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Pakistan Police Officers Involved in a Kidnapping Gang that Demanded Ransom in Bitcoin

A Pakistani news outlet reported that the Lahore Police busted a six-member gang suspected of kidnapping a university professor and asking for a bitcoin ransom. According to the report, two of the gang members are police constables. The plan to kidnap the professor was reportedly masterminded by a university student taught by the professor. The report shows that Faisal Yousuf, ... Read More »

German police investigate right extremist email threats sent via the dark web

The German authorities are currently investigating a series of over 100 anonymous email messages, most probably sent by far right extremists to politicians, lawyers, journalists, and a number of public figures across Germany, even including a famous pop star. According to reports by NDR regional broadcaster and Süddeutsche daily, these emails included bomb and other homicide threats, or claimed possession of ... Read More »

Israel Police Arrest 42 People Accused of Being Part of a Telegram Drug Trafficking Platform

The Israel Police announced that a multi-agency joint operation resulted in the arrest of 42 people suspected of running a drug trafficking platform on Telegram. The arrested suspects are believed to be high ranking members of the cannabis distribution network, Telegrass, that operates on Telegram. The arrests allegedly took place in Israel, Germany, Ukraine and the United States. Telegrass was ... Read More »

European Police Congress Deliberates on Making the Darknet Inaccessible to its States

The European Union recently held discussions through the European Police Congress regarding security matters, migration, and integration. The conference began on February 19th in Berlin with the first focus being on eliminating criminal activities facilitated online by the darknet. This is the largest conference held by states of the European Union regarding internal security. It comprises around 1,500 specialists from ... Read More »

Romanian Police Officer Accused of Darknet Drug Trafficking

A 37-year-old Romanian police officer was arrested after he attempted to pick up a drug package he had ordered over the dark web from Belgium. The police officer is accused of importing ‘high-risk’ drugs into Romania from the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. The officer was arrested together with his girlfriend, with whom he allegedly engaged in cultivating cannabis which they ... Read More »

Beijing police speed up cybercrime fight as they crackdown 6600 internet related cases

Following the recent rate of high cybercrime-related cases recorded in China, the Beijing cybercrime department has responded by engaging in a massive crackdown. The Beijing police successfully detained 3,100 cybercrime suspects who were said to have made about $29,000 from their illegal operation. 6,600 internet-related crime crackdowns were recorded in 2018. According to reports, the arrested suspects were in the ... Read More »

Frankfurt: Five Police Officers Suspected of Exchanging Right-Wing Extremist Content on Dark Web

Five Frankfurt police officers from Police Station One have been suspended by the police service for allegations of organized incitement of rebellion against the state through the exchange of right-wing extremist content on the dark web. This comes shortly after other officers from Hesse’s executive committees were searched on suspension. The investigation into the serious allegations against the suspended officers ... Read More »

Police Undercover Operation Unravel and Arrest Dark Web Cocaine Drug Dealer

A Newport man, identified as Nevin Ryan, 28, was apprehended by undercover police detectives and drugs were seized during the operation. He was arrested after the law enforcement caught him driving a car without a legal license. Prosecutor Clare Wilks told the court that the police detectives seized cocaine, marijuana, and a mobile phone which had messages related to dark ... Read More »

Dutch Police Seize 10,000 Ecstasy Pills in Dark Web Vendor Raid

An investigation led by German customs investigators led to the arrest of a suspected dark web drug trafficker in the Netherlands. Authorities have accused the suspect of selling various illegal substances in at least 3,000 separate instances. The Customs Investigation Office in Frankfurt announced the arrest of a 32-year-old Dutch citizen for allegedly violating an assortment of drug crimes. According ... Read More »

A Team of IT Experts Join the Dutch Police to Fight Dark Web

The Dutch law enforcement unit mandated to fight cyber-crimes has announced that it has recruited 14 volunteers comprised of IT experts in order to strengthen the fight against dark web crime. This was reported by a Dutch police official who said that they are working hard to counter the dark forces emanating from the darknet at large. According to the ... Read More »

Police Bust a Man Who Buys Drugs from the Dark Web

Law enforcement from Holbeach arrested a 32- year-old man identified as Peter Buchanan for a number of charges against him. The suspect is said to have been using dark web markets to buy illegal drugs like cannabis. However, the police are not certain if they were later distributed to other people for use. The suspect would not have been arrested ... Read More »