drugs. Serious challenges are associated with uncovering darknet marketplaces, which lack ... Read More »

Karnataka Forest Department Takes up Measures to Curb Wildlife Cybercrime on the Darknet

The Karnataka Forest Department in India has set up measures to curb the illicit trade in wildlife on the dark web. Various stakeholders such as the TRAFFIC, WWF-India, the Police Radio Training School in Indore (PRTS), and the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) arranged training for all forest workers at the Kali Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. The program was set ... Read More »


Assessment of firearms’ trading on darknet marketplaces

The advent of the dark web has facilitated the illegal trading of small firearms as reported by the United Nations. A recently published research paper investigated the sales of weapons on a number of darknet marketplaces over a period of six months in order to identify the vendors of firearms, types of sold weapons, manufacturers of sold weapons, and the ... Read More »

Teenager Charged for Shipment and Distribution of Darknet Cannabis

A 19-year-old male from Wiltshire County, England, was arrested and charged on the grounds that he had imported illegal drugs through the dark web where he intended to sell them. Toby Fairall confessed to purchasing cannabis and that he planned on selling the cannabis for a profit. The drugs he bought were valued at £5,000. The teenager comes from Aldebury ... Read More »

Couple arrested for selling and shipping counterfeited fentanyl-containing opioid pills, to darknet customers

A man living in Glendale along with his pregnant girlfriend have been prosecuted via a federal illicit drug trafficking case. The couple were accused of selling counterfeited opioid pills via the dark web and distributing them via postal services all over the country. The 26 year old male, Jacob Medina, as well as his pregnant girlfriend, Diane Marin, were both ... Read More »


US operation SaboTor results in the arrest of 61 darknet opioid vendors

Last Tuesday, US federal task force agents announced the arrest of 61 active darknet marketplace vendors. The arrests were the result of an internationally coordinated operation, named SaboTor, which is the second take down conducted by the Joint Criminal Opioid and Darknet Enforcement, or (J-CODE). In addition to the 61 arrests, US agents along with their international LEA partners managed ... Read More »

Teenagers in France Obtain Fake Cheques from Darknet

It is not surprising that fraud cases aided by the Darknet are rising with each break of dawn. What’s surprising is the fact that teenagers are being lured into the mix. Fake cheques in France have raised many concerns in regard to Darknet counterfeit troubles, and the authorities are working hard to fight these crimes. Many citizens have already been ... Read More »

Former Britain’s Got Talent Star Apprehended for Taking Part in Darknet Drug Racket

Olivia Archbold, a former singer and great star from Britain’s Got Talent, wept after her release following charges that she allegedly helped her boyfriend orchestrate a drug-dealing racket on the darknet. The 23-year-old woman comes from Cheshire in North West England where she lives with her boyfriend. Her great talent was so revered that it earned her the name the ... Read More »

Robert Czachowski Pleads Guilty of Buying Xanax Pills on Darknet

Federal prosecutors in Pittsburgh City, Pennsylvania, have reported that James R. Czachowski, a resident of the city confessed to purchasing over 10,000 pills of Xanax from the dark web. The accused said he planned to peddle the drugs to addicts all over the city through which he would make a total profit of $10,000. His arrest came in April after ... Read More »

24-year-old Man Sentenced for purchasing Narcotics on Darknet

A 24-year-old man hailing from Bad Hersfeld has been convicted and sentenced for being in possession of a huge amount of narcotics. He is said to have acquired the drugs via the darknet. Following his own confession, the Schöffengericht chaired by Judge Silvia Reidit arrived at the verdict despite a plea from defense lawyer Harald Ermel. Attorney Dr. Christine Seban ... Read More »


DICE-E: An ethical approach for identification, collection, and evaluation of darknet data

Our growing reliance on computers and the internet has been associated with a surge in the frequency and complexity of cyberattacks launched by cybercriminals exploiting the dark web. Consequently, security professionals are highly interested in exploring various darknets collectively comprising the dark web to formulate a better understanding of approaches adopted by cybercriminals throughout their attacks. A recently published paper ... Read More »