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Four Arrested in Spain for Reselling MDMA and Viagra from the Dark Web

Law enforcement in Valencia, Spain, arrested four suspected drug dealers for allegedly conspiring to purchase MDMA, ketamine, Viagra, and other substances from vendors on dark web marketplaces and then selling the drugs throughout Valencia. According to a statement from authorities in Spain, the investigation began in 2018 after the police arrested an individual at a music festival for suspected drug ... Read More »


Tightening the noose around Ukrainian dark web cyber criminals

A 26 year old female was arrested in Vinnytsia, a city in Ukraine 125 kilometers away from Kyiv, on March 14th for organizing a criminal scheme on the dark web. Oppositely to most cyber criminals, she was not offering illicit drugs, forged documents, counterfeited money, or hacking services for sale. Instead, her goods which were offered to the highest bidders ... Read More »

Three Arrested for Selling MDMA and Ketamine on the Dark Web

Law enforcement in Massachusetts seized more than 24 pounds of drugs during the execution of two search warrants in connection with an investigation into a prolific dark web drug dealer. On March 27, both state and federal law enforcement officers executed search warrants at locations in Stoughton and Brockton. During the course of their searches, the police found a total ... Read More »

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Utilizing sequential rule data mining to predict hacker adoption on dark web hacking forums

During the present era of communication technologies, the magnitude of data is expanding almost every hour. Extraction of knowledge, or more especially data mining of large volumes of data, represents a considerable challenge. Even though there are currently a myriad of effective methods for knowledge discovery, when data mining is considered, sequential rule mining represents one of the most vital ... Read More »

Trio That Used the Dark Web to Sell Ecstasy and Ketamine Arrested

Three Brockton men accused of dark web drug trafficking were arrested following an investigation by state police detectives and federal agents. The men allegedly run the operation from a storage unit in Stoughton, accepted payments in bitcoin and used the postal system to distribute the drugs to customers from all parts of the US. The trio’s arrest reportedly resulted in ... Read More »

Prolific Dark Web Counterfeit Vendor Sentenced to Three Years in Austria

In March, a court in Austria sentenced a dark web vendor to three years in prison for selling almost 70,000 counterfeit euro notes on various dark web marketplaces. The counterfeiter had previously admitted to charges of counterfeiting and money laundering. A spokesperson for the sentencing court in Leoben, Austria, announced that the case against one of the largest vendors of ... Read More »

Suzana Massacre Facilitated by a Dark Web Platform

Law enforcement authorities have reported that the two men who carried out the Suzana school attack in Brazil had arranged the whole plan through an online platform of the dark web. The platform, known as Dogolachan, was created by Marcelo V. Silveira, a known cryptocurrency fanatic and neo-Nazi. His beliefs contributed to him creating the platform for brainwashing and mass ... Read More »

German police investigate right extremist email threats sent via the dark web

The German authorities are currently investigating a series of over 100 anonymous email messages, most probably sent by far right extremists to politicians, lawyers, journalists, and a number of public figures across Germany, even including a famous pop star. According to reports by NDR regional broadcaster and Süddeutsche daily, these emails included bomb and other homicide threats, or claimed possession of ... Read More »

Dark Web Vendor “ChemsUSA” Busted for Carfentanil Conspiracy

In March, law enforcement in the United States arrested two men for allegedly using dark web markets to sell millions of dollars’ worth of fentanyl and carfentanil. According to an official press release, the suspects sold through accounts on the Alphabay and Dream Market dark web marketplaces. The suspects, based out of New York, were investigated by the United States ... Read More »


Two Australian Cryptocurrency Exchanges Tied to Dark Web Drug Trafficking Suspended

The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) announced that it had suspended the licenses of two cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. The regulatory authority decided to suspend the exchanges after investigations by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) linked them to a dark web drug trafficking group. The AFP started the investigations against the organised crime group in February 2017 ... Read More »

The Dark Web 2.0

In the coming decade, the Dark Web may become even easier to access than it is at present. Many blockchain start-ups are planning to create new decentralised alternatives to the web services we use today. This concept is called the Web 3.0. Projects like Storj, Status, and Substratum all aim to make internet storage faster, easier and, most importantly, uncensored. ... Read More »