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Research: Competitive strategies in trading of illicit drugs across darknet marketplaces

The online trading of illicit drugs has been becoming more and more popular during the past few years thanks to the advancements in anonymizing technologies, which are exploited in facilitating the trading of various forms of illegal goods on darknet marketplaces, or cryptomarkets. On these darknet based platforms, the trading of any form of illegal products and services can take ... Read More »

German Man that Sold Drugs on Silk Road and Pandora Marketplaces Sentenced to over 3 Years in Prison

A 30-year-old man from Rhein-Sieg District, Germany, was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for darknet drug trafficking in the Bonn District Court. The man began selling drugs on the darknet in 2012 at the age of 23 and managed to trade drugs worth millions of dollars. He allegedly sold ecstasy, amphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and LSD strips ... Read More »

Liverpool Man Handed Shorter Sentence after Purchasing Chinese Synthetic Drugs on Dark Web

A Liverpool man who pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute illegal drugs and money laundering has managed to escape a lengthy prison sentence. Khalid Azzam was given a four year prison sentence due to the First Step Act introduced by President Donald Trump recently. Azzam was arrested for purchasing fentanyl and other synthetic drugs from a vendor in China through ... Read More »

A 23-Year-Old Styrian Admits Buying Large Amounts of Various Drugs on the Dark Web

German authorities seem to be making steady steps in the fight against darknet illegal trade. In a statement, the authorities say a Styrian has been arrested in the district of Liezen. According to the statement, the suspect was apprehended for ordering drugs on the darknet. The customs authorities stumbled on a suspicious package that triggered a police search, and upon ... Read More »


Research: Sales of prescription psychiatric drugs on darknet marketplaces

Nonmedical prescription psychiatric drug use (NMPDU) represents a rapidly growing international health problem, especially with the emergence of darknet marketplaces, or cryptomarkets, as means of trafficking and distribution of these drugs. There is scarce evidence regarding current comparative global NMPDU trends, namely due to the difficulties associated with collection of relevant data. This problem is especially prominent for non-opioid drugs, ... Read More »

Trio That Sold Drugs Worth Over $17M Through the Dark Web Busted

A man and two women were arrested for allegedly distributing drugs all over Australia through the dark web and the Australian post. The three are believed to have sold drugs worth over $17 million and to have established themselves as the largest dark web drug vendor in Australia over time. The man allegedly led the group and had a vendor’s ... Read More »

Plymouth Man Arrested for Purchasing Controlled Drugs via the Dark Web

A male resident of West Plymouth, England, was arrested on February 7 for allegedly importing illegal drugs from Columbia via the darknet. He was charged with drug trafficking a variety of controlled drugs, including oxycodone and heroin.   The 29-year-old man named Andrew King would purchase the drugs from dark web markets after which they would be delivered to his home ... Read More »

Tacoma Resident Imprisoned for Selling Drugs via the Darknet

A 31-year-old male from Tacoma, Washington, was recently arrested by authorities for trafficking drugs via the dark web, as stated by the U.S. Office of the Attorney. Travis Phillips was identified by the Dutch National Police as a drug trafficker in April 2017, following which further investigations were focused on him. Their efforts began when they discovered Phillips was planning ... Read More »

3 Australian Men Arrested for Importing Drugs from the Darknet

Three Australian men are accused by law enforcement of being part of a drug syndicate that had imported drugs such as ketamine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and MDMA into Australia from foreign vendors who operated on darknet markets. In May of last year, 34 year old Chaim Goldstein was the first of the three accused men to be arrested by law enforcement. ... Read More »

A 17-Year-Old Young Man from Herne Bay Dies After Taking Dark Web Drugs

A seventeen-year-old boy suffered a drug-related death from substances he obtained from the dark web. William Horley, a resident of Herne Bay in Kent, England, was attending school at Herne Bay High and worked at the Lobster Shack restaurant at Whitstable. A day before his death, Horley had been working at the restaurant with his twenty-one-year-old friend, Henry Forsyth, a ... Read More »

Two Young Men Arrested for Importing Dark Web Drugs Worth Lakhs

Police in Delhi have arrested two young men for importing illegal drugs worth several lakhs. The two suspects are accused of using the dark web to place online orders of illicit drugs and paying for the orders with virtual currencies. The imported drugs were then delivered through a courier firm. The two young men, who are in their early 20s ... Read More »


Research: Analyzing the use of messaging and social media apps to trade and access drugs

Drug suppliers have been increasingly using modern technologies to boost profits and minimize risk during the past few years. Even though a large number of research studies have examined drug sales via surface internet pharmacies as well as darknet marketplaces, no research studies have delved into the role of smartphone messaging applications and social media in the modern drug economy. ... Read More »