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A 21-Year-Old Man Sentenced to Two Weeks in Juvenile Detention for Purchasing Amphetamine on the Darknet

A 21-year-old German man accused of using the darknet to acquire drugs for resale was sentenced to only two weeks in a youth detention center. The defendant who had been previously convicted of theft and destruction of property appeared before Judge Markus Nikol in the Ebersberg District Court and remained silent throughout the hearing. The sentence was issued based on ... Read More »

Dream Market Marijuana Vendor Sentenced to Prison in Germany

A judge at the Kleve District Court sentenced three defendants for selling hundreds of kilograms of marijuana and hashish through Dream Market to customers throughout Germany. During sentencing, one of the defendants called the drug trafficking operation the “biggest mistake he had ever made.” The sentencing hearing marked the end of a case that began in March 2018. Investigators of ... Read More »

Silk Road 2.0 Founder Sentenced to 64 Months in Prison

A university drop-out was sentenced to prison in a Liverpool court for operating Silk Road 2.0 under the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts 2 (DPR2). The National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom announced that Thomas White, 24, a former student at Liverpool John Moores University, was sentenced to five years and four months in prison for operating the second Silk ... Read More »

Prolific Dark Web Counterfeit Vendor Sentenced to Three Years in Austria

In March, a court in Austria sentenced a dark web vendor to three years in prison for selling almost 70,000 counterfeit euro notes on various dark web marketplaces. The counterfeiter had previously admitted to charges of counterfeiting and money laundering. A spokesperson for the sentencing court in Leoben, Austria, announced that the case against one of the largest vendors of ... Read More »

24-year-old Man Sentenced for purchasing Narcotics on Darknet

A 24-year-old man hailing from Bad Hersfeld has been convicted and sentenced for being in possession of a huge amount of narcotics. He is said to have acquired the drugs via the darknet. Following his own confession, the Schöffengericht chaired by Judge Silvia Reidit arrived at the verdict despite a plea from defense lawyer Harald Ermel. Attorney Dr. Christine Seban ... Read More »

German Man that Sold Drugs on Silk Road and Pandora Marketplaces Sentenced to over 3 Years in Prison

A 30-year-old man from Rhein-Sieg District, Germany, was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for darknet drug trafficking in the Bonn District Court. The man began selling drugs on the darknet in 2012 at the age of 23 and managed to trade drugs worth millions of dollars. He allegedly sold ecstasy, amphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and LSD strips ... Read More »

Dark web gun purchase hit a new level as Orange County security guard sentenced for buying gun on dark web

Orange County’s Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse has sentenced a man to prison for surfing the dark web to purchase a machine gun. Hamid Kadir, a former translator of the Australian Special Force, was not off the hook after he pleaded guilty to the charges. His arrest was orchestrated by an undercover agent mandated to patrol the dark side of the ... Read More »

Leader to an Elmira Dark Web Opioid Trafficking Ring Sentenced to Over 17 Years in Federal Prison

According to an announcement by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Western District of New York, a 31-year-old man from Elmira who, with a co-conspirator, headed an opioid dark web trafficking ring was sentenced to 17 years and six months in federal prison. The sentence was issued after the man was found guilty of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute ... Read More »

German Darknet Drug Dealer Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

A software engineer from Geldern, Germany, was sentenced to seven years in prison after he was found guilty of darknet drug trafficking. The 37-year-old man had told the court that he engaged in the illicit sale of drugs to help his cousin. In passing the sentence, the court determined that the man sold cannabis and its products through the darknet ... Read More »